Are you looking for the best battery operated leaf vacuum? Here you will find reviews of the best performing models and a guide to choosing them.

If you need to get rid of foliage in your garden or lawn, then the battery-powered vacuum blower is exactly for you. In terms of quality / price ratio it is in fact the most suitable solution for a domestic and hobby purpose. It has a low cost, offers excellent performances, and gives you the possibility to use it also to shred the sucked leaves or for the simple blowing. Of course, there are still factors that can make a big difference, especially if you study the number and duration of batteries.

A device that sucks, chops and blows

Let’s start from the basics: any vacuum cleaner of this type is actually a 3 in 1, as it integrates three different functions.

The motor is in fact able to generate an air flow of a certain capacity, both inlet and outlet. In practice, the motor fan can blow or create depression, as happens with common vacuum cleaners. This allows, by selecting the appropriate function, to “shoot” the jet by sweeping away the leaves, or to suck them into the nozzle.

The shredding function, also known as mulching, is always related to suction. This is because any vacuum sucks the leaves and passes them through a fan equipped with blades or knives. During the passage, the foliage is chopped more or less finely, depending on the grinding ratio of the device (at least 7: 1).

The residues end up inside a collection bag, which can have a certain capacity, around 20 liters. So when you’re done cleaning the garden, you can take the bag off, empty it, and store the device. And the function that turns it into a electric blower? It’s an ever-present extra in a battery-powered leaf vacuum: just select this mode to reverse the airflow, so as to sweep the foliage into a pile.

Features of the battery operated leaf blower

Now that you know how this tool works, I want to focus mainly on the power factor. The options in the field of electric leaf vacuum for the garden they are in fact two.

  • Cable models: powered by wire, they must be connected to an electrical socket and therefore always have a certain limit in terms of range of action, given by the length of the cable. The latter can however be increased by connecting an extension cable.
  • Battery models: they have no limits in terms of space, but they are obviously linked to the duration of the battery body. In summary, you can take them far and even where there are no electrical connections, but bearing in mind that they typically don’t last more than 20 minutes or so.

Since today I’m talking to you about the battery-powered vacuum blower models, I want to clarify right away that the solutions you can buy are also 2 in this case.

  • Single battery models: the connection on the handle allows you to connect only one battery. In these cases, the duration is around 20-30 minutes, depending on the chosen power. By lowering or raising it, in fact, you can increase or decrease the autonomy of the appliance.
  • Dual battery models: in the high range, we find types of double battery blower aspirator. In summary, they give you the possibility to connect 2 batteries together on the handle, in such a way as to double the autonomy of the power tool, which can even exceed 60 minutes. Here too, the same speech made regarding the power of use is valid.

Before moving on to the reviews, be aware that some single-battery devices include a spare in the box. This way, when you download the first one you can quickly replace it and start working again, as if nothing had happened. It is clear that you can also buy it separately, so as to have a replacement always ready to enter the field.

Best battery vacuum cleaners

1. BLACK+ DECKER GWC3600L20-QW with 36 V Lithium Battery

Without doubt one of the best battery-powered leaf vacuums, if you consider the relationship between quality and price. The package includes both the battery and the charger, along with 2 tubes: the first is for sucking, the second for blowing. Consider that, since there is no single tube, the two must be assembled and disassembled if necessary, installing them in the special hole of the reversible handle.

  • Battery life: about 20 minutes
  • Bag with a capacity of 17.5 liters
  • Outgoing air speed: 218 km / h
  • Suction: maximum 3.4 m³ / min
  • 2 interchangeable tubes
  • 2 selectable modes
  • Battery and charger included

How high is the performance? The suction is excellent, as long as you are careful not to suck up debris larger than the leaves, as the shredding blade could get clogged. With simple foliage there are no difficulties, and the blowing function is also of great quality. The credit goes to a blowing speed that reaches 218 km / h, while the suction volume reaches 3.4 cubic meters per minute.

The package also includes the collection bag, whose capacity is equal to 17.5 liters, while as regards the modes we find the Turbo and the ECO: the first accelerates the engine power by pushing it to the maximum, while the second uses it to the maximum minimum, saving on the remaining charge of the 36V battery. Furthermore, consider that the assembly of the pipes is very easy and quick, and feasible even by non-experts.

The capacity of the collection bag (17 liters) is not very high, but it is enough and left over to clean, for example, flower beds or gardens. The shredding ratio is also below average, so for large gardens you will likely need to empty the bag at least once. It takes 70 minutes to fully recharge the battery, while the autonomy depends on the power used (approximately 20 minutes).


  • Excellent value for money
  • Includes battery and charger
  • 2 modes: Turbo and Eco
  • It is easy to change the 2 tubes
  • Fast battery charging
  • Autonomy in the averages
  • Excellent blowing speed


  • The bag is not very large
  • Slightly low shredding ratio

2. Einhell GE-CL 36 Li E-Solo Twincharger PXC Starter Kit

I also decided to tell you about this battery-powered leaf vacuum produced by Einhell. This is the PXC Starter Kit version, which also includes 2 batteries to mount together and a dual slot charger. The technical data are very interesting, if compared with an affordable price: when blowing, it reaches a maximum speed of 210 km / h, while the suction is equal to 720 cubic meters per hour.

  • 2 battery model
  • Battery life: about 30 minutes
  • Bag with 45 liter capacity
  • Outgoing air speed: 210 km / h
  • Suction: maximum 720 m³ / h
  • Two-way single tube
  • 2 batteries and charger included
  • Double slot charger
  • Shoulder strap included

Of course, the package also includes a very large bag with a total capacity of 45 liters. Secondly, this battery-powered leaf vacuum from Einhell has an excellent shredding ratio, equal to 10: 1, which allows you to slow down the filling of the bag with the clippings cut by the blades. Then consider that there is an electronic speed regulation system, which allows you to customize the power.

It has an average weight with the others (about 4 kilos), but the package includes a comfortable shoulder strap that you can use to lighten it, and to better balance it. In addition, the bag has a very “clever” transparent section, since this allows you to evaluate its filling status as you work, and without having to disassemble and open it. Finally, there are also wheels mounted on the mouth of the hose, which allow you to push it on the lawn.

The tube is single, so with two separate nozzles for sucking and blowing, consequently you won’t have to change it when you switch from one mode to another. Excellent grip, ergonomic and with double handle. And the duration? Very high (about 30 minutes), considering that it uses 2 18V batteries together. As for the amperage, know that you can only use the 3 Ah, 4 Ah (recommended) or 5.2 Ah ones.

There is also a version without batteries and charger: it is the perfect choice if you already have at least 2 Einhell batteries at home.


  • A lot of performance high
  • Batteries and charger included
  • Good shredding ratio
  • Good battery life
  • Shoulder strap supplied
  • Single tube with 2 nozzles


  • 2 batteries increase the weight
  • Not compatible with 1.5 or 2 Ah batteries

3. Greenworks 2in1 GD40BVK2X 40V 185km / h 45L

We are dealing with a mid-range battery-powered vacuum blower, therefore designed for domestic use and for gardens. It has a very large 45 liter bag and a range of accessories that includes 2 batteries (2 Ah) and a charger. However, consider that, used as a leaf vacuum and at maximum power, the low amperage of the battery will make it last no more than 10 minutes.

  • Battery life: 10-15 minutes
  • Bag with 45 liter capacity
  • Outgoing air speed: 185 km / h
  • Suction: maximum 578 m³ / h
  • 2 interchangeable tubes
  • There is the Turbo mode
  • 2 batteries and charger included

Unfortunately, there is talk of a limit that you often have to deal with, for a very simple reason: these motors require high power to suck up the foliage, consequently they “suck” a lot of energy. If used in blower mode, however, requiring less power, the battery lasts longer. Furthermore, it is a model with 2 separate tubes to be interchanged and therefore with a reversible handle.

Noting that this is a cordless leaf blower for home use, its performance is ideal for small gardens, driveways and patios. The outgoing air flow reaches up to 185 kilometers per hour, while the intake flow goes up to 578 cubic meters per hour. In addition, it has a turbo mode that increases the engine revs, but consider that using it the battery will last less.

I have tried it personally and I can tell you that used at home it has a great reason, given that it offers excellent performances. Of course, if you want to use it on medium or large terrains you will have to buy some of the more powerful batteries, since the company also sells the 4 Ah ones, but this is an extra expense. To tell you, it is so powerful that it even sucks up wet leaves, and this explains why the battery lasts less than average.


  • High power
  • Easy to use and to assemble
  • Simple tubes to exchange
  • Very large collection bag
  • 2 batteries supplied
  • Quieter than average
  • Anti-vibration handle


  • The battery lasts less
  • Not for large gardens

4. IKRA 3 in 1 ICBV 2/20 201 km / h Bag 45 L

If you are looking for a multifunctional and economical cordless leaf vacuum, then I recommend this IKRA appliance. It is a model with a very large 45 liter bag and with a package that includes 2 batteries and a double charger. In summary, you can use it to charge both, and in 60 minutes they will be ready for use again. Finally, the blade has a shredding ratio of 10: 1, high considering the price.

  • Battery life: 15-30 minutes
  • Bag with 45 liter capacity
  • Outgoing air speed: 210 km / h
  • Two-way single tube
  • 2 batteries and charger included
  • Double slot charger
  • Shoulder strap included

One of the best qualities of this battery-powered vacuum blower are the very sharp and performing chopping blades. They chop up any soft material well, so they’re perfect for foliage. In this case we find only one fixed hose with two outlets, so you won’t even have to disassemble or replace it: in fact, you just have to select the desired mode (suction or blowing) and start cleaning the garden.

And the batteries? They have a good duration, around 30 minutes, but the autonomy is lowered up to 15 minutes if you use the appliance as a vacuum cleaner and at maximum power. Secondly, know that the package also includes a comfortable shoulder strap, useful to lighten the weight of the instrument and therefore to make less effort. In addition, the structure has a double handle, which makes operations even easier.

I would also like to underline the presence of the wheels on the final part of the tube. These extras are very valuable, as they allow you to slide the nozzle almost in direct contact with the ground, but keeping a distance that avoids sucking in the small stones. In conclusion, a great investment if you need to clean small gardens, even if it struggles a little with wet leaves.


  • Super cheap price
  • Good battery life
  • Magazine with 2 slots
  • 2 batteries included in the package
  • Excellent quality of the blades
  • Excellent shredding ratio
  • Sack with very large capacity


  • Work a little with wet leaves
  • It lasts less at maximum power

How to choose the battery-powered blower vacuum

1. Purpose of use

First of all, I want to remind you that these devices are excellent for use at home, therefore for gardens, paths and lawns. Conversely, they are not very suitable for professional use, since the battery does not allow such a high autonomy. Secondly, despite being the powerful engine, it fails to come close to that of the petrol blowers and vacuum cleaners. Consequently, only purchase them if you understand the purpose for which they were designed.

2. Single or double tube?

If you have read my reviews, you will have already understood that there are two types of models: those with a single tube equipped with 2 nozzles, and those that instead require you to change the first tube with the second, based on the use you want to make of it. . Here is a little insight.

  • Single tube: it is an option that eliminates fatigue, since you will not have to change it to switch from suction to blowing, and vice versa. Furthermore, this solution still offers high performance in both directions.
  • Interchangeable tubes: these models have 2 holes, one for each tube, and a reversible handle that can adapt to both positions. It is clear that you will only have to mount the nozzle suitable for blowing or vacuuming, disassembling the other. Usually the two tubes are optimized for their function, but changing them will take a little time.

I want to clarify that both solutions are ideal for use at home, and that in terms of performance there are no major differences. Sure, having a separate suction tube can improve performance, but not that much.

3. Structure and comfort

Unfortunately, the battery-powered models weigh more than the flush ones, because they mount one or two batteries on the handle. For this reason it is important to evaluate the structure, preferring the devices with double handle and shoulder strap supplied. These two elements allow you to feel less weight, and to use your battery-powered vacuum blower by spending less energy.

4. Other factors to know

  • Bag capacity: a larger sack is preferred, as it will take longer to fill, and consequently you will not have to empty it often.
  • Shredding ratio: the higher it is, the slower the bag will fill, because the leaves will be finely chopped. It generally starts from a minimum of 7: 1 up to a maximum of 16: 1.
  • Battery life: Very powerful models, when used to their fullest extent, reduce battery life to approximately 5-10 minutes. At minimum power, however, in most cases it reaches at least 20 minutes.
  • Batteries supplied: always make sure that the product also includes the batteries and the charger, otherwise you will have to buy them separately. If you already have compatible batteries at home, made by the same brand, you can use those.
  • Number of batteries: as I have explained to you several times, some leaf vacs are fitted with 2 batteries simultaneously, to withstand the high power of the motor. In other cases, however, the second battery serves as a spare, to replace the first when it runs out.
  • Speed ​​regulation: Almost all leaf vacuums of this type give you the ability to adjust the fan speed. Low levels are great for avoiding sucking up pebbles and for increasing battery life. The tall ones, on the other hand, are ideal for large and wet leaves, but reduce autonomy.


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