Are you looking for the best cordless electric pruning saw? Check out my reviews and a guide to choosing.

The jigsaw for pruning is one of the most useful tools for fast pruning operations, and for cutting undemanding branches. It is a power tool with a thin and short blade, and with a maximum cutting diameter that generally does not exceed 10 cm, but very fast and above all reliable. Furthermore, it has an affordable cost and therefore represents an excellent investment, in terms of the relationship between quality and price. If you are curious to know it better, I invite you to deepen the technical characteristics to be taken into consideration and the reviews of the models that I consider the best.

Features of the cordless pruning saw

First you need to know that a reciprocating pruning saw can be powered or corded, or battery powered. Today, I’ll focus exclusively on the second category, as wire is quite awkward when you need to prune shrubs or remodel a hedge. On the contrary, the battery-powered model, although obviously having a limited duration (around 30 minutes), gives you total freedom in terms of movement. As for the power, usually it starts from a minimum of 100 watts up to a maximum of about 500 watts.

The hacksaw is rather short and thin, and as I mentioned it is suitable for cutting branches with a maximum diameter of about 10 centimeters. The operation of this tool is simple to understand: you just have to hold the hacksaw, squeeze the trigger and operate the blade in this way. The saw will start going back and forth at a certain speed, so you can quickly prune the twigs. In some models you have the possibility to adjust the speed of the hacksaw, in such a way as to adapt it to the cutting of more or less hard materials.

Often the package includes multiple blades, one for wood and the other for metals, while sometimes there is only one universal saw. In addition, in some models you will find in the package an A-shaped clamp, with teeth, very useful for positioning the blade on a branch and stabilizing it thanks to the support. Finally, the best cordless electric pruning saw always has a quick attachment and release button for the blade, so you can easily mount or replace it.

Best cordless pruning saws

1. TACKLIFE 18V Cordless Dog Saw DRS01A

I consider the TackLife as the best cordless saw for professional pruning, indispensable if you need to prune saplings or hedges in the garden. First of all, it has a competitive cost and includes both the battery and the charger (and this is not a foregone conclusion). Secondly, the package also integrates the A-clamp to lock the twigs, and this is an addition that I think makes a difference.

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  • Cutting diameter: 10 cm
  • Blades included: 2 (wood and metal)
  • Adjustable speed: 6 levels
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • Includes A-shaped clamp
  • Includes battery and charger

The performances are excellent, and are guaranteed by the possibility of adjusting the blade speed on 6 different levels, from 0 to 3,000 SPM. In summary, you will be able to adapt the speed to the work you have to perform and to the hardness of the branches to be pruned. The maximum cutting diameter is 10 centimeters, and the battery lasts around 30 minutes, while the supplied blades are 2: one for cutting wood, and the other for working on metal.

It is quite light (about 2.5 kilos), can be used safely with one hand, and has a stroke length of 20 millimeters, an excellent value for pruning operations. Also, consider that this jigsaw for pruning has an LED that tells you the state of charge of the battery, and a comfortable ergonomic handle. Finally, it has a pointing LED that illuminates the area to be cut when there is little light.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Battery and charger included
  • Adjustable speed (6 levels)
  • Aiming LED
  • Large cutting diameter
  • A-clamp for branches


2. Einhell Te-AP 18 TE-AP18 Li Solo Power X-Change

If you have other Einhell power tools, I recommend you buy this model, so you will spend less and can use the batteries you already have. It is an excellent electric hacksaw for pruning olive trees, small shrubs and hedges. It is not equipped with the A-shaped clamp, but it still guarantees excellent stability when cutting, because it produces very little vibrations.

  • Cutting diameter: 10 cm
  • Blades included: 1
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • Adjustable pad
  • DOES NOT include battery and charger

What are its technical characteristics? It can cut branches up to a maximum diameter of 10 centimeters, and has a two-button start system: this means that to make the hacksaw work you will have to press both of them, so as to avoid an involuntary start of the blade. In addition, it has a quick attachment and release system for the blade, but in the package you will find only one, however, suitable for cutting both wood and metal.

There is also a comfortable adjustable backing pad, useful for DIY finishing work, for example, and an ergonomic handle that ensures a firm grip at all times. The battery life is around 30 minutes, the cut is always clean and clean, produces very little vibrations and is spectacular for pruning small branches, and for shaping hedges. The only flaw is the following: the supplied blade is not of excellent quality, but you can replace it by purchasing a more performing one.

If you are interested, I leave you the link to the version that includes both the charger and the battery, along with a carrying case:


  • Anti-vibration system
  • Double start button
  • Great battery life
  • Large cutting diameter
  • Clean and clean cut


  • Blade supplied not of excellent quality

3. HYCHIKA 18V Speed ​​0-2800SPM 2 × 2000mAh

Another lap, another run, another cordless electric saw for professional pruning. Also in this case we are faced with a power tool with an excellent price, since it includes the charger and even 2 batteries. This will allow you to have a spare battery to use as soon as the first one runs out, so you can work twice as long (about 60 minutes in total).

  • Cutting diameter: 10 cm
  • Blades included: 4 (wood and metal)
  • Battery life: 60 minutes (30+ 30)
  • Adjustable pad and speed
  • Includes 2 batteries and charger

You have the possibility to adjust the speed of the hacksaw, from 0 up to a maximum of 2,800 revolutions per minute (SPM). Secondly, there is the adjustable sanding pad, and the start system is dual button, so you will have to press both to activate the movement of the blade. In addition, the battery is equipped with a residual charge indicator and there is the LED pointer to highlight the cut areas when there is little light. Finally, the blade is assembled and disassembled with a quick system, so no tools are needed.

The package, among other things, in addition to the 2 batteries and the charger also includes 4 blades (two for pruning and two more for metal). The stroke of the hacksaw is 22 millimeters, while the maximum cutting diameter is around 10 centimeters as usual. In other words, it has all the credentials to provide excellent performance for pruning saplings and hedges.


  • Very high power
  • Really competitive cost
  • 2 batteries and 4 blades supplied
  • You can adjust the speed
  • LED pointer for cutting area
  • Large cutting diameter


4. Brandson Battery 18V DC 2 Ah included 303452

This is not a professional model, but this reciprocating pruning saw can be a great alternative to more expensive products. First in the package you will find the battery and the charger, together with a sturdy 15 cm blade. The cutting diameter is slightly less than the average, about 8 cm, but you can easily push it even to 10 cm.

  • Cutting diameter: 8 cm
  • Blades included: 1 (wood)
  • Battery life: 40 minutes
  • Backing pad adjustable
  • Includes battery and charger

It is an excellent electric hacksaw for pruning olive trees and in general for all small gardening operations, therefore very suitable for home use. It has the backing pad to adjust the depth of the cut, the quick assembly and disassembly system of the saw, and a battery with a duration that can even reach about 40 minutes. However, consider that you will only find one blade supplied, but it is the one for wood, so it is perfect for pruning.

The saw runs at a high speed, 3,000 revolutions per minute, and guarantees excellent cut quality, with a stroke of 25 millimeters. It is not a particularly powerful tool, I would like to emphasize this, but I repeat that it was not designed for professional use. But know that in terms of value for money there are very few models that can compete with this, also in terms of handling and practicality.

Finally, it weighs little (2.2 kilos), has a battery with LEDs for the state of charge and a very convenient safety switch.


  • Very affordable price
  • Battery and charger included
  • Always clean and quick cut
  • Autonomy higher than average
  • Pad to adjust the depth


  • Slightly smaller cutting diameter

5. Einhell 3408220 Rami Ge-GS 18 Li Solo Power X-Change

I decided to close my reviews of the best cordless pruning saw models with another model from Einhell. Only this time the structure houses the always useful A-shaped clamp to improve the anchoring of the blade to the branches, and the maximum cutting diameter reaches a maximum of 9 centimeters. Being a model of the X-Change line, the battery and charger are not included in the package.

  • Cutting diameter: 9 cm
  • Blades included: 1 (wood)
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • Includes A-shaped clamp
  • DOES NOT include battery and charger

The length of the blade corresponds to 15 centimeters, and the structure is one of the strongest in circulation. The performances are excellent both for cutting the twigs of saplings and olive trees, and for shaping the hedges. It is not the lightest model in circulation, but not one of the heaviest either, considering that the weight (including battery) is just over 2.5 kilograms.

Of course, the clamp can be disassembled at any time, so you can use this hacksaw even without the serrated support bracket. The blade attachment and release system is quick, so you won’t need to use tools or anything else. It may not be the best electric pruning saw on the market, but it is one of the most reliable, as long as you accept some vibration.

Here I leave you the links for the possible purchase of the single battery, or the kit with battery and charger:


  • Excellent yield on 9 cm branches
  • There is the A-shaped terminal
  • The battery has a good life
  • Weight on average with competitors
  • Quick release system of the blade


  • It produces some vibrations
  • Batteries and charger to be purchased separately

How to choose the best electric pruning saw

1. A-shaped clamp

I repeat that I personally consider the structure to be very important, especially whether or not the A-shaped support, or the notched clamp, is present. This extra I assure you that it can make your life a lot easier, although it is not really essential, as there are several models of electric saw for pruning olive trees that are fantastic and without clamp.

2. LED pointer and double button

Another interesting element is the possible presence of an LED pointer, which actually illuminates the area to be cut. In reality, this component is especially useful in DIY and DIY, but it can also become convenient for pruning operations. Staying on the subject of structure, it is better to choose a product with a double button, as a matter of safety.

3. Autonomy and cutting diameter

Of course, it is essential to always study the battery life and the maximum cutting diameter, but these two values ​​are usually the same in all models. Usually the battery lasts around 30 minutes (non-continuous use), while the maximum thickness you can cut does not exceed 10 centimeters.

It is clear that a cordless pruning saw is useful only and exclusively for the twigs, while for the larger branches it will be better to use a mini cordless chainsaw or one classic chainsaw for pruning.

4. Type and number of blades

If it is a jigsaw for pruning, for sure you will find in the package at least one saw blade for wood. You can recognize it because, unlike those for metal, it has a wider indentation and the teeth are larger and higher. If the package also includes a spare blade, or blades for the metal, so much the better.

5. Quick release of the blade

All models of reciprocating saw for pruning have a system that allows you to quickly release and attach the hacksaw blade. In this way you will not have to work too much, neither during assembly, nor when you have to replace the now exhausted blade.

6. Spacer pad

Many cordless saws have an adjustable backing pad, which allows you to space the piece to be cut from the base of the blade. This component is useful for adjusting and customizing the depth of cut, according to your needs. Once again, however, its function is applicable above all to do-it-yourself operations and cutting of wooden planks, as a matter of precision of the work.

7. Weight and handle

Cordless tools are logically heavier than wire tools, and hacksaws are no exception. On the other hand, the weight (which on average is around 2.5 kilos) is not much and therefore it will not pack you that much during pruning operations. On the contrary, these saws are very handy and comfortable to use, also due to the handle with ergonomic and non-slip coating.


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