Are you looking for the best cordless trimmer? Read my reviews and find out my complete guide to choosing.

Battery-powered branch cutters are power tools that are useful to say the least for garden care, because they can facilitate pruning operations, especially due to the absence of the wire. Having a pile, in fact, can last for as long as it takes to limb the hedges and to cut branches with a diameter that is not excessive, without requiring the use of an extension. On the other hand, the term “pruners” is rather generic, and can indicate different categories of tools. Not bad, because in my guide I will also clarify this point.

Types of cordless loppers

First of all, know that most of the tools in this world have as their primary task that of sawing branches with a small diameter. The compatible thickness essentially depends on the length of the saw or cutter bar, in the case of miniature chainsaws. In addition, this “extended family” also includes hedge trimmers, which can perform the same function, and obviously electric pruning shears. In summary, before choosing the product, make sure it is useful for the thickness of the branches you want to prune.

1. Reciprocating saw

I personally consider the cordless pruning saw (read my guide) as the most common and used branch cutter. Its features? Mount a blade that goes back and forth, rather short and slender, and which can cut twigs with a maximum diameter of around 10 centimeters. The autonomy of the battery reaches about 30 minutes, but it always depends on the model, while the scooter rarely exceeds a power of 500 watts. Other characteristics? You can adjust the speed of the hacksaw, and there is usually a V-shaped toothed clamp to help you get more grip on the branch.

2. Miniature chainsaws

These are battery-powered branch cutters useful for those who want to take home a real motor saw, but very small. I have already told you about it in depth in mine driving on battery-powered mini chainsaws, but I still want to give you a little summary. In practice, these mini saws have a cutting bar with a diameter of around 10 cm, so they can prune branches with a thickness of no more than 8 cm. Of course this value can change, as there are models with a larger bar.

3. Electric pruning shears

Again, if you want to learn more about the tool, I recommend you read my guide on electric pruning shears. Their characteristics? These are simple scissors only in appearance, as they have an assisted cutting system: in practice, the motor assists the closing of the blades when you press the trigger, and therefore allows you to do much less effort when cutting. The maximum diameter of the twigs that you can cut is around 2.5 or 3 centimeters, but the duration of the pile is very large, and can even reach about 6 hours.

4. Telescopic cordless lopper

We can find different tools for cutting high branches, such as telescopic chainsaws oi extendable hedge trimmer. The structure of the cutting head changes, but in both cases we are talking about tools born for pruning operations (of bushes or shrubs, depending on the model), with a stick that can be extended. In summary, you have the possibility to modify the length of the rod in order to reach the branches at the top, up to a maximum of about 5 meters.

5. Electric hedge trimmer

I decided to close this section on the types of battery-powered loppers with the hedge trimmer, obviously designed with a particular sword. The cutting head is equipped with a toothed chain, perfect for trimming hedges and bushes, but not very suitable for cutting individual twigs. As I mentioned above, there are also models with telescopic rod, ideal for tall hedges.

Best cordless branch clippers

1. HYCHIKA 18V Universal Crawler Saw LED Light

The HYCHIKA is a great hacksaw for pruning operations, and in the package you will find 2 batteries and the charger, with residual charge indicator. The blade speed can be customized, adjusting it up to a maximum of 2,800 rotations per minute. In addition, this cordless lopper has a 22mm stroke blade with a maximum cutting diameter of 10cm.

  • Template: hacksaw
  • Cutting diameter: max 10 cm
  • Endowment: 2 batteries, charger, 4 blades

In the pack there are also 4 different blades, so if you wish you can also use this hacksaw for cutting metal and for DIY. Then consider that the model in question has the classic spacer of the saws, which allows you to change the cutting depth of the blade, being able to choose between 4 different values. Finally, it has a safety system that allows you to start the saw just by pressing both buttons.

The blade can be replaced quickly, without using tools, and there is also an LED light to highlight the area to be cut. Secondly, you can select as many as 3 cutting modes, although this feature was designed especially to help hobby and DIY lovers. Lightweight and handy, this hacksaw branch cutter is very easy to use and also has a low cost.

2. Brandson Jigsaw Blade 15 cm

Another lap, another race, another hacksaw. This model from Brandson, like the previous one, stands out for its phenomenal quality / price ratio. It is very suitable for cutting branches and for pruning, due to a 15 cm blade, while the maximum cutting diameter this time is around 8 cm. The 25mm stroke and a top speed of 3,000rpm make it ideal for wood.

  • Template: hacksaw
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 cm
  • Endowment: 1 battery, charger

Also in this case we find the quick blade replacement system, while in the package you will find an 18 V battery, the battery charger and the traditional pad to change the cutting depth. Consider that it is a universal tool, so you can use it not only for pruning but also for DIY, and to cut other materials such as plastic and metal.

Super handy and very easy to use, the Brandson stands out for its excellent performance for the pruning of olive trees, and has a battery that reaches about 60 minutes even if used continuously. Secondly, the steel blade penetrates smoothly into hard wood and even dry wood, but I recommend that you lubricate it often to make it glide better.

3. Stihl Electric Pruner GA010116900 GTA 26

If you are looking for a miniature saw motorbike, and if you have decided to take home a truly professional product, then you will fall in love with the Stihl GTA 26 cordless saw. my review of the Stihl pruner. Among its best features we find the presence of a 10 cm blade with a maximum cutting diameter of 8 cm, super effective for pruning.

  • Template: mini motorcycle saw
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 cm
  • Endowment: 1 battery, charger, blade guard

Furthermore, unlike other mini saws, this model mounts a small “cocuzza” useful for holding it with two hands: a real rarity, which makes it much more comfortable to use, even if you are a beginner. I would also like to underline a safety system that prevents the saw from starting if you do not press, in addition to the trigger, also a special lever with your thumb. It’s an excellent extra, as a matter of protection.

What are the other peculiarities of this cordless lopper? It penetrates effortlessly into hard wood, while the battery lasts around 25 minutes, depending on the effort of the saw and the continuity of use. Finally, although it does not have a pump for automatic chain lubrication, it has a quick side chain tensioner that allows you to quickly adjust it.

4. Hangrow Mini Portable Pruner 2 Batteries

I consider this to be the best economic alternative to the Stihl miniature saw. Among other things, the pack contains two batteries: it means that you can double its autonomy, therefore replace the first battery when it is discharged. As for the technical data, the saw of the Hangrow can cut branches up to a diameter of about 10 cm, although I personally advise you not to exceed 8 cm in thickness.

  • Template: mini motorcycle saw
  • Cutting diameter: max 8-10 cm
  • Endowment: 2 batteries, charger, 2 chains, kit

Also in this case we find a convenient safety system, which allows you to start the saw only if you press both buttons simultaneously. On a structural level it is good to specify that here we find a section that covers the blade: it does not prevent the cut but manages to prevent accidental contact with the saw in action. Finally, it really lasts a long time (about 2-3 hours if used continuously).

Also consider that it has a system equipped with a potentiometer, so you can adjust the speed of the saw by pressing the trigger more or less fully, and this is a rather rare feature. Secondly, this miniature chainsaw from Hangrow includes 2 chains (one spare) and the kit to tension it in the package. For the record, in this case there is no quick chain tensioner, but at this price it is difficult to expect it.

5. Black & Decker GPC1820L20-QW 500 W

Let’s stay in the field of chainsaws, but this time let’s move on to a battery-powered telescopic lopper that I personally consider among the most convenient. It has a cheaper price than others, and the stick can be extended up to a maximum of 2.5 meters: if we also add the length of the arms and the trunk, you can easily reach a maximum height of about 5 meters.

  • Template: extendable chainsaw
  • Cutting diameter: max 17 cm
  • Endowment: battery, charger

The power of this chainsaw is really high, thanks to a motor with 500 W wattage, while the supplied battery lasts about 60 minutes if you use the tool continuously. If you need more charge, you can buy a replacement battery or alternatively the version that includes a 4.0 Ah battery, which lasts significantly longer than the 2.0 Ah battery of the basic version. Here, if you are interested, I leave you the link.

As for the other technical data, this extendable battery-powered branch cutter has a 20 cm long blade and a maximum cutting diameter of around 17 cm. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-kickback system that prevents recoil caused by idle turns, but it does not have a pivoting head: therefore you will not be able to tilt the blade, as it happens in other models. Finally, it has a very comfortable ergonomic handle, the cutting head can be disassembled and the blade turns at a very high speed (7,600 RPM).

6. Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole 18

Here is another cordless telescopic lopper worthy of review. Although it is more expensive than others, unlike the previous one it has a pivoting head that can be tilted up to a maximum of 120 degrees. This allows you to orient it to suit every situation, for example when you have to saw branches overhead and difficult to reach. All while avoiding taking a ladder.

  • Template: extendable chainsaw
  • Cutting diameter: max 15 cm
  • Endowment: Does NOT include battery and charger

It mounts a bar 20 centimeters long and with a maximum cutting diameter of around 15 centimeters, and there is an intelligent chip that optimizes battery consumption. As for the duration, the autonomy of a 2.5 Ah battery allows you to work for about 25 minutes continuously. If you take breaks, however, you can go beyond 60 minutes. Unfortunately the battery is not included in this set, and the same goes for the charger, but you will find a handy shoulder strap included.

What are the other technical data to underline? The Bosch telescopic cordless branch cutter can be extended from a minimum of 2 meters to a maximum of 2.6 meters, so it can easily reach 5 meters if you use it by extending your arms. Secondly, while not very light (2.5 kilos) it is very easy and comfortable to use, and ensures truly brilliant cutting performance.

7. Laecabv Shears 2 Batteries Included 21V 33mm

In the list of reviews of the best battery cutters I could not fail to include an electric scissors. From this point of view, if we consider the relationship between quality and price, this Laecabv model is practically unrivaled. For one thing, it has a cutting capacity that can easily cut branches with a maximum diameter of 3.3 centimeters. It means it’s great for pruning vines and fruit trees, for example, as well as being great for gardening.

  • Template: electric shear
  • Cutting diameter: max 3.3 cm
  • Endowment: 2 batteries, charger, suitcase

The battery has a huge duration, around 3 hours, so with two batteries you can reach a total of about 6 hours without problems. If you are interested, Laecabv has also produced other models of battery-powered shears: some are cheaper due to a smaller cutting diameter, while others have a display that tells you how many residual cuts you are missing before the battery can run out.

Then consider that the Laecabv has a super strong Swiss SK5 steel blade, and that it is able to make a clean and clean cut, in order to protect the cuticle of the branches. Secondly, the package includes not one but 2 21V batteries, along with the charger and a handy carrying case. Finally, although it does not have the progressive function, it is possible to set it with the half opening, excellent if you need to cut branches with a smaller diameter.

How to choose the cordless lopper

1. Battery life

Before buying a battery-powered branch cutter, always remember to evaluate the life of the battery. Of course, the autonomy varies according to the model you have decided to buy and the power of the engine. Generally it starts from a minimum of 20 minutes up to exceed 3 hours, if we consider, for example, electric scissors. It is clear then that, if you want to increase the duration, you should buy a second battery to replace the first. Finally, not all products include the battery and charger, so watch out.

2. Cutting diameter

Like the battery life, the cutting diameter is also a fundamental value to be studied. And even in this case it can change (and a lot) depending on the type of product you decide to buy. The model with the largest cutting diameter is the battery-powered telescopic lopper equipped with a motor saw, which can easily reach 17 centimeters. In the middle are the mini saws and jigsaws, with a value of around 10 centimeters. The scissors, on the other hand, usually stop at 3.5 centimeters.

3. Extension of the handle

This only applies to the extendable branch cutters, therefore the telescopic models, which as I explained to you allow you to extend the stick up to a maximum length of around 2.6 meters. Always remember that to this value you will also have to add the length of the arms at the maximum extension, which will allow you (if desired) to reach considerable heights, up to about 5 meters.

4. Delivery of the package

As I explained to you, the battery and the charger are not always included in the package, so I advise you to be very careful and read what each individual product is equipped with. However, there are other extras that you may find, such as in the case of the transport case, oil to lubricate the chain and the kit to tension it (in the case of chainsaws). Other accessories are spare chains, holsters for scissors and the aforementioned additional batteries.


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