Are you looking for the best Makita cordless chainsaw? Read my reviews, prices and opinions on the best performing models.

Battery-powered chainsaws are undoubtedly very affordable power tools, for both professionals and hobbyists, and Makita is a top brand in this industry. Its electric chainsaws, not surprisingly, are able to guarantee many advantages: they are reliable, have an autonomy above the average and above all ensure an always precise cut and a rather powerful motor.

We will have the opportunity to discover together the other pros along the way, analyzing the reviews and the main features.

Features of the Makita cordless chainsaw

First of all, depending on the model you choose, you may find an engine with a power well above the average, so much so that it can be compared (almost) to that of a wire appliance. Secondly, as I mentioned above, if used with a 5.0 amp battery the autonomy proves to be particularly long. In summary, you will not remain “on foot” during the pruning operations in the garden.

In some devices, such as the Makita 45095-20 Duc252Z, you will even have the possibility to mount 2 batteries on the handle. This way the life of the saw will be even longer than usual, and is a great option if you intend to use it intensively and in gardens or plots of land with a large square footage. Know that I can work for about half a day, without problems.

As far as cutting diameter is concerned, most of Makita battery-powered chainsaws can easily cut through drums up to 40 centimeters thick. But it is clear that, once this threshold is exceeded, in all probability you should choose one chainsaw with internal combustion engine, which is the most powerful of all. Other features to note? They are very easy to maintain and handle, have an ergonomic non-slip handle, are quite light and amaze in terms of cutting precision.

Before reading the reviews, be aware that these devices are often sold without the battery or batteries. Consequently, if you don’t have any other Makita tools at home, you’ll need to add them to your shopping list.

Best Makita battery chainsaws

1. Makita DUC353Z-350 Cordless Electric Saw

This model of Makita cordless chainsaw belongs to the Z Series, therefore it is sold without case, batteries and charger. However, it is one of the best models in terms of quality / price ratio, and works by mounting two batteries on the camera body. Using two 2.5 amps the duration is around 90 minutes, so it is ideal for pruning a small or medium-sized garden.

  • 2 batteries on the camera body
  • Battery voltage: 18 volts (x2)
  • Battery life: about 90 min
  • Cutting diameter: max 35 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg

Of course, nothing prevents you from mounting more powerful batteries, such as 5.0 ampere ones, so as to greatly extend the autonomy. Turning to the technical data, it has a saw that can cut branches from 35 centimeters in diameter without difficulty, and it is also not too heavy, since it reaches about 4.8 kilograms. Finally, know that this model has a comfortable ergonomic handle and is also suitable for beginners.

The motor is really powerful (it is a BL, therefore brushless and brushless), due to the direct transmission technology and not the belt. Secondly, the cutting performance is exceptional and very precise, so much so that you can use it for different operations, such as pruning or limbing of medium diameter shrubs. In addition, there is an LED that tells you the remaining charge level and an indicator that tells you the oil level.

The package is free of batteries or accessories, but includes a bottle of oil, while the tension of the chain can be adjusted via the side tensioner, and it is a quick and easy operation. Also know that this Makita chainsaw allows you to adjust the lubrication of the chain, and has a body that can withstand both splashes of water and dust.

Here, if you are interested, there is the version with batteries and charger included of the Makita DUC353:


  • Very powerful and precise in cutting
  • Cuts logs up to 35 cm in diameter
  • Battery and oil level indicator
  • Side chain tensioner
  • Adjustable chain lubrication
  • Battery life around 90 minutes


  • Batteries and charger not included

2. Makita DUC302Z Cordless Li-Ion Chainsaw 36V

Another lap, another race, another Makita battery-powered chainsaw of a very high level. This device also requires 2 batteries, not included in the package, to be mounted not on the sides as in the previous model but on the back of the handle. What are its main qualities? It has a 30cm blade and a weight of about 4.2 kilograms, and with the 5.0 amp batteries it lasts about 30 minutes (but using it continuously).

  • 2 batteries on the camera body
  • Battery voltage: 18 volts (x2)
  • Battery life: about 90 min
  • Cutting diameter: max 30 cm
  • Weight: 4.2 kilograms

The maximum cutting diameter is quite high, considering that it can cut even 30 cm logs without problems. Secondly, the DUC302Z is ​​very versatile, and you can, for example, use it for pruning hedges without hitting. Consider that, being a Z Series, the package still does not include the battery charger or the two batteries needed to make it work.

The weight is lower than the average, so it gains in handling, and in fact you will not struggle even if you use it intensively. Clearly, not being a professional product, I advise you not to exaggerate with the diameter of the branches and not to subject it to too much effort, so as not to tire the engine. On the other hand, for hobby use it is most likely the improve battery-powered chainsaw In circulation.

In addition to performance, the DUC302Z also earns an excellent rating in terms of the robustness of the hard plastic body. The motor isn’t brushless, but it’s still very powerful and reliable, and it’s not too loud either. Plus, it’s super easy to use even if you’re a hobbyist, as it has a really efficient kickback reduction system. Finally, the Oregon chain ensures an always clean and clean cut.


  • Clean and clean cut
  • Great battery life
  • Cuts up to 30cm in diameter
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Robust and reliable in the long run


  • Batteries and charger not included
  • Non brushless motor

3. Makita DUC254Z Electric chainsaw 18V 25 cm

It is undoubtedly one of the less expensive models from Makita, so it is an ideal cordless chainsaw if you want to save a hundred euros. Even in this case, however, we are faced with a device of the Z line, therefore with a single battery and charger to be purchased separately. The technical data is still excellent, with a 25 cm long saw, a brushless motor and a super light weight (3.3 kilograms).

  • 1 battery on the camera body
  • Battery voltage: 18 volts
  • Battery life: about 90 min
  • Cutting diameter: max 25 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 kilograms

It has many other positive features, such as the ability to regulate lubrication with oil and excellent performance when pruning and limbing. Then consider that the Makita DUC254Z has a very powerful engine, and ensures excellent cutting capacity of branches up to a maximum diameter of 25 centimeters. Secondly, it consumes little energy and can reach an autonomy of about 90-120 minutes, if used on not too thick branches.

I assure you that it is one of the most compact and light in circulation, but woe to underestimate it. It is in fact a “mini” jewel for pruning olive trees and shrubs with not too thick branches, also thanks to a battery that lasts a long time even at full capacity and for the sharpening of the Oregon chain. However, this is not a power tool designed for intensive use, because it is not professional.

For the rest, we find the usual features of the Makita mid-range battery chainsaws, such as the ergonomic Soft Grip handle, and the protection against dust and water drops. It also has the classic side chain tensioner, and this is an added benefit to take into consideration. In the end, it is very robust and the quality of the plastics is very high, and it is really easy to handle.


  • The featherweight of chainsaws
  • Precise and sharp Oregon chain
  • Great battery life
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sturdy and quality materials


  • Batteries and charger not included
  • Not for professional or intensive use

4. Makita Chainsaw 45095-20 DUC252Z 18 Vx2

It’s not the cheapest of the bunch, but it’s worth every penny. At a price of about 200 euros you will take home a very handy and not too heavy Makita cordless chainsaw (about 4 kilos), with 2 batteries, but to be purchased separately since it is a Z Series. The blade length is of 25 cm, so you can use it to saw branches with a maximum diameter of 25 cm.

  • 2 batteries on the camera body
  • Battery voltage: 18 volts (x2)
  • Battery life: about 90 min
  • Cutting diameter: max 25 cm
  • Weight: 4.1 kilograms

The push-button ignition is very fast and makes it extremely comfortable, it also offers remarkable performance, so much so that it is difficult to find differences with the more powerful models. As for the duration of the 2 batteries, it usually reaches around 90 minutes if used not continuously. Despite being a respectable autonomy, if you want to extend it I suggest you use two 5.0 ampere batteries.

Also in this case we are not talking about a professional chainsaw, but a device designed for garden work, for example to prune hedges or shrubs that are not too demanding. As always, it is very easy to use, and despite having a weight of 4 kilograms it does not tire your arms, while the automatic chain brake ensures top safety, should it slip away.

That is unlikely to happen, because it has an ergonomic handle that guarantees you a firm grip at all times. Furthermore, the Makita DUC252Z does not produce much noise, it can also be held with one hand, and is very precise in cutting, thanks to the Oregon chain. For housework in the garden it is a small but portentous helper, it has a very resistant plastic shell and an excellent yield on the branches.


  • Excellent cutting quality
  • Very easy to start and use
  • It is rather quiet and easy to handle
  • Automatic emergency brake
  • Cut branches up to 25 cm in diameter
  • Excellent value for money


  • Does not include batteries and charger
  • Not for intensive use

How to choose the Makita cordless chainsaw

1. Length of the blade

If you have read my reviews of Makita cordless chainsaw models, you will have noticed that the maximum cutting diameter of the branches is equal to the length of the blade. Consequently, to give you a concrete example, a 35 cm saw will be compatible with cutting branches with a maximum diameter of 35 cm. While this is true, I recommend that you keep it on a slightly lower value, to avoid putting too much strain on the engine.

Of course there is no a priori correct length, because it always depends on your needs: if you don’t have to prune important shrubs, you can also opt for a model with a length of 25 centimeters.

2. Battery life

It is clear that the models with 2 batteries will ensure you a longer life, especially if you will use it continuously. On the other hand, you must not underestimate the Makita chainsaws with a single battery, as the prolonged autonomy of the latter is one of the flagships of this Japanese brand. In general, the duration is around 90 minutes, but if used intermittently it can even reach up to half a day. If you use it without breaks, however, you will hardly be able to exceed 30 minutes.

Not bad, because you always have the option of spare batteries. It is true that they have a significant cost but, if you have other power tools of this brand at home, it will never be a problem. If in doubt, I leave you the links of both the batteries and the Makita charger.

3. Weight and handling

Makita produces models of battery-powered chainsaw all in all light, from appliances around 3 kilos up to those that touch 5 kilos (the heaviest). The weight clearly depends on both the addition of the battery (or batteries) and the length of the Oregon blade. Of course, the lighter models are more comfortable and easier to use for an extended period, while the lighter ones could tire your arms in the long run.

As far as handling is concerned, the presence of the handle with ergonomic and anti-slip Soft Grip also impacts – and in a positive way. This factor makes them much more stable and comfortable to hold, consequently you will also improve the quality and precision of the cut, already very high.

4. Prices and accessories

In my opinion, a Makita battery-powered chainsaw has very affordable prices, given its quality and cutting performance. The cheaper models (but without batteries and charger) are around 190 or 200 euros, while the more expensive ones can easily exceed 300 euros. Including the cost of the battery and the charger, it reaches over 500 euros.


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