Are you looking for the best Alpine pruning chainsaw, electric or petrol? Read my reviews, opinions and prices.

La Alpina is an Italian brand founded in 1960 and specialized in gardening equipment. It is one of the most reliable brands ever, and Alpina chainsaws confirm all its fame. The catalog of this company offers a saw for every different need: in fact we find both the petrol ones, for professional or semi-professional use, and the electric ones (wire or battery). The cutting capabilities are truly excellent, as are the quality of the materials and the power. So let’s find out together the best models on the market, for each category.

Best Alpina petrol chainsaws

1. Alpina A 305 Bar of 25 CM

If you are looking for a power saw for small pruning jobs, then the Alpina A 305 is exactly what you need. This device is fitted with a 2-stroke engine of 25.4 CC and with a nominal power of 1.2 HP, it also has a bar with a length of 25 centimeters and a mixture engine with direct lubrication. Also consider that this model, being quite small, has a single hand grip.

  • Diet: 2-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement: 25.4 CC
  • Nominal power: 1.2 HP
  • Blade length: 25 centimeters

There is an anti-vibration system that facilitates its use during cutting operations, and it is particularly light, since the weight does not exceed 3.1 kilograms. Secondly, the Alpina A 305 pruning chainsaw is versatile and very easy to handle, despite being a product with an internal combustion engine. It is clear that these characteristics do not make it a saw suitable for professional use, but purely for hobbyists.

On a technical level, it is equipped with a metal grapple and a quick-to-use and very simple chain tensioner system, therefore suitable for anyone. In addition, there is the easy start primer and the classic screw to adjust the oil supply for chain lubrication. Handle chapter: it is very comfortable and houses all the buttons to manage it, while the chainsaw starts by pulling and by rope with primer. There is also a safety brake that prevents accidents, and that stops the chain from sliding quickly when it is triggered. Finally, the package also includes a second free bar, along with many other accessories.

I had the opportunity to try it personally, and I must say that I was impressed by its great reliability. Furthermore, despite its lightness, it is a rather powerful and very well balanced chainsaw, and it is cheaper than other products in the same range. Also know that the A 305 is very easy to assemble, turns on quickly and for non-professional use it is really the top.


  • Convenient price
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent engine power
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • There is the safety brake
  • Very large accessory kit


  • For hobby use only

2. Alpina A 2500 25 CM bar

Always remaining in the hobby field, the Alpina A 2500 pruning chainsaw amazes for its maneuverability, despite a heavier weight than the previous model (about 5.5 kilograms). One of its best features is the level of performance it can offer, thanks to a 25.4 CC motor and 1.2 HP rated power. The bar, on the other hand, has a length of 25 centimeters and the chain reaches a speed of 21 meters per second.

  • Diet: 2-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement: 25.4 CC
  • Nominal power: 1.2 HP
  • Blade length: 25 centimeters

It is a very comfortable as well as powerful saw, with an ergonomic handle and a good quality structure. It also starts quickly even when cold, but it is better to use it to cut branches that are not very large, because even in this case we are not dealing with a tool for professional use. But know that it won’t tire you even if you use it for a full hour, and this is a valuable advantage.

What are its technical peculiarities? It has an automatic system for chain lubrication, a system that reduces the vibrations produced during the cutting phase and the safety brake. Secondly, the A 2500 is really great for garden pruning jobs, has perfect balance and offers excellent performance for basic shrub cuts. Finally, it can be set up in just 5 minutes and – if you have to cut medium or small logs – this chainsaw will support you in a big way.


  • Great price
  • Ideal for medium and small logs
  • Perfect for garden pruning
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It does not tire the operator
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Not suitable for professional use
  • The chain isn’t great

3. Alpina ACS 50 Bar of 50 CM

This is one of the Alpina chainsaws with the longest bar, considering it reaches up to 50 centimeters. As always, there is talk of a model with a 2-stroke engine, but with much higher performance than previous devices. In fact, the engine has a nominal power of 3.0 HP and a displacement of 49.3 cubic centimeters. However, consider that it weighs above the average, equal to 6.8 kilograms.

  • Diet: 2-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement: 49.3 CC
  • Nominal power: 3.0 HP
  • Blade length: 50 centimeters

On the other hand, despite being quite heavy due to the very long bar, it offers truly remarkable cutting performance. The Oregon blade, in fact, penetrates the wood like a knife sinks into butter, the cut is very fast and always clean. Secondly, this Alpine pruning chainsaw integrates an anti-vibration system that undoubtedly favors even less experienced users.

Despite being powerful, it is comfortable to use and is suitable for everyone, also thanks to the presence of the double handle. The latter, then, allows you to make both horizontal and cross cuts without any kind of problem. What are the other advantages of this recoil starter saw? For example, the side chain tensioner, the inevitable safety brake and the primer to start it quickly even when cold.


  • Remarkable bar length
  • Quick cold start
  • Very high engine power
  • Penetrates wood without difficulty
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Excellently balanced


  • Weight above average

Best Alpina electric chainsaws

1. Alpina EA 2000 Q 40 CM bar

Let’s move on to chainsaws with wire-powered electric motors, and discover together the EA 2000 Q, a high-quality device. For one thing, it has a rather long 40-centimeter bar and a motor with a power of 2,000 watts. Secondly, this saw proves to be quite efficient even on logs with a large diameter, to the point that it passes through them as if nothing had happened.

  • Diet: electric with cable
  • Motor power: 2,000 watts
  • Blade length: 40 centimeters
  • Cutting thickness: max 50 cm
  • Chain speed: 13.5 meters per second

The price is also record-breaking, and it is really difficult to find a device as powerful as this Alpine pruning chainsaw offered at such a competitive cost. It also does not suffer from a problem typical of other appliances: the engine does not overheat even if you use it for an extended period, and the automatic chain tensioner saves you the hassle of having to use tools.

Of course, this model is equipped with a safety brake, which locks the chain in a fraction of a second, and with an automatic oil pump regulator. The crampon is standard and is comfortable to hold, thanks to an ergonomic and non-slip coating. In addition, the double handle gives you the ability to cut both vertically and horizontally, and is quite handy (weight: 4.6 kilograms).


  • Very affordable price
  • Cuts logs up to 50 cm
  • High engine power
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Excellent safety equipment


  • Plastic parts not excellent

2. Alpina EA 1800 Q 35 CM bar

We can do this consider it as the “little sister” of the EA 2000, as it has a slightly less powerful engine and a slightly shorter bar (35 cm). The technical data are as follows: the motor power is 1,800 watts, while the chain reaches a sliding speed of 13.5 meters per second. In addition, the integrated spool facilitates the cutting phase and guarantees superior precision.

  • Diet: electric with cable
  • Motor power: 1,800 watts
  • Blade length: 35 centimeters
  • Cutting thickness: max 40 cm
  • Chain speed: 13.5 meters per second

You just need to have a power outlet nearby to be able to count on an excellent quality electric chainsaw, very performing and above all also suitable for beginners. Being electric, then, it does not produce fumes and therefore does not bother the neighbors, who may possibly complain. A similar argument also applies to noise: it is in fact a rather silent Alpine pruning chainsaw.

Reliable and well balanced, the EA 1800 Q features a screw for chain tensioning and a safety chain brake, as well as a second handle for vertical cuts. It also has a low weight, from 3.8 kilograms, and has a transparent plastic section on the oil tank, which allows you to visually check the level. Finally, it never tires the arms and the power is almost amazing, as well as the yield in the cuts.


  • Good engine power
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Light and silent
  • Ideal for home pruning
  • Quick cutting of shrubs
  • Always clean and clean cut


  • The chain must be tensioned often

Best Alpina battery-powered chainsaw [RECENSIONE]

1. Alpina ACS 40 LI 30 CM bar

I decided to close my reviews of the best Alpina chainsaws with the ACS 40 LI, an electric but battery powered model. It integrates a 30 cm long bar and has a voltage of 40 V, with a weight of around 5 kilograms. The engine is quite powerful and fast, and is a fantastic tool for pruning in home gardens, as it is not only efficient but also quiet.

  • Diet: battery powered
  • Battery voltage: 40 V
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Blade length: 30 centimeters

The model can be used both with 1 hand and with 2 hands, because it has a double handle, while the battery has a duration of around 60 minutes. Of course, in the package you will find both the 40V battery and the special charger, but you can also buy a more powerful battery separately to extend the life of the electric saw. Furthermore, it is very simple to use and you can use it vertically or horizontally.

If you need to prune home saplings, but don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, then the ACS 40 LI Alpina Chainsaw will save the day. All without sacrificing performance, considering that it offers excellent quality wood cutting, although obviously not a professional saw. Finally, know that it mounts the quick chain tensioner, the safety chain brake and has an oil tank with a capacity of 0.14 liters.


  • Super quiet
  • Very easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Battery charger included
  • Quick chain tensioner
  • There is the safety brake


  • Not suitable for very thick logs

Features and Benefits

For one thing, Alpina chainsaws are very affordable, and are therefore really affordable from an economic point of view. Then remember that Alpina is a 100% Italian brand, and this has a considerable weight both for the quality of the materials, and in case you need the help of the assistance service. In addition, it has a huge range of products, which includes any type of feeding.

On a technical level, the quick screw chain tensioner system and automatic lubrication make the difference, as well as the built-in safety brake. They are very easy to use, very handy and rather silent, but the models seen today are especially suitable for hobby use and therefore in domestic gardens. Finally, starting is almost immediate even when cold, in the petrol models, and the anti-vibration system softens the blows and therefore simplifies the work even for the less experienced.

In summary, we are faced with a range of chainsaws and electric chainsaws that are not only practical and easy to handle, but also quite performing.


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