Are you looking for the best electric lawnmower? Read my reviews, my opinions and find out how to choose it.

If you need to mow a lawn within and not exceeding 700 square meters, with some exceptions, then the electric lawnmower is exactly for you. Powered by battery or wire, reading today’s guide you will discover that it has many advantages, first of all the fact that it maintains good power even if it does not use a combustion engine. In summary, it does not produce any nasty fumes, it does not involve the expense of fuel and it is also quite quiet. Secondly, an electric lawn mower is very handy but still sturdy, and can offer a variety of extra options, such as mulching.

Advantages of the electric lawnmower

Before discovering the reviews and the guide to the choice, I would like to deepen a little bit all the advantages of these devices. The best electric lawnmower, first of all, does not produce fumes and consequently does not pollute the environment or disturb the neighborhood. Also thanks to a quieter engine than petrol ones, which allows you to use it at any time of day or evening, without having to worry about neighbors’ complaints. In addition, it is very compact, it is light, it is very easy to drive and does not require maintenance.

Then consider that the models with an electric motor are able to cover lawns and gardens of a good size, around 700 square meters. All while maintaining an excellent level of power, to the point that it can be compared to petrol lawn mower mid-range. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the type of power supply can make a difference, as the wire could get annoying, while the battery still has a limited life. Don’t worry, because today I will delve into every single detail related to these devices.

Know that in this guide I have decided to offer only the reviews of the best lawn mowers. If you are interested in the stacked ones, I suggest you read mine driving on battery powered lawnmowers.

Best corded electric lawnmowers

1. Einhell 3400192 Ge-Em 1233 1.250 Watt

It is not the most powerful, but it can be considered as the best corded electric lawnmower in the hobby and small lawn category. It has a low cost and a blade with a cutting width of 33 centimeters, which is perfect for lawns and gardens with a surface area of ​​up to 300 square meters. In addition, it is a model with rear discharge and equipped with a bag, with a capacity of 30 liters.

  • Motor power: 1,250 watts
  • Cutting width: 33 centimeters
  • Working width: about 300 square meters
  • Cutting height: 2cm to 6cm (5 levels)
  • Bag capacity: 30 liters

As for the cutting height, you have the possibility to adjust it starting from a minimum of 2 centimeters up to a maximum of 6 centimeters (5 different levels in total). This makes it suitable both for the care of English lawns and for cutting normal gardens, with a grass height of around 4.5 centimeters. The power of the motor is quite high, also considering the competitive price, and is equal to 1,250 watts.

The bag is made of rigid plastic and has a filling indicator, while the handle can be reclined, being a foldable and compact lawnmower. Secondly, it has a double safety switch and is quite sturdy, but it doesn’t have the built-in mulching function. Remember that this is an electric lawnmower for small needs, very easy to maneuver and for small lawns.


  • Really competitive price
  • Suitable for lawns and normal lawns
  • Rather high engine power
  • It has a reclining handle
  • Super compact and handy
  • Very sturdy plastic shell


  • Only suitable for lawns within 300 square meters
  • The dome that houses the blade is not easy to clean

2. Grizzly ERM 1846 GTA Self-propelled 1.800 Watt

If you are looking for the best electric lawnmower for large lawns, then I recommend that you evaluate this Grizzly appliance: a real “bear” in the middle of the grass. In fact, it is fitted with a 1,800 watt motor, and the blade has a cutting width of 46 cm. This means that it is perfect for lawns up to approximately 900 square meters, thanks to both the motor and the blade.

  • Motor power: 1,800 watts
  • Cutting width: 46 centimeters
  • Working width: about 900 square meters
  • Cutting height: 3cm to 7.5cm (7 levels)
  • Bag capacity: 60 liters
  • Mulching cut: here I’m

As for the cutting height, the Grizzly allows you to adjust it by choosing between 7 different positions, and starting from a minimum of 3 cm up to a maximum of 7.5 cm. The minimum height is not very low, so it may not be perfect for an English lawn, especially if you want a very short green. However, consider that it has self-propelled wheels, therefore partially battery-powered: it means that you will have less effort when pushing.

Being a semi-professional product, it has a steel body that is among the most robust in circulation, and a weight that is not very light (27 kilos). You can also select different functions, including mulching with side discharge, in addition to the classic rear discharge. In this regard, know that the capacity of the bag is very large, so as to reach 60 liters, and that it also has a convenient filling indicator.


  • Semi-professional model
  • Fantastic for large lawns
  • Wheels with self-propelled technology
  • There is mulching cut with side discharge
  • High power and capacity of the bag
  • Very sturdy steel shell


  • It’s not exactly light
  • It has a not cheap price

3. RYOBI Electric Lawnmower 33 Cm 1300 Watt

If you don’t have too many pretensions, and if you want to spend little, this model from Ryobi undoubtedly deserves some attention. It is in fact an electric lawnmower designed for the care of small gardens, with a blade with a diameter of 33 centimeters and with an important power of 1,300 watts. The adjustments for the cutting height are 5, and range from a minimum of 2 cm up to a maximum of 6 cm.

  • Motor power: 1,300 watts
  • Cutting width: 33 centimeters
  • Working width: about 300 square meters
  • Cutting height: 2cm to 6cm (5 levels)
  • Bag capacity: 35 liters
  • Mulching cut: here I’m

The discharge is rear, with a plastic and canvas bag with a capacity of 35 liters. Despite being very light (about 9 kilos), the plastics of the body are quite robust and well made. Surprisingly, the mulching function is present at this price, and above all it is also effective against medium height grass. It has practically no flaws, except for a reclining but not particularly stable handle.

Of course, this is not a model designed to tackle large lawns with tall grass, because then the mulching function starts to struggle. Not bad, because it is really perfect for small gardens and is also excellent for trimming the edges, another advantage that I must emphasize. Finally, it is so handy and light that anyone can use it, even those with no experience with lawnmowers.


  • Really affordable price
  • Lightweight and super handy
  • It has the function for mulching
  • Rather powerful engine
  • Very sturdy plastic shell


  • The handle tends to dance a little
  • Not suitable for large lawns and tall grass

4. AL-KO Comfort 40 And 40 Centimeters 1.400 W

Those who need to mow a large lawn, but don’t want to spend too much money, may find a little surprise. The AL-KO Comfort can be considered in my opinion as the best electric mower in a medium range and equipped with mulching. It’s not flawless though and it’s not a mulch mower, but it does have some notable features at this price point.

  • Motor power: 1,400 watts
  • Cutting width: 40 centimeters
  • Working width: about 600 square meters
  • Cutting height: 2.8cm to 6.8cm (6 levels)
  • Bag capacity: 43 liters
  • Mulching cut: here I’m

For one thing, it has a 40cm cutting width blade and a powerful 1,400 watt motor. These peculiarities make it suitable for lawns up to about 500 or 600 square meters, and also has a large 43-liter rigid plastic bag. What about the cutting height adjustment? It starts from a minimum of 2.8 cm and reaches a maximum of 6.8 cm, with a total of 6 selectable heights.

The handle is foldable, the structure compact and not too heavy (19 kilos), and I remind you that the optional mulching system is present: a special cap to be mounted if necessary. What are the flaws? The basket is not very easy to disassemble and the cut grass suction system is not perfect. I repeat, however, that at such a cost it is very difficult to find electric lawnmowers with similar technical characteristics.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Suitable for lawns up to about 600 square meters
  • Optional cap for mulching cut
  • Good cutting width of the blade
  • Quiet but quite powerful
  • Handy and easy to maneuver


  • The hooking of the basket is not easy to manage
  • Slightly defective in the grass intake area

5. Bosch Lawnmower AdvancedRotak 650 1700 W 40 cm

I decided to close my reviews on the best electric lawnmower with this Bosch “bomb”. We are in fact faced with a wire lawnmower with a power of 1,700 watts and a blade width of 40 centimeters in diameter. It is a perfect model for lawns up to 650-700 square meters, and allows you to choose between 7 levels of blade height (minimum 2.5 cm and maximum 8 cm).

  • Motor power: 1,700 watts
  • Cutting width: 40 centimeters
  • Working width: about 700 square meters
  • Cutting height: 2.5cm to 8cm (7 levels)
  • Bag capacity: 50 liters
  • Mulching cut: accessory to be purchased separately

It’s one of the quietest models ever, and it’s not too heavy either, as it comes in at just over 17 kilograms. The unloading system is rear and mounts a collection basket with a large capacity, equal to 50 liters. There is no mulching function, but this does not prevent you from buying the special accessory for mulching separately: I leave you the link below.

I would also like to underline the presence of Leaf Collect technology, designed to improve the collection of leaves and their shredding, which adds another point in favor. Secondly, it has a handle that you can adjust according to your height and foldable, and it has a particularly sharp blade, which guarantees you always a clean and clean cut of the lawn. Finally, it is easy to use and is also suitable for newbies.


  • High engine power
  • Perfect for lawns up to 700 square meters
  • Very sharp steel blade
  • Large collection basket
  • Many levels to adjust the cutting height
  • Mulching accessory sold separately


  • It does not have an integrated mulching function
  • It does not have a cheap price

How to choose the best electric lawn mower

1. Power supply: battery or wire?

If we talk about electric lawnmowers in a generic sense, there are two possible types of power supply, and they are the battery and the wire. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • Flush mower: it is cheaper than battery powered ones, and has infinite autonomy, precisely because it is powered by cable and not battery. Moreover, it often has a higher power than its “cousins”, but obviously you will have to deal with the wire, which limits you in terms of movement and displacements. Either way, you can fix it by connecting it to an extension cable.
  • Battery-powered lawnmower: if you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, and if you have to travel a lot, then the battery is the only possible solution. These electric lawnmower models are priced higher, and clearly have a limited life span from the battery life. Conversely, you can buy a second replacement battery to double the usage time.

The wire model is especially convenient if you need to mow the grass of a lawn or a communal garden: because it costs less and because in that case the wire does not limit much, not having the need to travel long distances. Conversely, if you have to move a lot, and if the lawn is large, you will most likely want to spend a little more and buy a battery-powered device.

2. Cutting width

The cutting width basically indicates the diameter of the blade located at the base of the electric mower. The larger the disc diameter, the more the tool will be able to mow a larger surface area. In general, this value starts from a minimum of about 30 centimeters up to a maximum that can exceed 50 centimeters. What is the best choice? It always depends on the size of the lawn you need to mow.

  • Within 200 square meters: a value from 30 to 33 cm may suffice
  • From 200 to 500 square meters: from 34cm up to 42cm
  • From 500 up to 1,000 square meters: from 43 cm up to 50 cm
  • From 1,000 square meters up to 1,500 square meters: over 50 cm (professional models)

Remember that the more the square footage to be covered increases, the more uncomfortable the wire becomes to manage. If the grounds are quite wide, as I mentioned, it is always better to opt for battery-powered models, as the wire could also get stuck or wrap around trees and hedges.

3. Engine power

Power is very, very important and it matters above all if it is related (once again) to the size of the lawn to be mowed. So the rule is the following: the bigger the garden, the higher the engine power must be. The best electric lawnmower can reach up to a power of 1,800 watts and even exceed it, while in the range for hobby or home use you can easily be satisfied with a wattage from 900 W to 1,600 W.

  • Within 200 square meters: 900 watts to 1,200 watts
  • From 200 square meters to 500 square meters: from 1,300 watts to 1,400 watts
  • From 500 square meters up to 1,000 square meters: from 1,500 watts up to over 1,800 watts

Why is power related to square footage? Due to the need to operate an ever larger blade. Not surprisingly, a blade with a large diameter requires the presence of a powerful motor, capable of handling more demanding cuts and intensive use of the device. For battery-powered models, the power must also be calculated in relation to the autonomy of the battery (voltage and hourly amperage – Ah).

4. Cutting height

Surely you already know that all modern electric lawnmowers allow you to change the cutting height of the blades. In most cases this is done by adjusting a special lever (centralized system), with the possibility of selecting from 3 to over 10 levels, depending on the model you have chosen. In high-end appliances you may find an adjustment system for each wheel, therefore with 4 independent mechanisms.

The lowest selectable cutting height is approximately 2cm, while the maximum (in electric lawnmowers) rarely exceeds 8cm. Of course, not all models start at a minimum of 2 centimeters, as in some cases you may find mowers with a minimum value of 3 centimeters. In reality, as always, it all depends on your specific needs and the type of cut you want to achieve.

  • English lawns: classic English lawns, rather short, require a lawnmower capable of ensuring a cutting height between 2 cm and 3 cm.
  • Normal gardens: normally the classic garden has a green from 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm high. Consequently, in this case you have no special needs.
  • Natural gardens: A classic tall grass lawn, properly maintained, should be 5 to 6 centimeters high.

The best electric lawnmower, therefore, in theory should have a very low minimum height and a very high maximum height, with the possibility of selecting numerous levels. To give you a practical example, some luminaires start at 1.6 cm and go up to 8 cm, with 13 selectable levels. It is clear that a lawnmower of this type is much more versatile than a model that starts from 3 cm, reaches a maximum of 6 cm and allows you to adjust only 3 levels.

5. Cutting and unloading technology

Most cordless lawnmowers have a rotary cutting system, with a rear discharge equipped with a grass catcher. In short, the blade mows the grass in the garden and then pushes it in the direction of the bag, in such a way as to simplify your life, avoiding spreading the fresh cut on the ground. For the record, the basket can be in canvas or rigid, then in plastic: both are however equally effective.

In reality there are also other alternatives, if we refer to the type of exhaust. Some models have no bag but retain the rear discharge, others distribute the cut grass sideways. Still others have a particular deflector inside the body, and finely chop the grass before distributing it on the ground: in this case we are talking about mulching mower. This technology is highly appreciated by those who decide to use mowing as a natural fertilizer.

  • Discharge with collection: the presence of a bag to collect the cut grass is very useful when we want to save time, and avoid removing the mowing later with the rake. The grass will then be eliminated for example by using a composter.
  • Discharge without collection: useful when we intend to use the freshly cut grass as a natural fertilizer, or when we want to mow the lawn quickly, without having to continuously empty the bag.

As far as mulching is concerned, the possibility of obtaining a finer mowing is especially worthwhile when we mow the lawn often. However, keep in mind that not all electric lawn mowers have a built-in mulching function. Sometimes, however, there is a special deflector to be purchased separately as an accessory.

6. Collector capacity

Don’t forget to also consider the capacity of the collection basket, i.e. its maximum capacity. Usually the smallest ones reach about 30 liters, while the largest can even exceed 60 liters. The larger the bag, the more grass it can collect without you having to empty it: in short, a large capacity in liters allows you to work without too many pauses, otherwise necessary to disassemble, empty the basket and reassemble it.

The baskets, as I have already mentioned, can be in canvas or hard plastic. In the first case, being almost always semi-transparent, they allow you to understand when they are reaching the maximum capacity. On the other hand, the fabric containers must be washed every time you use the lawnmower, due to the fragments of clippings that will slip between the links. The plastic ones do not need them, but they do not allow you to evaluate the filling level, unless there is a special indicator.

7. Push or self-propelled wheels?

The best electric lawnmower is the model that manages to offer you all the technical features suitable for your garden, and high ease of use. From this point of view, the technology of the wheels, which can be pushed or self-propelled, can make the difference.

  • Push movement: it is up to the user to push the mower, without any support from the engine.
  • Self-propelled wheels: the wheels are partially powered by the engine, which allows the user to push the mower with less effort, thanks to the rear-wheel drive.

When to opt for rear-wheel drive wheels? When we need to mow a very large lawn, therefore when we are looking for a product that can reduce the effort made to push it. Of course, these models have a higher cost.


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