Are you looking for the best cordless electric saw? Read my reviews and discover a guide to choosing.

The battery-powered electric chainsaw is a must-have tool, especially for hobbyists who want to take care of their garden or plot of land. It is a perfect solution for limbing and pruning small and medium shrubs, clearly without exaggerating the diameter of the branches. Yet you would be surprised to know what a power tool of this type can combine: remember that it is not a toy, and that certain models in terms of power can compete with petrol chainsaws.

Characteristics of a cordless electric saw

Battery-powered chainsaws are born for maintenance work in the garden, therefore for cutting branches that are not too demanding and with a diameter that is not excessive. Of course there are also those who use them to saw wood to be used in the fireplace, since they are quite effective even against small logs. It is clear, however, that it gives the best of itself when it is used as chainsaw for pruning, for the following reasons:

  • It is compact and handy
  • It has a low weight
  • It consumes little energy
  • It does not have the bulk of the wire
  • It does not produce exhaust fumes
  • The engine rarely floods
  • It is very easy to maintain

However, in general, cordless electric saws are not suitable for intensive use. This is because the engine would tend to overheat if you were to use it for many hours straight. Also, remember that there are limitations: chainsaws of this type have a bar with a shorter play length, so they hardly allow you to cut branches with a diameter greater than 40 centimeters. Secondly, unless you buy a second replacement battery, they have a limited autonomy over time.

Best battery electric chainsaws

1. Ryobi OCS1830 Wireless Electric Chainsaw 30CM

Probably one of the best cordless electric saws for mid-range pruning. The Ryobi OCS 1830, in fact, is a very reliable tool especially if you need to prune the garden, limb or cut medium or small logs. Although not professional and therefore not suitable for continuous use, it has a good bar length (30 centimeters) and a really performing brushless motor.

  • Bar length: 30cm
  • Battery life: about 40 to 70 minutes
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Chain speed: 10 meters per second
  • Double handle
  • Battery and charger not included

Rather simple to assemble, this Ryobi model is competitively priced and one of the most affordable on the market, when compared in terms of power. Furthermore, it is easy to use and is clearly capable of cutting branches up to a maximum diameter of about 30 cm. Then consider that this electric saw lasts more than 60 minutes, if you use it in combination with a 4 Ah battery, while at full capacity about 40 minutes.

However, know that the battery must be purchased separately, together with the charger, since they are not included in the package. As for the other features, it has a comfortable side chain tensioner and is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. It is very light (around 3.5 kilos) and the chain runs really fast, reaching a maximum of 10 meters per second. Finally, it is safe as it mounts the emergency chain brake.

Here are the links for the compatible battery and charger:


  • Competitive price
  • Good bar length
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Ideal for pruning and limbing


  • He is not a professional model
  • Battery and charger not included

2. Alpina Battery Chainsaw ACS 40 Li 30 CM

Here is another brand famous for offering electric chainsaws at affordable prices, but without ever compromising on quality. I have already told you about this model on my page dedicated to reviews of Alpina chainsaws, but I want to dedicate a little chapter to her now too. First of all, it has a 30 cm long bar and a strong safety, given by the presence of the chain brake.

  • Bar length: 30cm
  • Battery life: about 60 minutes
  • Power: 720 watts
  • Quick chain tensioner
  • Double handle
  • Battery and charger not included

Secondly, the Alpina ACS 40 Li is not heavy at all, considering that it reaches 4 kilograms overall. Also consider that this battery-powered electric saw model has a fabulous quick chain tensioner, so you won’t even have to use the classic key for tensioning. Furthermore, it is necessary to underline the silence of the motor (without brushes) and the presence of a convenient anti-vibration system. Finally, there is also a version that includes the battery, but not the charger.

What are the other peculiarities of this model? It has a higher than average power (720watt), so much so as to cut even slightly more robust types of wood, it has two handles and an automatic oil pump. In addition, the package includes an Oregon chain and therefore the yield in terms of precision is guaranteed. Here I leave you the link to the charger and the battery:


  • Power above average
  • Very affordable price
  • Good bar length
  • There is the quick chain tensioner system
  • There is the Oregon chain


  • Not suitable for professional work
  • The chain must be tensioned often

3. Greenworks Chainsaw GD40CS40K2x 40 CM

If you are looking for a battery-powered electric saw of the semi-professional category, then I recommend that you take a look at this model from Greenworks. In fact, it has a 40 cm long bar (the maximum for this type of model), and the package includes both the charger and two 2.0 Ah batteries. In addition, there is the quick side chain tensioner and the chain runs at a speed of 11 meters per second. Powerful and versatile, the GD40CS40K2x mounts a brushless motor with+ 30% more power.

  • Bar length: 40cm
  • Battery life: about 20 to 50 minutes
  • Quick chain tensioner
  • Chain speed: 11 meters per second
  • Double handle
  • Charger and 2 batteries included

The quick tensioning is really useful, as it allows you to adjust the chain without having to use any tools. Secondly, this cordless pruning chainsaw from Greenworks has a vibration-reducing system and a comfortable front hand guard. Know that the battery has an effective duration of 20 minutes, if you will use the saw continuously. On the other hand, for simple pruning you can easily reach about 90 minutes.

The chain lubrication system is fully automatic, and has a 180ml oil tank with a transparent section, which allows you to always monitor its level. Also consider that this device is super safe, since it is equipped with the canonical blade brake and a safety switch. It is very comfortable and easy to handle, even if it weighs slightly above average (5.4 kg), but it is also very powerful.


  • Bar length of 40 cm
  • Charger and 2 batteries supplied
  • Top-of-the-range safety equipment
  • It also cuts medium hard wood
  • Not afraid of medium-sized trunks


  • Autonomy slightly lower than average
  • The lubricating system consumes a lot of oil

4. Black & Decker Li Ion 36V GKC3630L20 30 CM

Another lap, another race, another battery-powered chainsaw worthy of mention. This model by Black & Decker mounts a 30 cm long bar, and is powered by a lithium ion battery with autonomy from 30 minutes to about 60 minutes. For the record, the package includes both the battery and the charger, but what really impressed me is the performance in cutting medium diameter branches.

  • Bar length: 30cm
  • Battery life: about 30 to 60 minutes
  • Quick chain tensioner
  • Chain speed: 5 meters per second
  • Double handle
  • Charger and battery included

Having a bar of 30 centimeters obviously cannot exceed an equal diameter, but it often happens to go into difficulty already at 20 centimeters, with economic electric chainsaws. Here the exact opposite happens: the performances are brilliant and exceed the maximum declared by Black & Decker (ie 23 cm), which represents an almost record-breaking factor. In addition, this device has a quick side chain tensioner, which never hurts.

Excellent equipment of safety devices, including the power button, the blade brake and the anti-vibration system. Also know that this chainsaw is quite quiet, has an automatic lubricator, and is not very heavy (3.8 kilograms). I would also like to point out the refill in 70 minutes, but it has a not very large oil tank (110 ml). Finally, it is very comfortable to use, easy to handle and ideal for pruning.


  • Among the most performing in circulation
  • Good effective battery life
  • Lightweight and very handy
  • Includes battery and charger
  • There is the quick side chain tensioner


  • Not very large oil tank
  • Often requires topping up with oil

5. Makita DUC254Z Battery Chainsaw 18V 25 CM

I decided to close my reviews on the best battery chainsaws with this model from Makita. It is one of the most compact in circulation, also due to the presence of a 25 cm long sword. On the other hand, it offers excellent performance in cutting and pruning small branches, and the Makita brand is synonymous with reliability. The battery is not included, and the same goes for the charger.

  • Bar length: 25cm
  • Battery life: up to approximately 120 minutes
  • Chain speed: 22.5 meters per second
  • Double handle
  • Charger and battery not included

It is the queen of lightness, with its 3.3 kilograms, and it also lasts a long time, since it is able to reach 120 minutes (if used not continuously). In addition, this Makita saw is very comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic handle with the Soft Grip coating, but it does not have the quick chain tensioner. It means that to tension it you will have to act laterally with the special key (included in the package).

Other news to point out? It has an oil pump with automatic lubrication, a very reliable brushless motor and the canonical double handle, excellent for both vertical and horizontal cuts. In addition, in the package you will find an Oregon chain and the transport bag, together with the blade cover. Finally, it is competitively priced, sturdy, and great for pruning jobs.

Here are the links to buy the battery and charger:


  • Super handy and light
  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable to hold and safe
  • Very fast cutting speed
  • Ideal for small jobs in the garden


  • Not suitable for medium diameter branches
  • There is no quick chain tensioner

How to choose the cordless chainsaw for pruning

1. Battery autonomy

This is a crucial element for the choice, since we are talking about chainsaws with limited autonomy.

The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to understand how much autonomy you need and find a model that can satisfy you. Consider that generally the duration of a battery is around 60 minutes, but there are models that can even reach 90 minutes. Of course, if you use it intensively and without breaks, the duration could also drop to around 30 minutes.

Another factor that I advise you to study is this: check how many batteries can be mounted on the tool. Some models (such as the electric chainsaws manufactured by Makita) in fact allow you to use 2 batteries simultaneously, and this obviously doubles the autonomy of the saw. However, nothing prevents you from buying a spare battery and replacing the main one when it runs out.

Furthermore, since they are now lithium-ion, these can be charged even if they are not completely discharged, as they do not suffer from the memory effect. If we talk about the voltage of the batteries, know that this value goes from a minimum of 18 Volts to a maximum of 58 Volts. Finally, to extend the autonomy of a chainsaw you can buy a battery with a higher amperage, but first make sure it is compatible.

2. Power and performance

It is also necessary to study the power of battery-powered electric chainsaws, especially if we are talking about the nominal one, always expressed in watts. However, know that the higher the power, the more the battery tends to drain quickly, for obvious reasons. There are some models that allow you to adjust the engine power, for example by activating a turbo mode to push the chain to the maximum.

As for the values, usually it starts from a minimum of 1,200 watts up to around 2,000 watts. Remember that cordless chainsaws, by definition, are unsuitable for cutting large diameter or excessively hard logs. Conversely, they are fabulous for clipping and pruning young trees, but also for cutting medium or small diameter logs, to make firewood.

If you are looking for a tool for constant and intensive use, and for demanding work against large and thick shrubs, then you will have to resort to a chainsaw with internal combustion engine. In reality, in battery models, power is not a crucial factor, and it is impossible to make direct comparisons with those on wire or petrol. The reason? The bar is shorter and therefore requires less energy to activate the rotation of the chain.

3. Length of the bar

How long is the bar of a cordless electric chainsaw? Usually it starts from a minimum of 20 centimeters up to a maximum of about 40 centimeters, in the most advanced and expensive products. The length of the bar obviously determines the diameter of the branches that you can saw, and this value can never exceed the measure of the bar itself, but at most it can be equal. Let me explain better, giving you a concrete example.

If you have to cut a branch with a diameter of 30 centimeters, and you have an electric chainsaw with a sword of 30 centimeters, then you can do it by acting “at full bar”. You will be able to do this with a little effort, because you will have to use the full size of the blade. In fact, in fact, it is advisable to saw branches with a diameter less than the length of the bar, for convenience, for safety and to maintain control of the tool.

4. Chain, turns and self-lubrication

The chain is very important, and it is good that it is of quality, as in the case of the Oregon, with an excellent degree of sharpening. However, consider that this element can always be changed with a more performing chain, depending on the type of use you want to make of it.

Equally important is the presence of the lateral chain tensioner system, which can be screw or quick, and this depends very much on the cost of the chainsaw and on the decisions of the manufacturer. In summary, a fast system greatly simplifies chain tensioning.

Personally, I recommend that you also evaluate the number of turns made by the chain during cutting. On sale you can find very different values, as always based on the price and professionalism of the cordless electric saw. The best performing models are capable of reaching 20 meters per second, but only if the bar is short. Usually, in fact, in these devices it is around 10-11 meters per second as a maximum (minimum 3 m / s).

Higher values ​​are found only in electric chainsaws flush and in the petrol ones.

Also know that most modern chainsaws have an automatic chain lubrication system. In fact, there is a tank for the lubricating oil, with a capacity of around 250 milliliters. I close by reminding you that even the best chain must be sharpened every 4-5 hours of use, and in that case I suggest you read my guide on the sharpener for chainsaws.

5. Grip and handling

Unfortunately, a battery-powered chainsaw weighs more than a corded one, first of all because it houses the battery (0.5 kilograms). The weight is naturally also influenced by the length of the cutter bar, and by the quality of the plastics used for the outer shell. In reality it is almost never a problem, because it is difficult to exceed 5 kilos total. In addition, handling is often increased by the ergonomic and non-slip grip.

Speaking of handle, I personally recommend that you always choose a model with a double handle. Those with single handle are quite dangerous, and not suitable for beginners, because they cannot guarantee you total control during the cutting phase. The double handle is not only safer, but also more versatile, because it allows you to make both vertical and horizontal cuts without problems.

6. Systems of safety

Always remember that a battery-powered electric saw is still a chainsaw, even if it is small and compact. It means that it is a potentially dangerous tool, and that it is very important to rely on a model with the right safety equipment. Typically there are these solutions.

  • Chain brake: Activates automatically when the saw produces a kickback or kickback. This avoids the danger of the tool becoming unbalanced.
  • Claw: it is a hook that prevents the chain from rearming up, should it break during the cut or derail from the bar tracks.
  • Anti-vibration system: it absorbs the vibrations produced during the cutting phase, therefore it protects the joints and makes the use of the chainsaw less tiring.
  • Power button: a modern chainsaw is activated only after pressing the power button, to avoid accidents.

Anyway, I want to specify that you should always wear the best PPE (safety equipment) for this tool. I am talking to you, for example, about work gloves, protective goggles and ear muffs, in addition to the helmet. Sometimes the accessories package includes some or all of these extras, together with the standard ones such as the key for tensioning the chain, the blade guard and the transport bag.

Advantages of a cordless electric saw

The advantages of cordless electric chainsaws are many, especially if we consider their agility and high handling. They are in fact quite compact, and this makes them suitable even for users who have never used one (provided, as always, to be careful). Furthermore, being cordless, battery-powered chainsaws do not impose any spatial limitations: in short, you can use them without an electrical outlet nearby and moving for several meters without limitations.

Of course, you can also do it with petrol models, but the latter produce fumes, weigh more and also cost in terms of mixture (petrol and oil). Other advantages? They are small but still very powerful, they are fantastic for pruning small to medium branches and also give you the option of limbing or cutting logs for the fireplace. Finally, they are also ideal for DIY enthusiasts.


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