Are you looking for the best Greencut chainsaw? Read my reviews and find out the price and features of these models.

Greencut is a rather famous company in the gardening sector, above all because of the excellent relationship between quality and price of its products. Greencut chainsaws are no exception to this rule, considering they cost less than others petrol chainsaws, with figures ranging from 90 euros to around 200 euros. They are powerful and reliable, similar in characteristics to Husqvarna, and are quite versatile, as there are devices with different length bars available.

Features of the Greencut chainsaw

I start right from the blade, with a bar that can go from a minimum length of about 25 centimeters up to over 60 centimeters. Although they are petrol-powered, they are not professional models, consequently some defects must be taken into account, due to the very competitive price. In addition, all models have a double handle (a valuable quality for the pruning chainsaws), the automatic oil pump and the most important safety features, such as the chain brake.

Other peculiarities to underline, before diving into the reviews? The presence of the stop claw, which prevents the chain from derailing, the anti-vibration system, the easy cold start (Easy Start system) and the lateral quick chain tensioner. In summary, these are ideal products for both pruning and felling logs, depending on the model you choose and the length of the bar.

Best Greencut chainsaws

1. Greencut GS7500 Petrol Chainsaw 75 cc 61 cm

This is the most powerful model ever in the Greencut catalog. This monster has a 61 cm long blade, with a cutting diameter that is close to about 58 cm. In addition, it is equipped with a really powerful engine, with a displacement of 75 cc and 4.8 HP. This means that you can also use it for pruning large branches and obviously for cutting and felling the trunks.

  • Motor power: 4.8 HP (2 stroke)
  • Engine displacement: 75 cc
  • Blade length: 61 cm
  • Weight: 10 kilograms

The weight is not excessive (10 kilos), and depends on the fact that the camera body has been made using non-top quality plastics. Being a low cost product, however, this is a defect to be taken into account and accepted. On the other hand, its lightness makes it much more manageable and easy to use, therefore suitable especially for those who are starting now and do not have much experience.

Although it is not a chainsaw for professionals, it is not even a toy, and you can understand this by studying its characteristics. In fact, the motor is fitted with a magnetic flywheel that guarantees a constant supply of energy to the blade, while the safety equipment protects against risks. I’m talking about the presence of the chain brake, the anti-vibration system and the double handle, for greater control. Finally, it has the quick chain tensioner and the automatic oil pump.

The chain included in the package is a TRU-SHARP with a 3/8 inch pitch. It is not the best ever but, if you feel the need, you can easily replace it with a more performing one like the Oregon. Furthermore, the ignition is quick and painless even when cold, the weight is well balanced and the price – I repeat – is ultra-competitive. In summary, if you want to save without sacrificing power, this chainsaw is for you.

2. Greencut GS6800 Petrol 68cc 3.9 HP 55.5 cm

If you don’t need a chainsaw with a bar of over 60 centimeters, but you still want to keep all the advantages of the model seen above, then I propose this version. Actually I already told you about it in mine review of the Greencut GS6800, but here I give you a quick summary of its main peculiarities. Starting from the length of the bar, equal to 55.5 cm, and the power of the engine, from 3.9 HP.

  • Motor power: 3.9 HP (2 stroke)
  • Engine displacement: 68 cc
  • Blade length: 55.5 cm
  • Weight: 7.8 kilograms

Also in this case it is not a product that I would recommend to professionals, vice versa it is really excellent for those looking for a fairly light and easy to handle chainsaw. In fact, the weight does not exceed 7.7 kilograms, while a reduced length of the blade facilitates the management of the Greencut chainsaw, especially in situations such as tree climbing. Secondly, the 2-stroke engine with 68cc displacement allows you to work for long periods without experiencing a drop in power.

The chain as always is not perfect, but remember that you can replace it with a better one, and the plastics are what they are. However, I would like to point out that at this price it is very difficult to find chainsaws superior to the Greencut, especially in terms of performance and balance. Penetration into hardwood is excellent, as is its versatility, being suitable for both limbing and pruning, as well as felling.

Other positive notes? There is the comfortable Easy Start electronic starting system, the automatic oil pump, the lateral quick chain tensioner and all the classic safety features. In fact, you will not give up the hook that holds the chain firmly on the blade, the double handle, the system that dampens vibrations and the chain brake, which prevents damage in the event of recoil. Finally, it is less complex to maintain than others.

3. Greencut GS620X petrol engine 62 cc 3.8 hp 51 cm

It is the younger sister of the Greencut chainsaws reviewed above, so it is cheaper and less bulky, but equally effective. The GS620X model has in fact a 51 cm long bar, and a combustion engine with 62 cc displacement and with a power of 3.8 HP. These are technical data that make it perfect for pruning and felling branches and trunks with a diameter of no more than about 48 cm.

  • Motor power: 3.8 HP (2 stroke)
  • Engine displacement: 62 cc
  • Blade length: 51 cm
  • Weight: 7.4 kilograms

Naturally it maintains all the qualities of the others in the same line, so it has a quick chain tensioner on the side, the pump for automatic lubrication and all the assets necessary to guarantee your safety. I refer to the claw of the chain, to the protection brake that is activated in the event of a kickback, and to the system that dampens the vibrations produced during the cutting phase.

The 2-stroke engine is of excellent quality, and as always guarantees continuous delivery throughout the entire pruning session. In addition, the finned steering wheel ensures an optimal cooling phase for the engine, which is useful to prevent it from becoming flooded. Of course, it does not have a spectacular chain and the plastic materials are cheap, but in my opinion we are always there: at these prices it is impossible to find a defect-free chainsaw in your hands.

Those who are satisfied will enjoy: a popular saying that fits the Greencut GS620X perfectly. Cold starting is not a problem, thanks to the Easy Start electronic system, while the low weight (about 7.4 kilos) does not cause discomfort when handling it, being rather light and agile. Finally, the balancing of the machine relieves fatigue when cutting, and is a valuable factor especially for newbies.

4. Greencut GS2500 petrol engine 25.4 cc 1.4 hp 25 cm

I decided to close my reviews by telling you about this one small chainsaw produced as always by Greencut, super compact and light, weighing only 3 kilograms. Of course it is a model designed for hobby use and absolutely not professional, nor for continuous use. However, it has some characteristics that make it very interesting, especially because of its cheapness.

  • Motor power: 1.4 HP (2 stroke)
  • Engine displacement: 25.4 cc
  • Blade length: 25 cm
  • Weight: 3 kilograms

The engine is not very powerful, but still suitable for pruning work of a certain level, with a displacement of 25.4 cc and with a power of 1.4 HP. For the pruning of a small orchard, for example, this chainsaw proves to be really excellent, also thanks to the anti-vibration system that relieves user fatigue. In addition, it has a comfortable ergonomic double handle and the usual automatic oil pump.

Personally, during my tests I did not notice any problems when starting the engine, since the Easy Start electronic system is present. Unfortunately one part of the batch of these products is defective, and in fact some have problems in starting, but you can be sure of being able to request the replacement of the product in the event. In summary, one of the advantages of online is always being protected in case of malfunctions.

If we eliminate this (however important) problem, the Greencut GS2500 fully fulfills its duties, and it does it with skill and dexterity. It is also clear that there is no lack of all the classic safety features, already seen and overseen in previous reviews, such as the quick chain tensioner and the brake that prevents the chainsaw from recoiling when it encounters a block.


The Greencut chainsaw models, as I explained to you, are not professional but they can become an excellent solution for those who have no pretensions of this level. They are efficient, have a rather powerful internal combustion engine and are able to hold up even when you use them for cutting hardwood. From felling to pruning operations, they are capable of facing any situation, among other things at a price that is competitive to say the least.


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