Are you looking for the best electric blower? Here you will find reviews of the most interesting models and a guide to choosing.

Surely you will already know the advantages of an electric leaf blower, since thanks to its outgoing air flow it allows you a quick maintenance of the garden. Thanks to this device you can in fact sweep away the foliage and waste quickly, creating piles that will then make the collection phase much easier. On the other hand, you need to know that there are several elements to know, before selecting a model that suits your needs.

Features of the electric blower

First of all, you must know that there are two types of models, if you analyze them from a technological point of view: those with battery power, and electric blowers with wire power. It is appropriate to start with a small anticipation on this issue.

  • Battery operated leaf blowers: they are very practical and, given the absence of the wire, they allow you to move around the garden without spatial limits. But the battery does not have an eternal autonomy, so you will always have to deal with its duration, which however is around 25 minutes or so. Or buy a spare.
  • Cable-fed leaf blower: they eliminate the problem of autonomy, since they are powered by a wire to be connected to a socket. However, they have limits in terms of range, given precisely by the length of the cable, which you can still bypass by connecting them to an extension cable. Finally, they have a higher power than those with batteries.

If you are interested in the products of the first category, I recommend you read my guide on battery operated leaf blowers, as I will only review the models with the cable here.

It does not end here, because in addition to the type of power supply, there is a second factor that should be addressed immediately, namely the possible integration of the leaf suction and chopping function.

  • Simple blowers: the only function they have is the ability to activate the outflow of air by pressing a simple trigger. They are great if you just need to sweep foliage out of the garden or lawn, and if you don’t need a machine that can vacuum it.
  • Electric vacuum blower: it is a much more advanced model, therefore with a higher price, which offers 3 functions in 1. On the one hand you can use it as a simple leaf blower, but on the other you can mount the special bag and use it to vacuum the foliage. The leaves will then be shredded by a fan, so as to take up less space in the collection bag.

Before discovering my reviews together, I would like to quickly point out other peculiarities of these devices. For example, I’m talking about the possibility of adjusting the power of the air flow “shot” by the electric leaf blower, or the presence of an ergonomic handle and a double grip, which makes the instrument more comfortable.

Best electric blowers

1. Einhell 3433300 GC-El 2500 Vacuum / Blower 2500 W

If you are looking for the best electric vacuum blower for quality / price ratio, then you can’t help but fall in love with this Einhell model. The device, equipped with the bag, is in fact capable of vacuuming and shredding the foliage, but alternatively you can also use it as a simple leaf blower. It is wired, has a good level of power (2,500 watts) and a collection bag with a capacity of 40 liters.

  • Wire feeding
  • Blow, vacuum and chop the leaves
  • Motor power: 2,500 watts
  • Blowing speed: 240 km / h
  • Extraction rate: 650 m3 / h
  • Speed ​​adjustment: 6 levels
  • Shredding ratio 10: 1
  • Bag supplied (40 liters)

Its technical data is really excellent and, while not a professional tool, it is perfect for gardens and domestic lawns. In fact, the blowing speed reaches 240 km / h, while the suction capacity is equivalent to a maximum of 650 cubic meters per hour. Furthermore, consider that there is a selector to adjust the number of revolutions of the engine on 6 different levels, and that you can use to increase or decrease the speed of the air flow in the outlet or in the intake phase.

Another feature that I think is very important is the presence of the wheels placed near the nozzle of the tube. In summary, you can place them on the ground and proceed with cleaning the garden, but without straining your back. Beyond the wheels, this Einhell electric leaf vacuum is very light, weighing just over 3 kilos. Finally, the package includes a comfortable adjustable carrying strap.

The power is very high in both modes. In the blowing phase it is able to sweep away even the crushed stone and pebbles, while in the suction phase it sucks up the foliage without difficulty. The fan is equipped with very sharp blades, capable of shredding the vacuumed brushwood at a ratio of 10: 1. Plus, it has only one 2-way tube that takes care of both stages, so you won’t even have to replace it when you decide to switch to the other function.


  • Really cheap price
  • Suck, chop and blow
  • Support wheels for scrolling
  • Very large collection bag
  • Good power in both phases
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • It struggles to vacuum up large leaves
  • After 6 minutes he needs a break
  • It produces some vibrations

2. BLACK+ DECKER GW3030-QS Blow / Vacuum / Chop 3000 W

It has a higher cost than the average, but this blower vacuum from Black & Decker also has some superior features. For one thing, it has an engine with a power of 3,000 watts, and a collection bag with a capacity of a whopping 50 liters. Secondly, you can adjust the blowing speed from a minimum of 230 to a maximum of 418 kilometers per hour.

  • Powered by cable
  • Blow, vacuum and chop the foliage
  • Motor power: 3,000 watts
  • Blowing speed: up to 418 km / h
  • You can adjust the motor speed
  • 16: 1 shredding ratio
  • Bag supplied (50 liters)

Consider that, at least in this case, the package includes two separate tubes and two different connections for each tube. In summary, if you want to switch from the blowing function to the suction one, you will have to disassemble the first tube, turn the machine body and mount the second in the appropriate hole. Unfortunately, to speed up this operation, we need to get carried away a little.

Let’s talk about performance: when it comes to blowing force, this model is one of the best around. The suction force is of a good level, but does not hold up to comparison with professional models. On the other hand, the blades are of good quality and thanks to the 12 knives they are able to shred the foliage with a ratio of 16: 1, before conveying it into the collection bag. It is an ideal ratio, for example, to produce compost.

The weight is quite light, since it does not exceed 3.4 kilograms, while the possibility of varying the blowing and suction speed allows you to save on consumption, when you do not need high power. Secondly, it features a metal shredding fan, and is much more durable than those made of plastic.


  • Excellent blowing power
  • It can also vacuum and grind
  • Motor speed selectable
  • All in all light and practical
  • Grinds with a ratio of 16: 1
  • Very large bag
  • High engine power


  • Changing the tubes is complex
  • The aspiration occasionally stutters

3. Grizzly Vacuum Blower ELS 2614-2 E 2.600 W

Not needing a professional product, two years ago I chose this electric vacuum blower from Grizzly, and I have never regretted it. It has a very good motor power (2,600 watts), a good capacity 40 liter bag, and the wheels for sliding mounted on the tip of the filler. In addition, it has the double tube, so there is no need to disassemble and replace it when switching from one function to another.

  • Wire feeding
  • Blow, vacuum and chop the leaves
  • Motor power: 2,600 watts
  • Blowing speed: up to 270 km / h
  • Adjustable motor speed: 3 levels
  • Shredding ratio 10: 1
  • Bag supplied (40 liters)

Performance is surprising, considering its (low) price. The power is more than good, both in blowing and suction mode, so much so that it can suck even the pebbles. To avoid this problem, however, just use it at minimum power and keep the nozzle a few centimeters from the lawn. Consider that you can adjust the speed on 3 levels, and that the package includes a very comfortable shoulder strap.

In spite of the price and its apparent basicity, this device has been made with very robust and durable plastics. In addition, returning to blowing, this Grizzly electric leaf blower and vacuum allows you to start from a minimum of 140 to a maximum of 270 kilometers per hour. The suction power, on the other hand, is equal to 14 cubic meters per minute, while the shredding capacity reaches a ratio of 10: 1.

The cable is really short, but it is a problem that affects all electric blowers, so I recommend that you always connect it to an extension cable. As for ease of use, it takes a few minutes to become familiar with this tool. Not having to swap the pipes, in fact, simply select the desired mode, adjust the speed and start cleaning the garden.


  • Vacuum cleaner, blower and shredder
  • Extraordinary quality / price ratio
  • Good power in both phases
  • Good collection bag capacity
  • Double tube that sucks and blows
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • It also vacuums wet foliage


  • The bag is not easy to assemble
  • An extension is necessarily needed

4. Bosch Home and Garden 06008A1000 45 L 2500 W

I could not fail to mention an electric vacuum blower from Bosch, undoubtedly one of the best brands in the gardening power tools sector. The model in question has a 2,500-watt motor and a 45-liter collection bag, so it is also a device designed for vacuuming and shredding foliage. Finally, the adjustable speed reaches 300 kilometers per hour and there is the supplied shoulder strap.

  • Wire feeding
  • Blow, vacuum and chop the leaves
  • Motor power: 2,500 watts
  • Blowing speed: up to 300 km / h
  • Fan speed: 800 m3 / h
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Shredding ratio 10: 1
  • Bag supplied (45 liters)

As anticipated, you have the ability to adjust the flow speed up to a maximum of 300 km / h, while the motor fan runs at 800 cubic meters per hour. The supplied shoulder strap is very comfortable, among other things with comfortable padding, while the collection bag (included) has a rather large capacity, equal to 45 liters. However, consider that we are talking about a model with 2 interchangeable tubes, therefore separated.

It means that, depending on your needs, you will have to disassemble the blow molding one, turn the handle and mount the suction tube on the special nozzle. The bag, on the other hand, must be mounted in the hole where you would normally insert the blower tube. I was struck by the optimal weight balance of this electric blower vacuum cleaner. In addition, it has a high-performance fan that shreds at a 10: 1 ratio.

If you want you can also use it on wet foliage, although maximum power is required to be able to suck up this debris. Secondly, the assembly of tubes and bags is very simple as well as quick, and the suction power is above average. The only flaws it has are a high level of noise produced and the fact that it also sucks up pebbles if you keep it too close to the turf.


  • Excellent engine power
  • Large collection bag
  • It is easy to change the two tubes
  • Also vacuum wet leaves
  • Sweeps, vacuums and shreds
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • There is the shoulder strap supplied


  • The fan needs to be cleaned often
  • It produces a lot of noise

How to choose the electric vacuum blower

1. Power supply

At this point you will have already understood that an electric blower can be powered by wire or by batteries. In this guide I only told you about the first, due to its advantages, since it does not have a limited autonomy and therefore lasts as long as you leave it attached to the current. It is true that you have a very limited range, but connecting it to an extension cable will solve the problem of the short cable. Finally, they have a higher power than battery-powered ones, even if they are not professional anyway.

2. Power and performance

The power of the motor is very important, and in the wire models it is around 2,500 watts on average. The suction and blowing power also depend on the power of the motor, so the higher it is, the more the device is able to offer high performance. On the other hand, to better evaluate the power, you must also check two other values, and they are the following.

  • Flow rate: in most models of electric blower and leaf blower the flow speed can be adjusted on several levels. This determines the strength of the blowing or sucking. The advantage? For example, you can lower it in the presence of pebbles, so as to avoid vacuuming them (because they could damage the shredder blades).
  • Air volume emission: this factor is given by the size of the fan in the motor, and indicates the amount of air emitted each time the motor makes one revolution. The higher this value, the more the blowing power gains, further improving the performance of the electric blower.

Before moving on, I want to point out that the power of the electric models – while being good – cannot be remotely compared to petrol blowers, that is the professional ones and recommended for gardens over 1,000 square meters.

3. Suction and mince function

Almost all appliances of this type, therefore cable-powered electric blowers, also have the function suck and chop the leaves. This is due to the fact that, not having to mount a battery, they have a motor that can also withstand the use of energy necessary for this functionality. In fact, battery-powered vacuum cleaners do not last long precisely because this phase “destroys” the autonomy of the appliance.

The presence of the double function (or rather, triple) is a very precious extra, because it gives versatility to the leaf blower. In summary, you can use it both to sweep the leaves and to group them in piles, and to vacuum and chop them, keeping the residues inside the bag supplied. Finally, it is good to say a few words on the shredding ratio: the higher it is, the longer the bag will take to fill, so you will have to empty it less frequently.

4. Structure and pipes

Know that on a structural level it is essential to study the type of assembly of the two pipes. In some models there is a single tube with two nozzles, which sucks or blows depending on the function you have selected. In other models of electric vacuum blower, however, there are 2 distinct pipes, which must be mounted according to the work you intend to do.

  • Single tube: it is very convenient, as it does not force you to change the hose when you want to switch from suction to blowing, and vice versa. In fact, you just have to choose the mode you prefer from the appropriate selector, and change it when you need it. It works due to the fact that while it is unique, it actually has two distinct sections (a larger tube and a smaller one).
  • Interchangeable tubes: having a tube for suction and one for blowing can become an advantage in terms of performance. On the other hand, replacing them may not be very easy, and in any case it always takes a minimum of time. Finally, in appliances of this type, there are 2 distinct holes for each of the two tubes, and a handle with 2 positions, to adapt to both phases.

5. Bag capacity

This topic is quick and easy to understand. A bag with a higher capacity is worthwhile because it fills less quickly, compared to one with a lower capacity in liters. But remember that the shredding ratio also counts: in short, an aspirator with a blade capable of finely chopping the leaves slows down the filling of the bag even more. So you have to analyze both values.

6. Weight and comfort

An electric leaf blower usually has a weight of around 3 kilos or 3.5 kilos. While not exactly “light”, it is not an excessive value, so it is difficult to tire if you have a minimum of stamina. It is clear, however, that if you use it for several hours the weight could be felt, and in that case it is important to be able to count on the presence of a shoulder strap included in the package. The shoulder strap, in fact, lightens the instrument and allows you to use it reducing fatigue.


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