Are you looking for the best battery-powered thinner? Read my reviews, my opinions and a complete selection guide.

If you need to use a quick and easy tool for trimming hedges, for cutting edges or for “leafing”, then the sfolti branches is exactly for you. It is in fact a very compact electric tool, light and very comfortable to use, since you can hold it with one hand. Usable in the garden and on the terrace, you are faced with a particularly versatile tool, with a cost in my opinion all in all low, since you can use it in a thousand different circumstances. So let’s see how it works, and what are the best models of electric thinners for sale.

Characteristics of an electric thinner

It is basically a miniature hedge trimmer, therefore equipped with a “sword” with side blades perfect for thinning bushes and hedges, or for cutting grass on the edges. Secondly, remember that they are very versatile and this feature depends on their multifunctional nature. Often, in addition to the bar with side hedge blades, in fact, you will also find a second cutting head, with a “fork” shape. We talk about an accessory that you will find very handy when you have to trim the edges of the lawn and cut the grass. In other words, the battery-powered hedge trimmer can be considered as a 2-in-1 product.

The power supply is almost always by battery, with a duration of around 45 minutes, while the weight can range from 400 grams up to about 900 grams, so it is rather handy and light. The handle in most cases is ergonomic and non-slip, but technical data such as the maximum cutting thickness can change, depending on the length of the blade and the power of the machine. The blade moves forward and backward by sliding along a counter blade, and is capable of cutting grass, undemanding twigs and stems.

Finally, sometimes there is a handle with a joint, which can be bent by a certain number of degrees, so as to be able to adapt the handle to different situations.

Advantages of a battery-powered hedge trimmer

First, know that the electric pruner is a fantastic tool for shaping hedges and for shaping your garden or potted plants. It is perfect for home use and for decorative purposes, to trim bushes or to finish the grass on the edges of the lawn. Secondly, it is often used by those who prune shrubs giving them artistic forms, due to its extreme precision and ease of use. What are the other benefits of this tool?

It can reach those areas where a common lawn mower fails, and being easily controlled will prevent you from damaging the surrounding plants. Then consider that, in some models, you are given the possibility to mount the thinner on an extendable handle, so as to obtain a sort of telescopic hedge trimmer ready to reach the tops of the highest hedges, or to equalize the side surfaces. The edger and hedge trimmer, however, is not designed for cutting branches with an important thickness: in summary, the diameter of the stems should never exceed the width of the blade teeth.

Best battery-powered electric thinning

1. Bosch 600833102 Isio Set 3.6 Volt

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best battery-powered hedge trimmers, especially if you look at it for the value for money. The Bosch, in fact, has a good 3.6 Volt base power and a 1.5 Ah battery that can last about 45 minutes. The equipment includes both the hedge trimmer blade and the blade for cutting the grass, while the handle is particularly comfortable, thanks to the presence of the soft-grip, non-slip and ergonomic coating.

  • Power: 3.6 volts
  • Battery: 1.5 Ah
  • Duration: About 45 minutes
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 mm

There is also the LED that tells you the remaining charge status of the battery, and the anti-block system to cut slightly harder and more resistant branches. Ideal for trimming hedges and lawn edges, the Bosch lopper can be expanded by purchasing several separate accessories, such as the telescopic stick and the fertilizer spreader. Also consider that it is very light (550 grams) and super easy to use, and that there is also the system for the quick change of the blades.

Note: if you are interested, Bosch has also launched a more powerful version (10.8 V) with 3 blades supplied.

As for the technical data, this model has a 12 cm long hedge trimmer blade, with an 8 mm pitch, so it can cut branches with a maximum diameter of 8 mm. I have had the opportunity to try it and I assure you that the performance is excellent, also thanks to a faster movement of the blades, and the possibility of counting on the anti-block system. Furthermore, it is very easy to handle and precise in cutting, and there is a double start switch, essential for a safety issue.

2. TECCPO 7.2V Thinning me Shears 1.5Ah

If we go to the economic range, this TECCPO product can be considered as one of the most effective. It is not professional and has a less durable battery than the others, considering that the charge is around 30 minutes of autonomy. On the other hand, it has a rather powerful 7.2 volt motor and a fast charging system.

  • Power: 7.2 volts
  • Battery: 1.5 Ah
  • Duration: About 30 minutes
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 mm

Secondly, the TECCPO has a rotating handle that can be set in three different positions, so as to adapt to any situation. Among the other interesting qualities we find a sword length equal to 17 centimeters, and a standard blade pitch of 8 millimeters (which therefore corresponds to the maximum diameter of the branches to be cut). The blade change can count on the usual quick release system, while the battery is integrated and recharging takes place via USB cable.

Versatile and of good quality, this model is perfect if you need a thinner for a hobby use and with non-spatial pretensions. Compared to other products it has that rotating handle that actually makes life easier, giving further versatility to the instrument. The handle is comfortable and ergonomic, the tool is quite light, and the battery charges in about 80 minutes (so it’s very fast). It won’t be a monster of power, but at this price point that’s fine.

3. IKRA 50807200 2in1 IGBS 1054 LI 7.2V

Another lap, another race, another electric thinning of the economic range, but still equipped with excellent basic characteristics. The IKRA, in fact, has a power of 7.2 volts and a battery with a very long duration, around 120 minutes. The blade change system is quick, and features diamond steel blades, which are more durable than other economic hedge trimmers.

  • Power: 7.2 volts
  • Battery: 2.2 Ah
  • Duration: About 120 minutes
  • Cutting diameter: max 7.8 mm

Of course, in the package you will find both blades, both the one for cutting the hedges and the head for the grass. The length of the sword for the hedges is 17 centimeters, while the maximum cutting thickness is 7.8 millimeters. What are the other qualities to emphasize? In the package you will also find a case, and the performance is really good, even if it is not comparable to a professional tool. It gets along very well with both tall grass and medium-hard branches, thanks to the sharpening of the blades.

Note: know that IKRA also sells the telescopic handle with wheels, which you can use to prune tall hedges or as a lawn edger.

The start is double switch, important for safety, while the weight is contained (about 600 grams). Handy and light, it can count on an ergonomic and non-slip handle, comfortable to hold and well balanced. In summary, it is a versatile device that can be used for both pruning and mowing. Finally, remember that the telescopic pole is also available to convert it into an edge trimmer or a telescopic hedge trimmer.

4. Worx WG801E.9 Battery 20V 3 Blades

The Worx is a truly phenomenal battery hedge trimmer, belonging to a high end, as can also be seen from the price. You must in fact consider that the cost does not include either the battery or the charger, which you will therefore have to buy separately (unless you already have a battery produced by Worx). As for the technical characteristics, the motor voltage is really high, equal to 20 volts, while the duration obviously depends on the amperage of the battery you will buy.

  • Power: 20 volts
  • Battery: not supplied
  • Duration: about 60-90 min (depends on the battery)
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 mm

I advise you to take the 4.0 Ah one to get up to about 90 minutes, but you can also settle for the 2.0 Ah one. The equipment includes not 2 but 2 blades: two swords for cutting hedges (length 12 cm and 20 cm), and a classic one for thinning the grass. The weight is slightly higher than other electric thinners, given that it reaches 900 grams, but it is due to a more robust structure and higher power.

Note: below I leave you the link to the set that includes both the 2.0 Ah battery and the charger, in case you need it.

The blade change takes place as always with a quick click system, and if you wish, the telescopic stick is also available among the accessories that can be purchased separately. Secondly, the Worx despite its weight is very handy and comfortable to use, thanks to the ergonomic handle. The blades are excellent, cut perfectly and ensure excellent precision, while the blade pitch allows you to cut branches with a maximum diameter of 8 millimeters.

5. Stihl HSA 26 Battery AS2 and AL1 20 cm

In my opinion, the Stihl thinning can be considered as a real top range, both in terms of performance and for the beauty of its classic orange and white design. The equipment includes 2 blades (one for hedges and the other for grass), “animated” by a rather powerful motor, with a voltage of 11 V.

  • Power: 11 volts
  • Battery: 1 Ah
  • Duration: about 30 min
  • Cutting diameter: max 8 mm

The sword for trimming hedges has a length of 20 centimeters and a blade pitch of 8 millimeters, so it is only compatible with cutting twigs not exceeding this thickness. The weight is around 800 grams, and the package includes a 1 Ah AS2 battery. Consider that compared to other models the battery lasts less, about 30 minutes if you will use it continuously, and therefore it may be useful to buy a spare battery.

Note: if you already have a tool from Stihl with AS2 battery, then you could save with this version without batteries.

Accuracy and power are however at the highest levels, as well as the comfort of the handle, equipped with an ergonomic and non-slip rubberized grip. If you intend to make yourself a nice gift, and if you are a lover of geometry and artistic pruning, then you should really try this little gem from Stihl. Other features to note? It has an LED to check the battery charge status, a blade cover supplied and a quick blade change system.

How to choose the best battery-powered thinner

1. Blades and cutting diameter

First of all, it is very important to study the technical characteristics of the blades supplied. As for the cutting head for thinning the branches, or the sword with side teeth, it usually reaches a length of around 12 centimeters, while the maximum cutting diameter rarely exceeds 8 millimeters. In any case, there is an easy and quick way to calculate the maximum cutting diameter of a battery hedge trimmer, and it is the following: the thickness must not exceed the space between the teeth, so it must be less than or equal to the width. of the toothing (pitch of the blade).

Of course, an electric thinner with a larger distance between the teeth will be able to cut branches with a diameter slightly larger than average, and the same goes for the “fork” and the stems of the grass.

2. Power and autonomy

The power is always expressed in Volts, and usually corresponds to about 3.6 V, but sometimes it can even exceed 10 volts. The duration instead depends on the hourly amperage of the battery (expressed in Ah). Generally the autonomy of a pruning shears to thin out the branches starts from a minimum of about 30 minutes up to over 100 minutes, as in the case of tools powered with a 2.0 Ah battery. As for recharging, however, at least you start from 3 hours to completely restore the battery. Finally, sometimes there is also an LED that indicates the remaining charge of the battery, so you can know when it is running low.

3. Anti-block and blade change system

In most cases, these power tools are equipped with a very useful anti-block system, which prevents the blades from jamming during the work of thinning branches and grass. In practice, the anti-blocking allows the tool to act even against branches with a slightly higher than average hardness: a situation that would instead stop a battery-powered hedge trimmer of an economic range. A second system to be explored is that of the quick blade change: if present, you just need to press a button to release the first blade, and to be able to quickly replace it with the second.

4. Double start button

Remember that, like any other blade power tool, even the pruning of branches can become dangerous if used carelessly. Precisely for this reason, most models are equipped with a double button start system. In other words, to activate the movement of the blades you will be forced to press and hold a side button together with the classic trigger. This is a system that in the early days may force you to struggle a little, but once you get used to it you will travel like a train, and at the same time you will avoid a dangerous accidental start of the tool.

5. Handle and comfort

As I mentioned before, the best battery thinner always has a handle lined with an ergonomic and non-slip coating. It is an extra that I consider essential, to avoid risks when working for several minutes and when you have sweaty or dirty hands. Sometimes the handle can also be oriented, by means of a mobile head, to allow you to adapt it to different situations. Usually in these products the handle can be raised or lowered by choosing between 2 positions (for example: 90 degrees and 120 degrees). Finally, I remind you that we are talking about a rather light tool, which weighs on average about 600 grams.

6. Compatible accessories

Know that an electric pruner rarely includes extra accessories, so you will almost always find only the two blades, the one for pruning the branches and the one for cutting the grass. On the other hand, in some cases the manufacturer may allow you to purchase compatible accessories, such as the telescopic rod to be connected to the handle. Another interesting accessory is the fertilizer spreader, together with the nebulizer to treat the plants. This once again demonstrates the extreme versatility of the tool in question, although an extra expense is required to take these additions home.


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