Are you looking for the best artificial hedge? Read my reviews, my opinions and discover a complete buying guide.

The fake hedge is a really interesting accessory, and full of advantages. It is in fact a real piece of furniture, which was created to decorate a garden or a balcony of any size. It is ideal, for example, for those who cannot afford to take care of a real hedge, due to lack of space or time. In addition, these products offer a truly realistic yield, and obviously do not require watering, fertilizing and pruning. Finally, they are excellent for shielding fences and gates, and to offer total privacy thanks to their covering effect.

However, it is advisable to avoid going to the savings, and to choose a valid and quality article, to ensure that it lasts a long time under external climatic conditions (such as UV rays).

Characteristics of an artificial hedge

Artificial hedges are nothing more than a green roof, almost always made of plastic materials. There are different types, as in the case of nets accompanied by leaves (like fake ivy for example). The net can be soft (roll) or rigid, and in this case we are talking about real panels to be attached to a fence, so as to be able to simulate the presence of a real hedge. In recent years, 3D artificial hedges have also spread, particularly realistic and able to give an extraordinary visual effect. It is clear, however, that these installations have a much higher price than networks or panels.

Best artificial hedges

1. Tenax Divy 3D X-Tens Osmanthus 1 × 2 M

In my opinion an artificial balcony hedge to be admired and loved, due to its beauty and the effect it is able to ensure. It is a panel type, therefore we find a willow wood structure to be fixed, for example, to a railing, with truly believable and beautiful 3D leaves. Also consider that the willow structure can be extended into an accordion, which allows you to adapt each panel to railings or walls of any size.

  • Typology: panel
  • Dimensions: 1 x 2 meters
  • Style: 3D effect leaves

Secondly, know that the panel can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, is quite sturdy and is fabulous for both balconies and patios. Note of merit also for the strength of the leaves, which are not only well made but also durable, considering that they are not afraid of UVA rays and therefore do not fade. In summary, if you are looking for a realistic artificial panel hedge, I personally recommend that you choose this product from Tenax.

If you are looking for an alternative to the classic green hedge, Tenax has also made this version in red maple, really fabulous and super realistic:

The dimensions of each panel are equal to 1 x 2 meters, but consider that it is not double-sided, so from the inside you will still see the wooden grid. The leaves are quite numerous and therefore the hedge is thick and natural, and no one prevents you from ruffling them to give it an even more realistic effect. While not cheap, this hedge is worth much more than the asking price, also because it is difficult to find such realistic leaves around in unprofessional products.

Finally, consider that it is perfectly resistant not only to the sun and discoloration, but also to wind and weather in general.

2. STI Evergreen Summer Boxwood Hedge 50 x 100 cm

I decided to review this STI product too, both because I tried it myself and because it has some more unique and rare qualities. First, we are talking about a panel hedge, with measures of 0.5 x 1 meter, but be aware that each grid can be broken down into smaller pieces of 25 cm x 25 cm. It is a really interesting quality, because you can practically assemble the covering of the fences as if it were a puzzle, adapting the shape of the hedge to every need.

  • Typology: panel
  • Dimensions: 0.5 x 1 meter
  • Style: high covering effect
  • Extra: can be disassembled into single squares

The covering effect is excellent, as well as the strength of the structure and the leaves, which resist wind, UVA rays from the sun and rain without problems, without becoming too discolored. I chose the Bosso Estivo because of its foliage, which is really voluminous and ideal for a matter of privacy, but the other versions also show that we are faced with an artificial hedge that is truly truthful and beautiful to admire. Below you will list the other versions, which also include a roll.

It is so realistic that even up close it seems real, and this in my opinion justifies a price per panel that is not exactly cheap. The leaves are also very soft and opaque, which allows you to use them in any situation, even to cover damaged external walls. Very easy to assemble, this hedge is truly a small jewel enriched by the possibility of disassembling the various squares.

3. EV Agave Balcony Garden Fence 50 × 100 cm

It is not the best ever, but at this price it is very difficult to find alternatives of this level. Up close, of course, you realize that the leaves are fake, due to the absence of the 3D effect, but this hedge has a peculiarity that many others do not have: it is really dense and full of leaves, which makes it more believable from a distance. and above all perfect for those who want to keep their privacy intact. As for the dimensions, each panel measures 50 x 100 centimeters.

  • Typology: panel
  • Dimensions: 0.5 x 1 meter
  • Style: high coverage effect

It can be installed on any vertical support, therefore both on fences and fences, in addition of course to walls, gates and pergolas. The resistance of the plastic leaves to sunlight and rain is very good, which allows you to rely on a long lasting fake balcony hedge that will not be damaged for a long time. Furthermore, it is dense but still not so much that it creates the annoying sail effect when the strong wind arrives. What are the other features to underline?

Obviously it does not require any maintenance, it looks very pleasant in my opinion and gives a lush effect due to the many leaves. Of course it cannot reach the level of top-of-the-range products, but in terms of covering effect it has very few rivals in circulation.

4. Blumfeldt Fency Bright Leaf Fence 3 × 1 m

Let’s move on to artificial roll hedges, and discover together this Blumfeldt product, which in my opinion stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio. It is a roll measuring 3 meters x 1 meter, belonging to a medium range, with a good presence of leaves and therefore with a very interesting covering effect. It does not fear the wind effect and indeed protects against drafts, while the aesthetic effect is quite realistic, but up close you can see that they are fake.

  • Typology: on roll
  • Dimensions: 3 x 1 meter
  • Style: good covering effect

The leaves are however quite large, 8 cm x 5.5 cm, and this helps to give more volume to the “carpet”, making it pleasing to the eye (consider that each panel has about 1,800 leaves). The assembly is really simple, since you will only have to unroll it and install it on the railings or on the walls using the flexible joints included in the package. It is excellent both as a hedge to maintain privacy on the balcony, and as a pure decorative element to hang anywhere you like.

As with any roll, know that you will have the possibility to cut it out and thus adapt it to the exact measurements you need. In reality it can also be done with panels, but it is clear that a roll is much simpler and more versatile from this point of view. Finally, this plastic hedge from Blumfeldt has a very sturdy support net under the leaves, and to increase the covering effect you can install it on top of a shade net. You can choose from several colors (including dark green and ivy).

5. STI Ornamental Hedge in Bicolor Rolls 1.5x3mt

I close my reviews on the best synthetic hedge models with this product from STI, in roll. The size is 1.5 meters x 3 meters, while the foliage structure is economic: it means that you will find two-colored plastic rectangles, therefore there are no real replicas of leaves. On the other hand, it costs little and therefore no more it could claim, but it guarantees a truly exceptional covering effect.

  • Typology: on roll
  • Dimensions: 3 x 1.5 meters
  • Style: excellent covering effect

Very easy to mount on any support or railing, it has a beautiful natural green color and is extremely resistant to sunlight, rain and bad weather in general. One of its best features is its flexibility, which allows you to adapt it to any circumstance, and the ability to cut out the roll. In summary, if you need to cover large areas with a cheap product, and you don’t have excessive demands in terms of design, then it’s for you.

Types of artificial hedges

As I mentioned, online you can find various types of synthetic hedges, able to meet any budget or economic availability. The options available to you are the following: shading nets with fake leaves (cheap), rigid mesh panels to be fixed to fences (average price) and the aforementioned three-dimensional hedges. Let’s find out more about each of them.

1. Roll hedge

It is the low cost artificial hedge for gardens, the cheapest and also the simplest. Its structure is nothing more than a shading net covered with plastic leaves, which can for example simulate ivy or even hedges with flowers. Being sold in rolls of various sizes, it is also super versatile, because you can use it to cover large garden fences if you need it.

The leaves and the net itself, depending on the price, can be more or less resistant and realistic, while the thick foliage material is nylon, excellent because of its resistance to atmospheric events. The only real flaw is the so-called sail effect: when the wind rises, the net obviously swells and moves, making it clear immediately that it is a fake. Furthermore, as you can easily imagine, it can only be installed if you already have a vertical support capable of supporting it.

2. Panel hedge

It is a fake hedge with a more complex and sophisticated structure than the roll models. In this case, in fact, the leaves and flowers are mounted on a rigid plastic, wooden or metal panel, and not on a simple shading net. It means that these panels are not afraid of the sail effect, but once again they require a vertical surface to be installed. Faux hedge panels are usually sold in blocks of 50 x 50 cm, to be fixed on a support by aligning several. The paneled structure, then, is also ideal for decorating the interiors of houses.

The single panel itself does not cost much, but it is clear that you will spend more money than the rolls, especially if you need to place a lot of panels. For this reason it becomes a perfect artificial balcony hedge, while it is less suitable for covering fences and very large walls. In summary, it is once again a non-self-supporting product, therefore with the need to fix it to a support such as walls, nets, fences and so on. Assembly is very easy, as they often have a series of self-locking snap mechanisms.

3. Artificial hedges in pots

As its name explains, this is a realistic artificial hedge and sold directly with its own pot, a bit like with fake trees. Here we enter the field of three-dimensional hedges, even if small in size, excellent especially for decorating a garden giving a strong sense of realism. The structure is very simple: we find a hedge mounted on a pedestal that sinks into a pot, and often these are replicas of the buxus box, one of the most common plants for making hedges in gardens.

The cost always depends on the quality of the fake hedge and its degree of realism. To give you a concrete example, those of medium-low quality hardly exceed 20 euros, while the premium category synthetic potted hedges can even exceed 200 euros per specimen. Of course, you have the option of buying several vases together and aligning them, thus creating an entire row to protect your privacy or for an aesthetic purpose. However, they are not born for this purpose, since they are often quite low or with particular shapes (not only square but also round).

4. Three-dimensional artificial hedge

It is the top in terms of the quality of materials and realism, due to a truly sensational scenic effect. Clearly it is also the most expensive synthetic hedge ever, precisely because of those advantages that we do not find in the other models. What is it about exactly? We are talking about large self-supporting blocks, which can reach very high heights and dimensions. These blocks must be fixed to the floor or planted in the ground thanks to a series of steel feet, in order to avoid the danger of oscillation when there is a lot of wind.

Know that, thanks to these synthetic hedges, you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself and create really crazy design compositions. Of course, you will still have to make an economic sacrifice, considering that 3D hedges can have a very expensive price, from 200 euros up to over 600 euros.

How to choose a fake hedge

1. Quality of materials

The materials are very important, especially when considering the durability of the artificial balcony or garden hedge in the long term.

  • Plastic: the aesthetic effect is less convincing, and the plastic tends to harden in the sun and discolour. On the other hand, these products have a very economical cost.
  • Nylon or resin: they are stronger and more realistic materials. The resin in particular is the top in terms of strength and the ability to withstand the sun and water.

The most used material for the structure is plastic, but there are also metal or wooden panels, if you stay in the field of rigid blocks. The shading nets, on the other hand, are almost always in polyethylene and obviously green in color, while on the leaves it is necessary to open a separate chapter. Medium quality hedges have plastic foliage, while high quality hedges use resin or nylon.

2. Fantasies and aesthetic effects

Online you can find a host of models with different aesthetic effects. For example, a classic fake hedge replicates the aesthetics of ivy, while others can add a “carpet” of leaves that simulate other species, or even enrich them with flowers. The latter cost more but are more resistant, and are fabulous if you are a fan of design and elegance in the garden. To give you some concrete examples, there are rigid panels of faux lichen and even laurel.

Note: there are some models of free-standing garden hammock with textures and styles that also go well with fake hedges.

Before moving on, you need to know that the bulk of the visual effect is guaranteed by the quality of the leaves. The cheapest ones are really not very credible when you study them closely, while the best ones (the so-called “3D leaves”) have a design with attention to the smallest details, and you understand that they are fake just by touching them. Of course, the more realistic the fake hedge, the higher the price of the final product.

3. Dimensions and modules

Like the materials, the dimensions also have a great impact on the final price. Artificial hedges 90 cm or 2 meters high will obviously cost more, while for panels there are mainly two options: 50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm. A similar argument applies to roll products, since those 3 meters long and up can cost even more than 150 euros. 3D hedges can reach truly remarkable dimensions, even exceeding 2 meters in height and 5 meters in width.

Also pay attention to the volume, i.e. the quantity of leaves: if you need a hedge with a very high covering effect, this factor is essential.

Advantages of the synthetic hedge

We have already seen many of the advantages together, but it is appropriate to summarize them, because they are really numerous. First of all, I remind you that the hedge can become an interesting ornament: to give you a concrete example, in the city it allows you to decorate the balcony balustrade with a touch of green, thus breaking the grayness of the smog and buildings. The fake hedges, then, are super carefree: you will not have to water them, fertilize them or prune them, because they are made of plastic and therefore “self-sufficient”. Finally, being made of plastic, they do not attract insects.

Not only design, but also practical utility. If you have a fence but want to add a pinch of privacy to your garden, then you will fall in love with these hedges. With an overall low cost, in fact, you can “line” the boundaries of your property with a convenient screen to protect yourself from the curious eyes of the neighbors (they are always there, even in the best neighborhoods). All without creating an ugly barrier, a real punch in the eye, which could ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Maintenance and cleaning

On the one hand you will not have to give them water or fertilize them, but on the other hand, remember to maintain them and clean them from time to time, to remove all the residues of dirt and smog that will accumulate over time. As you can imagine, a filthy, pitch-black hedge is not really a pretty sight in the garden, but you can solve it with a simple pressure washer (being careful not to overdo it with the power of the jet).

Another operation you will need to do will be checking the anchor points that secure the roll or panel to the vertical support. It happens that they can come off in the wind, so you should check the tightness once every six months or so. Finally, know that the leaves are not eternal: the quality ones last a long time, while the cheap ones tend to detach or spoil after a short time.


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