Are you looking for the best cordless pruning shears? Today I will tell you which are the most interesting models and how to choose them.

Battery-powered pruning shears are a small (so to speak) wonder of new technologies. As you can imagine, they have been developed to facilitate pruning operations and to make them much easier and faster. Of course, these tools have a heavier weight than a common garden shears, but the advantages you will get in return are truly remarkable.

How battery-powered pruning shears work

It always depends on the models, because some have a battery mounted on the handle of the tool, while others a wire connection with a separate battery from the body of the (professional) scissors. Later I will explain what the differences are, but here I intend to focus on the “logic” of these power tools for gardening.

In practice, the energy support allows you to perform branch cuts and pruning in general with much less effort. Therefore, being able to count on the presence of a small motor, the cutting of the shears will be more powerful, but without having to apply force with the hand.

The closing of the two blades does not take place by squeezing the classic handles of the scissor, since in this case the task is carried out by pressing a simple trigger.

The philosophy behind these electric shears is assisted cutting, precisely because the micromotor assists the user during the cutting operations. Depending on the product, you can also choose the level of assistance by selecting one of the options provided by the device. There are often 3 levels: low, medium and high power.

Of course, electric pruning shears also have limits, especially when it comes to non-professional ones. In summary, you will not be able to cut branches with a very large diameter, limiting yourself to a maximum of about 25 millimeters, but it depends on the models.

However, precisely because of the battery motor support, you will increase the cutting performance by 300%, and you will save a lot of time.

Best battery-powered pruning shears

1. DEVON Kit Pruning Electric Scissors 14 mm

It is one of the most purchased battery-powered pruning shears online, due to an overall competitive cost, and for their versatility. They are perfect for gardening, but bear in mind that they can cut branches with a maximum diameter of 14 millimeters. To give you an example, they are ideal for caring for roses and for pruning saplings, but not for cutting important branches.

  • Integrated battery model
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 14 mm
  • Battery autonomy: about 8 hours
  • Blade materials: C75S stainless steel
  • Weight: 680 grams
  • Bag and other accessories included

They have a myriad of positive features, starting with the kit, which includes a spare blade, manual scissors, canvas carry bag and charger. The battery lasts approximately 8 hours, while it can be recharged in 1 hour, and ensures nearly 1200 cuts with one charge. Secondly, these battery-powered shears have a safety button to lock the blade, and an LED that highlights the areas to be cut, when there is little light.

It is not a professional model, therefore it does not have the wire-battery system, since this is integrated into the body of the device. It is quite light, weighing approximately 680 grams, and the blade was made of C75S stainless steel, so it is very reliable and durable. It is a fundamental detail, as it makes a clean cut and therefore does not damage the branches during pruning operations.


  • Competitive price
  • High quality steel blades
  • Extensive battery life
  • Rich set of accessories
  • Fast battery charging
  • Not excessive weight


  • Low maximum cutting diameter

2. Kecheer Electric Pruning Shears 2 Batteries 25 mm

If you are looking for a kit that can be said to be truly complete, spending the right amount, then you will fall in love with this product. It is not the best electric pruning shears, but it has all the commas in the right place, starting from a maximum cutting diameter of 25 mm, the top in the non-professional sector. And the accessories supplied are really numerous.

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  • Integrated battery model
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 25 mm
  • Battery autonomy: about 7-8 hours
  • Blade materials: SK5 stainless steel
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Case and many extras included

I start with these: the package includes 2 batteries, the charger, a screwdriver, two hex keys, a sharpening stone, a bottle of lubricating oil and a very comfortable hard plastic case. The batteries guarantee a duration of about 6 or 7 hours, are fully recharged in 90 minutes, and are enough for 1,200 cuts in total. Furthermore, the weight is not very high, as it stops at 700 grams.

As for the blades, these are made of SK5 stainless steel and penetrate the wood effortlessly, due to their particular sharpening. As long as you respect the maximum diameter allowed, which as I told you stops at 25 millimeters. That’s enough to take care of the orchard, vineyard or garden, reducing the effort to practically zero. Finally, to activate them you need a double pressure of the trigger (it is a safety measure).


  • Good maximum cutting diameter
  • Excellent SK5 stainless steel blades
  • Good battery life
  • Spare battery supplied
  • Rather large accessory kit
  • Integrated safety system


  • Price slightly above average

3. Laecabv Secateur For Electric Pruning 21v 33 mm

Here is another excellent pair of battery-powered pruning shears, with a maximum cutting diameter slightly wider than the average, equal to 33 millimeters. Also in this case we find a really large and rich set of accessories, with a supplied case, together with the holster for the electric shears, the spare battery, the charger and 2 wrenches.

  • Integrated battery model
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 33 mm
  • Battery autonomy: about 3-4 hours
  • Blade materials: SK5 stainless steel
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Case, holster and other extras included

As for the technical characteristics, the blade is in SK5 stainless steel with a high percentage of carbon, and its cutting performance is optimal. The sharpening, in fact, ensures a precise cut and without burrs, which is important both for an aesthetic question and for preserving the health of the plant. However, consider that, due to the larger size of the blade, it has a higher weight (about 1 kilogram).

If you are interested, here is also the version with a 32 mm cutting diameter:

The battery has a lower than average autonomy, given that it is around 3 or 4 hours, but there is a second spare battery supplied, so the problem does not exist. It is also one of the quietest battery-powered pruning shears, due to the presence of a brushless motor, however standard in this category of power tools. Finally, considering the many accessories, they have a great base price.


  • Interesting price
  • High carbon density steel blades
  • Larger than average cutting diameter
  • 2 batteries supplied
  • Accessory kit with shear holster

4. Pellenc VINION Professional Cordless Pruning Shears

I could not fail to review at least one model of professional pruning shears, and my choice fell on this one Pellenc shears (read my full review), nothing short of exceptional. It is a kit that includes, in addition to the wire-battery scissors, also the holster and the carrying case, together with the battery to attach to the pants.

  • Professional battery-wire model
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 45 mm
  • Battery autonomy: about 15 hours
  • Blade materials: hardened stainless steel
  • Weight: 860 grams+ 1.7 kilos of battery
  • Case, holster and other extras included

Clearly it has top-of-the-range technical characteristics, to the point that it can be considered as the best electric pruning shears currently on the market. Specifically, it has a maximum cutting diameter of 45 millimeters (very high) and a battery with a duration of up to 15 hours. overall. The weight of the shear alone is 860 grams, while the battery reaches 1.7 kilos.

In terms of performance, the engine is very powerful and offers you 4 operating modes, so you can decide the type of assisted cutting you need. You can then choose between Maximum Power, Progressive Comfort Cut, Fast Cut and finally Fast Progressive Cut. In addition, it has a handle that is also suitable for left-handers, and the blades are made of hardened and carbon-reinforced steel.


  • Top-of-the-range performance
  • Professional battery-wire model
  • Very high battery autonomy
  • Record maximum cutting diameter
  • 4 modes of operation
  • Kit with holster and case

How to choose electric pruning shears

While looking like simple tools in appearance, these scissors for arborists and gardening enthusiasts require a thorough study. There are many aspects to consider, such as in the case of the battery life, its connection to the machine body, the quality of the blade and the levels of assistance to the cut. Additionally, you will also need to consider factors such as the supplied accessory set, which can make all the difference.

1. Type of power supply

Usually, when it comes to power tools, there are two options: those powered by cable, and those with built-in batteries. In our very particular case, we can find 2 types of battery-powered pruning shears: the products that mount it on the handle, and those that are powered by a wire connected to the battery itself. I’ll clarify both options right away.

Wire-battery power supply

They are the professional electric pruning shears, with a battery to be inserted in a pocket of a special harness or vest to wear. In this case the scissor is connected to the battery via a real cable, and is carried inside a vest holster, to then extract it and use it when needed.

Being professional, they have a very high cost (around 1,000 euros), but they also have a higher than average power and a battery with a longer duration. Generally they are able to cut branches with a larger diameter (about 40 millimeters), and guarantee from 9 to 12 hours of autonomy.

Finally, the battery allows the connection of a second tool, such as the portable pruner, to be inserted in the second holster.

Integrated battery power supply

This is the classic option, as well as the cheapest, and it is very easy to understand because for sure you have already seen something similar in other power tools. This time the battery is located on the bottom of the handle, so it is integrated with the instrument, which means that you will not have a wire or a vest.

It is clear that the power of these shears is inferior to professional scissors, as well as the maximum cutting diameter and autonomy. It increases the weight, precisely because the battery is not independent, and therefore weighs on the lightness of the shears. Not bad, because there are also many advantages.

First of all, the price is a tenth of that of professional models, and then the cutting diameter is still important. Moreover, having a second spare battery, the duration becomes practically infinite.

2. Battery autonomy

Since they are on the subject, we might as well close the discussion on the power supply by talking now about the average life of the batteries of these scissors. In professional models, as I explained to you, you can reach up to 12 hours in total. Usually 9 hours are guaranteed by the 150 Ah lithium batteries, while the most durable are the 250 Ah batteries. In this case, up to 60 cuts per minute can be reached.

If, on the other hand, we talk about the models with integrated battery, this hardly exceeds 6 hours of autonomy, but it is still a rather large value. Plus, I remind you that with a spare battery you never have to worry about quitting your job halfway. As for recharging, it usually takes 1.5 hours to restore the battery to 100%.

Finally, in some cases the scissors have a small LED that tells you the remaining charge.

3. Maximum cutting diameter

Always be careful when buying your next scissors, as you will need to find a model that suits your purposes. If you have to prune trees with branches with a large diameter, in fact, you may not be able to do it with an unprofessional model. Conversely, a very expensive pair of electric shears may be too much for your case, and represent an avoidable expense.

  • Professional templates: they can cut branches up to a diameter of around 40 millimeters. This is due to the greater power of the engine and to the blades, which are larger than average.
  • Unprofessional models: the maximum cutting diameter stops around 25 millimeters. In most cases they are sufficient for conventional tree pruning in the garden.

I want to explain one more thing to you before I go on, because after all, branches with a diameter of 25 mm can also be cut with a pair of traditional pruning shears. Yes, that’s right, but the main advantage of electric scissors is this: they speed up the work, and make you do much less effort.

4. Quality of the blades

The best models of battery-powered pruning shears have SK5 coated stainless steel blades with a high percentage of carbon, which makes them capable of penetrating wood very effectively. The design of the blade also counts, which is usually in the shape of a bow.

Finally, all models allow you to replace the lower blade when it is exhausted, so that you can replace it with a new knife. To do this, simply remove the central pin that connects the two blades.

5. Adjusting the cut

In the best models of battery-powered pruning shears you have the possibility to adjust the cutting power. So you can decide what level of assistance you need in a particular case, depending for example on the diameter of the branch and the hardness of the wood.

Clearly, using the scissor at maximum power, the micromotor will consume more power than normal, so the battery life may drop. As for the values, you can generally choose between 2 or 3 options (low-high, or low-medium-high).

6. Accessories supplied

As I have already told you several times, in the case of battery-powered pruning shears, accessories can make all the difference in the world. For this I have decided to present you a small list of the extras that you may find in the package.

  • Replacement battery: a set with 2 batteries is to be preferred, as it allows you to work without pauses, and without having to fear of being “dry” with the autonomy of the instrument. If the first runs out, just replace it and in seconds you can start pruning your trees again.
  • Battery charger: Of course, the package includes (or should include) the charger as well.
  • Replacement blade: it is not always present, but it is a very useful extra. In fact, you will have the certainty of already having a spare at hand, in case the shears blade should be damaged.
  • Gear setSome models also include a small set of tools, such as screwdrivers, hex keys, lube oil, sharpening stones, and a pair of hand scissors.
  • Transport case: it’s one of my favorite accessories. The case, in fact, allows you to take the scissors with you wherever you want, and to keep them without scattering the pieces of the kit. In some cases, instead of the plastic case you will find a canvas duffel bag.
  • Holsters, pouches and harnesses: in the professional models you will always find a holster for the scissors, together with a pouch for the battery. In some cases, everything is integrated into a comfortable harness. Be aware that even models with a built-in battery may include a wearable holster and tool pouch.


Electric pruning shears can prove invaluable in a variety of circumstances. For example, I use them to prune the branches of the trees in our orchard, when obviously the diameter allows it. However, know that they are very versatile shears, which also adapt to vineyards, olive trees and the care of plants in the greenhouse. Apart from the electric motor, in fact, they are almost identical to common shears.


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