Are you looking for the best cordless pruner? Read my guide, my reviews and opinions on the various models.

The battery-powered electric pruner is a fantastic and particularly versatile tool, but it must be said that there are different types on sale. Each of these products is great for certain specific tasks, such as pruning branches with a more or less large diameter. Then there are the models equipped with a telescopic rod to reach the branches at the top, without using the ladder. While changing in forms and technologies, all these devices have in common the battery power supply, but obviously require further study.

Types of battery pruners

In my blog I have already written several articles about power tools for pruning, and if we take the electric pruners, the options are basically three: the scissor pruner, the mini chainsaw and the chainsaw with an extendable shaft. In these short summaries you will also find links to find out more about each category of power tool.

1. Mini chainsaw

There are some products that can be considered real chainsaws for cutting wood in miniature.

In fact, they have a single hand grip and a very short bar, around 10 cm, while the battery life is around 25-30 minutes. They are small but really useful for pruning branches with a diameter of no more than about 8 centimeters.

2. Telescopic battery pruner with chainsaw

There chainsaw with telescopic rod it is a great classic, fabulous to intervene with the pruning of the branches that are very high.

Some models can reach a maximum of 6 meters in height, including the length of the arms of the owner. At the top of the stick they have a small electric saw, with a joint that can be positioned at various angles, to be able to prune even the most difficult branches. As for the diameter of the branches, we find ourselves around a maximum of about 25 cm. Of course, nothing prevents you from buying one classic pruning chainsaw, which you can learn more by reading my guide.

3. Scissor pruner

In this case, instead of the chainsaw, we find a real one electric scissors.

Both the classic models and those with telescopic rod have an internal motor that allows the so-called assisted cutting. In practice, they increase the force when the blade is pressed against the leaf, thus making it possible to simplify pruning with much less effort. in some cases the power can be adjusted on several levels, so as to save on the charge, while the cutting diameter is limited to about 25-30 millimeters.

Best cordless micro saws

1. Bosch Microsaw NanoBlade AdvancedCut 18

Without a doubt one of the most famous micro-saws ever. It is a real must for gardening and DIY enthusiasts, as it can also be used in DIY workshops. The 18V battery (included in the package), ensures the cutting of about 150 branches with a single charge, and the motor allows you to reach a saw speed of about 7,000 rpm.

The blade is very small, with a length of only 6.5 centimeters, therefore it cannot cut branches with a diameter greater than this value. On a technical level, know that it is really easy to use, and that the chain can be changed without using any tools. In addition, it has a bundle of accessories that includes a strap, a carrying case and a small blade cover (in addition to the battery and charger).

Controlling this small microsaw is child’s play, in the meantime due to its very low weight (1 kilo) and also thanks to the presence of an anti-vibration system. Also know that the NanoBlade has a handle with ergonomic Soft Grip coating and an LED that indicates the battery charge status. There is also a cheaper version with a 12 Volt battery.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for pruning branches
  • Cut 150 branches with one charge
  • The chain is easily disassembled


  • Not suitable for hard materials

2. Stihl Battery Operated Woodcutter GTA 26 AS 2

Another lap, another race, another mini cordless saw. This time we talk about this fabulous Stihl pruner (read my full review), with AS 2 battery and charger included in the package, and with a duration of around 20 minutes. In this case we have a longer sword, since it reaches 10 centimeters in total, which ensures a maximum cutting diameter of around 8 centimeters.

Super compact and very handy, the Stihl GTA 26 also includes a bottle of lubricating oil in the package. Being very small, in fact, this saw does not have an automatic lubrication system with an oil pump, therefore you will have to oil the chain by hand (but it’s very easy). As far as performance is concerned, these are excellent in the field of pruning, especially when it comes to cutting the small twigs.

The structure houses a protective cover above the bar, and a battery with LED indicator to always know the state of charge. Secondly, this battery-powered pruner manufactured by Stihl has a chain that runs at 8 meters per second, which can be replaced without having to use tools. Finally, consider that it weighs about 1.4 kilos and that it ensures 80 cuts of branches with a diameter of 4 cm with a single charge.


  • Small but very powerful
  • Good bar length
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Protective cover over the blade


  • Not cheap price
  • The oil pump is missing

Best cordless telescopic chainsaws

1. Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole 18

The Bosch Home and Garden is a cordless telescopic pruner equipped with a chainsaw on top of the cutting deck. It obviously has a stick that can be extended, starting from a minimum of 2.1 meters up to a maximum of 2.6 meters. However, consider that, using your arms, you can reach a total height of about 5 meters. As for the battery, this lasts from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of about 90 minutes.

The autonomy of the battery clearly depends on the type of use you will make of it, because by using it not continuously you can make it last longer. Then I would like to emphasize the presence of a jointed head, which can be tilted up to 120 degrees, in such a way as to allow you to prune even the most difficult to reach branches. The bar of the chainsaw is 20 cm long, so it makes the most with the cut of a diameter of around 15-18 cm.

The equipment includes both the battery and the charger (but it depends on the versions), and in addition you will also find a support strap in the package, ideal for making less effort during pruning. There are other details to report, such as the speed of the chain from 4 meters per second and an overall light weight, around 3.5 kilos. It is true that it costs, but it is a powerful and very effective tool.


  • Great battery life
  • Bar length of 20 cm
  • It reaches up to 5 meters in height
  • For branches of 15-18 cm in diameter
  • The head can be tilted


  • If you use it very high, it tends to become unbalanced
  • Not cheap price

2. BLACK & DECKER GPC1820L20-QW Pruning Saw 18 V

It costs less than the Bosch, but this cordless telescopic pruner is equally powerful. The technical characteristics are all in all similar to the previous model, since it reaches (including arms) up to 5 meters in height, since you can adjust the shaft up to 2.5 meters. Note of merit for the battery, which lasts a long time and can even reach up to 2 hours, for non-continuous use.

The length of the bar is 20 centimeters, so it ensures optimal pruning of branches with a diameter of around 15 or 18 centimeters. Handy and agile, this cordless pruner is also ideal for beginners, considering that it is equipped with a rather effective anti-kickback system. The price is lower due to the absence of the joint head, so you will not be able to tilt the chainsaw to reach the hidden branches.

The performance is excellent, due to a rather powerful engine and an excellent balance of the tool. There is no oil pump, so the lubrication operations will have to be done manually, but it is a limit present in almost all models of this type. Anyway, given the competitive price, this is a bargain for those who want a great cordless pruner.


  • Convenient price
  • Anti-kickback system
  • Reaches up to 5 meters (arms included)
  • Long battery life
  • Perfect for pruning tall branches


  • It does not have a head with an angle joint
  • There is no oil pump

Best cordless scissor pruners

1. KOMOK Battery Scissors 21V Diameter 30 mm

If you are looking for a professional cordless pruner, in the scissors category, then I recommend this model from KOMOK. Compared to other electric shears, in fact, it can count on a maximum cutting diameter of up to 30 millimeters, almost a record in this sector. Secondly, the box houses not one but 2 lithium batteries, along with the charger.

The life span of a single battery is enormous as you can prune the branches for around 2 to 3 hours. Having two available, then, you can replace the discharged one with the spare battery and effectively double the time. In addition, the KOMOK features exceptional quality blades, made of SK5 stainless steel, while the handle has a very comfortable non-slip and ergonomic handle, with excellent grip.

Password, versatility. Thanks to this pair of electric scissors you can prune everything from roses to the vineyard, passing through bushes and fruit trees. Obviously keep in mind that it still has a limited depth of cut, so you can only use it for twigs (as I explained to you, with a diameter no more than 30 mm). The only flaw? The absence of the progressive advancement of the blade, which therefore does not change according to the type of trigger pressure.


  • Cut twigs up to 30 millimeters
  • SK5 stainless steel blade
  • Two batteries supplied
  • Very high autonomy
  • Always clean and precise cuts


  • The progressive advancement of the blade is missing
  • The price is quite high

2. Laecabv Secateur Pruning Shears 33 mm

These Laecabv scissors have some characteristics in common with the model seen above, as in the case of the blades, made of SK5 stainless steel and very sharp. On the other hand, the cutting diameter is even higher, considering that this device can cut branches up to 33 millimeters. Secondly, it includes two long-life batteries with an autonomy of around 3-4 hours (so a total of 6 to 8 hours).

One of its most interesting features is the presence of a small display, which not only indicates the remaining battery charge, but also the number of cuts you have already made. Then consider that the Laecabv battery pruner, having two supplied, allows you to extend the work simply by replacing the discharged one. Finally, there is a rich set of accessories that also includes the carrying case.

What are the other features to underline? For example, the overall light weight (about 1 kilo), together with the excellent quality of the materials, both as regards the mechanisms and the external plastic. Also know that this model is totally waterproof, and that the scissor can be adjusted to two different opening sizes.


  • Competitive price
  • Excellent quality blades
  • Two batteries supplied
  • Aperture adjustment
  • Large cutting diameter


  • The cut is not progressive


As you have seen, there are several models of pruners on the market. For example, we have the cordless telescopic pruner with chainsaw, but also micro saws and electric scissors. Of course, these are quite different products, suitable for a different use, but which all fall right into the category in question. I remind you that for each section you will also find links to in-depth articles, which I recommend you consult for a complete overview of each type.


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