Would you like to discover the best Stiga chainsaw? Read my reviews, opinions and prices.

Stiga chainsaws are known all over the world due to some characteristics that make them special, such as excellent balance and cutting performance. Also know that on sale you can find any type of power supply, from battery or cable models, up to petrol chainsaws. Furthermore, La Stiga produces saws with anti-vibration technology and suitable for anyone, even for beginners and for those who do not have much experience with these tools. So which are the best on the market? Here are my reviews.

Best Stiga chainsaws

1. Stiga SEV 2416 Q (Power Supply)

If you are looking for an easy-to-use chainsaw, I personally recommend the Stiga SEV 2416 Q. It is in fact a perfect model for hobby use, much easier to handle than a petrol engine saw. Its positive qualities are many: for example, it is light as well as versatile, and it is perfect for cutting logs with a thickness that is not too large.

  • Diet: electric with cable
  • Motor power: 2,400 watts
  • Blade length: 40 centimeters
  • Cutting thickness: max 50 cm
  • Chain speed: 14 meters per second

You can use it both horizontally and vertically, without any kind of effort, and it is also excellent for felling small shrubs. On a technical level, the SEV 2416 Q has a powerful 2,400 watt motor, a 40 centimeter long blade and a chain speed of up to 14 meters per second. In addition, the structure includes an automatic oil pump, a convenient transparent oil indicator and the ability to activate the safety brake.

As I anticipated, it is quite light (4.6 kilos) and is very easy to manage, as it has a chain tensioner that adjusts quickly by acting on the tensioning roller with your finger. Secondly, despite its light weight, it has a very sturdy aluminum shell, so it is designed to last a long time. And the convenience? Using it is simple, always paying attention, also thanks to the ergonomic and non-slip front handle.

Also know that the bundle includes a kit for the maintenance and safe use of the chainsaw, consisting of a 1 liter bottle of oil, a pair of ear defenders, a pair of protective glasses, a cotton bandana and a set for sharpening the chain. As far as performance is concerned, the yield of this Stiga electric saw on logs up to 40-50 cm in diameter is excellent, it cuts wood like butter and is a fantastic ally for home pruning.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Very high cutting capacity
  • Rich set of accessories
  • Robust and durable materials
  • For logs up to 50 cm in diameter
  • Very simple to use
  • There is the quick chain tensioner


  • The blade needs to be sharpened often
  • The draft system can be improved

2. Stiga SE 1814 Q (Power Supply)

The SE 1814 is an entry-level Stiga chainsaw, rather inexpensive but still full of positive qualities. For one thing, it has an 1,800-watt motor and is the queen of handling, despite weighing in at 4.17 pounds. Consequently, it is the ideal model for those who have never used an electric saw, and want a device that is easy to use and suitable for small pruning.

  • Diet: electric with cable
  • Motor power: 1,800 watts
  • Blade length: 35 centimeters
  • Cutting thickness: max 40 cm
  • Chain speed: 14 meters per second

However, it maintains many of the qualities of the model seen above, namely the presence of the quick chain tensioner and the speed of the chain from 14 meters per second. Clearly, weighing less, it has a shorter blade (35 centimeters) and is compatible with a maximum cutting thickness of around 40 centimeters. In addition, it has the usual safety brake that can be activated or deactivated, and the automatic oil pump.

Also in this case the structure is very sturdy, as it is made of aluminum, and the second handle has a rubberized coating, which makes it very comfortable to hold. Also know that the side handle allows you to make horizontal cuts effortlessly, and that the package includes the usual kit with a bottle of oil, glasses, bandana, sharpening set and headphones.

What are my views on the Stiga SE 1814? For one thing, the tool-free chain tensioning system is very effective, and the same is true of the instant brake. Secondly, for small hobby jobs it has an amazing wood yield, and the cutting speed is just as amazing. Its technical characteristics, then, are usually found in more expensive models of electric saws.


  • Really cheap price
  • Excellent tensioning system
  • Fast and always precise cutting
  • Technical characteristics above average
  • Robust and durable materials
  • Chain tensioner and safety brake


  • Not suitable for large logs
  • It is not very light

3. Stiga SC 24 AE 24V 4AH (Battery Powered)

If you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, and if it bothers you to use an extension cable, then this Stiga battery-powered chainsaw is for you. We are faced with a model with a 4 Ah battery and 24 volt electric voltage, very quiet during start-up and a champion in terms of comfort and handling. In fact, consider that the Stiga SC 24 AE has a bar of only 25 centimeters and a weight of 3.4 kilograms.

  • Diet: battery powered
  • Battery voltage: 24 volts
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Blade length: 25 centimeters
  • Chain speed: 3.4 meters per second

It is therefore a small chainsaw, with a chain speed that reaches 3.4 meters per second, but equipped with a series of very interesting options. First, mount the classic Stiga quick chain tensioner, together with the handwheel to assemble and disassemble the chain or bar without tools. In addition, it has an oil tank with a transparent indicator that allows you to monitor its consumption without problems.

What are the other peculiarities of the SC 24 AE? Having two handles, it allows you to effortlessly make both vertical and horizontal cuts. The upper handle then has a rubberized coating that makes it comfortable to grip and non-slip. The autonomy of the lithium-ion battery is really excellent, from 60 minutes, while the times for full recharge reach about 90 minutes.

Of course, the battery of this Stiga electric saw is compatible with all the other power tools produced by the company. I would also like to underline the ease of adjusting the chain and the marked handling of this tool, together with an always clean and precise cut. In addition, the package includes the headphones, glasses and bandana, along with the sharpening kit and 1 1 liter bottle of oil.


  • Long battery life
  • Excellent manufacturing materials
  • Always precise and clean cut
  • Lightweight and super handy
  • Usual accessory kit included
  • Ideal for home pruning


  • Reduced maximum cutting thickness
  • The chain is quite slow

4. Stiga SP 466 2 Stroke 46.5 CC (Nitro)

Let’s take a small leap forward by analyzing this Stiga petrol chainsaw with 2-stroke engine and with a displacement of 46.5 CC. It is a model with a nominal power of 2.5 HP and a fuel tank capacity of 0.49 liters. In addition, it has a 45 cm long Oregon blade but at the same time it is not difficult to use. In fact, consider that, despite being a petrol engine, it is still a hobby model.

  • Diet: 2-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement: 46.5 CC
  • Nominal power: 2.5 HP
  • Blade length: 45 centimeters

In summary, it is a perfect tool if you want a petrol chainsaw that is easy to manage but still more performing than those with an electric power supply. The performances are really excellent, as it manages to make every cut quick and easy. Secondly, the SP 466 2-stroke isn’t overly heavy either, given that weight it is around 6.3 kilograms.

In terms of power-to-weight ratio it is really difficult to find another chainsaw capable of competing with the Stiga in question. And there are other advantages, such as the rapid cooling system and the robustness of the body, with a magnesium casing and an ergonomic design. Finally, the Stiga SP 466 is also excellent in terms of fuel consumption, thanks to a cylinder-piston technology that lowers them.

There are other features that I would like to point out to you, such as the range of accessories, which includes the blade cover, the file for the candle and a multifunctional key. In other words, in the package you will find everything you need for a complete management of the Stiga. Also consider that it is easier to access the air filter, compared to other petrol models, and that the power of this chainsaw is not in question.


  • Easy to assemble and manage
  • Excellent engine power
  • Technology with reduced consumption
  • Quick release air filter
  • Easy maintenance
  • Anti-vibration system


  • It is not a professional chainsaw

5. Stiga SP 386 2 Stroke 38.5 CC (Nitro)

I decided to close my reviews by telling you about the Stiga SP 386 petrol chainsaw, with 2-stroke engine, with a displacement of 38.5 CC and with a nominal power of 2.0 HP. It is an excellent product as always unprofessional, less expensive than the previous one but still with remarkable technical qualities. I refer for example to the length of the 35 cm Oregon blade and the EURO 2 engine.

  • Diet: 2-stroke engine
  • Engine displacement: 38.5 CC
  • Nominal power: 2.0 HP
  • Blade length: 35 centimeters

The air filter is very performing and easy to access, moreover the Stiga SP 386 is easy to maneuver, due to its lightness, with a weight of around 5.5 kilos. Secondly, it has a high level of power and the primer for quick cold start, in addition to the lateral chain tensioner and a high-performance system that reduces the vibrations produced during cutting.

The use is rather easy, due to its ease of handling (in any case lower than the electric models) and thanks to an ergonomic and non-slip handle. Then consider that this model has the usual safety brake and allows you to adjust the oil pump, acting on the specific screw. This allows you to set the oil supply according to the job you want to do and the hardness of the log to be sawn.

I would like to remind you that in the petrol chainsaw sector it is difficult to find another model that is so simple to manage. This makes it a perfect device even for beginners who want a more performing saw than electric ones. The chain tensioner also works very well and is very easy to manage. Performance is great, but remember that it is an unprofessional tool.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent engine power
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Blade cover and key included
  • Lighter than average
  • Cold start primer


  • It is not a professional chainsaw


Today you had the chance to read my reviews of the best Stiga chainsaws. This manufacturer is an absolute guarantee of quality, and in fact its saws are among the most famous in circulation, especially for those who want an effective product but not too expensive and easy to manage. The cutting performance is excellent, and this also applies to the electric and battery models, and not just the petrol ones.


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