Are you looking for the best electric pruner and pruner? Here you can find my reviews, my opinions, prices and a guide to choosing.

When it comes to pruning branches at the top, we all know that stairs can be a big problem for our safety. The purpose of a telescopic electric pruner is precisely this: to give us the possibility to reach the highest peaks of the shrubs while remaining with our feet firmly planted, without running the risk of unbalancing ourselves, of falling and therefore of hurting ourselves a lot. Secondly, these power tools speed up work and, in my opinion, at a low cost, allow you to take home a truly versatile product.

Types of electric pruner

The battery or wire pruner was obviously created for garden maintenance, and for pruning hedges and tall shrubs. Thanks to the scooter, you will not have to force your hands and therefore you will be able to cut branches with a diameter greater than that of manual telescopic pruners. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, the power supply is also useful because it makes work faster. Finally, not having to force it, you can use it for longer and therefore prune more branches without getting tired, whether they are green or dry.

In reality, a distinction must be made, given that when it comes to electric branch cutters, three different models are called into question. These are extendable chainsaws, electric scissors and telescopic hedge trimmers. I’ll give you a brief summary, but if you are interested in learning more about one of the three tools in particular, I suggest you read my guides (here are the links).

1. Chainsaw with extendable stick

Powered by battery or wire, the device in question mounts a chainsaw on top of a telescopic stick, which in some cases can be extended up to 6 meters. This is a great tool if you need to cut branches with a diameter of 10 to 20 centimeters, depending on the length of the bar with the chain. In addition, it has an angled head that allows you to position the saw on top however you like.

2. Telescopic battery-powered scissors

We are faced with a pair of battery powered electric scissors, which can be mounted on a special telescopic rod and therefore extendable. It is therefore a 2-in-1 tool: you can use it as a pruner for high branches, or as a simple scissors for trimming and low pruning. Consider that the motor assists the cut, with the pressure of a simple trigger, and that normally branches with a diameter of around 30 millimeters can be cut.

3. Hedge trimmer with telescopic stick

This telescopic electric lopper is suitable for trimming tall hedges, and for leveling not only the edges but also their tops. It has a pivoting head that can be tilted within a certain maximum angle, and which therefore allows you to prune the hedge in different positions. In this case the cutting unit has a sword shape, and can accommodate a single fixed toothed blade or a double mobile blade, while the cutting diameter does not exceed 20 millimeters. Finally, some combined tools have both the hedge trimmer and the chainsaw.

Best telescopic electric pruners

1. BLACK & DECKER PS7525-QS 800W Wire Pruning Saw

Personally I consider this Black & Decker model as one of the best examples of electric pruner with chainsaw, especially if you study the relationship between quality and price. It does not cost much (under 100 euros) and has excellent technical characteristics, such as a powerful 800 watt motor and a 25 cm long bar, with a maximum cutting diameter of around 20 cm.

  • Maximum extension: 5 meters
  • Cutting diameter: 20cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kilograms
  • Head with adjustable angle
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Oil tank: 60 milliliters

Then consider that it can be extended up to a maximum of 5 meters, and there are so many. In reality, this height can be reached by adding the maximum extension of the chainsaw (2.7 meters) with the user’s torso and arms. It is also not heavy, as its 4 kilos will never put you in difficulty, and will therefore allow you to maintain an excellent weight balance even at great heights.

Also noteworthy is the cutting capacity of the blade, with a chain that runs at 11.5 meters per second. The cut is always clean, thanks to the presence of an Oregon chain, and there is also the automatic system for lubrication and the safety mechanism for stopping the blade. Secondly, this electric pruner is also equipped with a system that reduces the kickback and vibrations produced during pruning, which is great news.

What are the other features to underline? It is wired, so it has infinite autonomy, but remember that you will surely have to use an extension cable. In addition, it has a pivoting head that allows you to position the saw at different angles, so as to reach even the most hidden branches. Also know that the oil tank has a small window that allows you to check the level, and the body-saw is very tapered, so it can fit everywhere.


  • Excellent cutting diameter
  • Always clean and effective cut
  • Safety and anti-kickback system
  • Reaches up to 5 meters (arms included)
  • Pivoting head with angle saw


  • Better to replace the knob with a self-locking nut

2. Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole (Battery)

Here we are in front of a battery pruner, produced by one of the most reliable brands in the garden sector: Bosch. What are its qualities? Also this model allows you to reach a height of about 5 meters, adding its extension with your arms. As for the technical characteristics, it has a 20 cm bar and therefore can cut branches up to a diameter of about 15 cm.

  • Maximum extension: about 5 meters
  • Cutting diameter: 15cm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Head with adjustable angle (max 120 degrees)
  • Includes battery, charger and shoulder strap (depends on version)

The height of the extendable cane can be adjusted from a minimum of 2.1 meters up to 2.6 meters, and remember that this time it is a battery-powered model. This means that you will have to deal with a limited autonomy, but still of a good level, which is around 2 or 3 hours. If you use it without breaks, however, the duration will not be able to exceed 20-25 minutes.

Why buy it? If you need to prune tall branches in a large garden, with the need to move several meters and if you don’t have an outlet nearby, this telescopic electric pruner will solve every problem for you. Also consider that this Bosch device is particularly light, as it does not exceed 3.6 kilograms, so you can use it without fear of fatigue.

Other very positive features are the excellent balance of the tool, the pivoting head to adjust the angle of the chainsaw and the supply of accessories. In fact, the package includes the battery (not all versions), the charger and a comfortable shoulder strap, ideal for distributing weight (and fatigue) and to improve comfort during use. Finally, the chain reaches a good cutting speed, equal to 4 meters per second.


  • Good battery life
  • It can be extended up to approximately 5 meters
  • Pivoting head to adjust the saw
  • Rather light and comfortable to use
  • Battery and charger included
  • Excellent precision when cutting


  • The self-lubrication system is missing

3. Greenworks 2 in 1 Hedge Trimmer and Pruner (Battery)

If you are looking for a super versatile electric tree pruner, then I recommend this model from Greenworks. It is in fact a 2 in 1 electric telescopic pruner, equipped with both a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer. In summary, depending on the situation, all you have to do is mount the cutting unit you need on top of the stick. And it can reach a height of about 5 meters (1.5 to 2.4 meters the stick, plus body and arms).

  • Maximum extension: about 5 meters
  • Chainsaw cutting diameter: 15cm
  • Hedge trimmer cutting diameter: 18 mm
  • Weight: 3 to 3.6 kilograms
  • Head with adjustable angle
  • Includes battery, charger and shoulder strap

Consider that we are once again talking about a battery pruner, which is obviously included in the package together with the charger. There length of the chainsaw is equal to 20 cm, consequently the cutting thickness is around a maximum diameter of the branches of 15 cm. The hedge trimmer sword, on the other hand, has a length of 51 centimeters and the serrated chains are good for cutting twigs up to 18 millimeters in diameter.

Excellent battery life, considering that you can safely go up to about 70 minutes. Secondly, it is one of the lightest telescopic electric pruners ever: it weighs 3 kilos with the chainsaw and 3.6 kilos with the hedge trimmer unit. Then it is necessary to mention the presence of the pivoting head, which allows you to change the angle of the cutting unit, adapting it to any possible situation.

Any other useful info? It comes with a handy shoulder strap, it’s pretty easy to use, and the balance is also top notch. It is clear that if you push it very high you will struggle a little harder to keep it in axis, especially with the hedge trimmer, since it has a greater weight and length than the power saw. My opinion? It is a nice tool for pruning tall shrubs and for trimming hedges, although you have to be careful not to “mistreat” it.


  • Great battery life
  • 2 in 1 electric branch cutter
  • It reaches a considerable height
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Good cutting precision


  • Non-resistant plastic materials
  • Small oil tank

4. Stark M Campagnola Electric Scissors With Extension

I would also like to talk to you about this battery-powered telescopic shears, especially suitable for semi-professional use, therefore for those who have to work in an orchard or vineyard. It is a very versatile model, which you can use with or without the telescopic pole, depending on your needs. As for the height, the pole extends from a minimum of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 2.3 meters, so it can reach approximately 4.5 meters.

  • Maximum extension: about 4.5 meters
  • Cutting diameter: 32mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • You can also use it without a stick
  • Includes 2 batteries, charger, gloves, grease and sharpener

They are super light, considering that you get to about 1 kilo, while the battery has a really long life, which is around 2-3 hours (about 3,000 cuts). Also know that the package also includes a second spare battery, so you can prune non-stop even up to 5-6 hours. Secondly, it has a progressive cutting system with trigger pressure and motor assisted, which reduces user fatigue to a minimum.

The progressive cut is useful for adapting the scissors to different situations and sizes, with a maximum diameter of about 32 millimeters. Then consider that the tool is equipped with a small display, on which the remaining battery charge and the number of partial and total cuts are indicated. The comfort? Excellent, thanks not only to the low weight but also to the excellent balance of this battery pruner.

In terms of performance we are at the top, thanks to a cutting mechanism that adapts to the diameter of the branch. If the branch is a little larger, in fact, the blade locks, opens again and closes optimizing the cut, increasing the thrust on the striking blade. It is clear that, being a semi-professional tool, it is not cheap: on the other hand, it has an affordable price if you consider that these scissors usually cost between 800 and 1,200 euros.


  • Semi-professional performance
  • Suitable for vineyards and orchards
  • The scissor can be used without a stick
  • Excellent maximum cutting diameter
  • Great battery life
  • Cutting system with adaptive blade


  • Instruction book lacking

How to choose the electric pruner

It is clear that these are 3 very different categories of electric pole pruners, since they meet different needs. In addition, some decisive factors may change, which I have already listed for you in the reviews, but which require a little summary.

1. Purpose of use

The electric pruner with the chainsaw is especially suitable for those branches with a diameter that is too large for manual cutting tools. In fact, you can cut branches and trunks up to a diameter of about 15 centimeters. Conversely, the battery-powered telescopic shear is more suitable for less demanding pruning, and for branches with a maximum diameter of 30 millimeters. Finally, the hedge trimmer is not able to overcome a cutting diameter ranging from about 10 millimeters to 20 millimeters, but this is normal since it is created only for trimming hedges.

2. Power supply

The telescopic pruner electric can be powered either by wire or by batteries. In both cases we find both advantages and disadvantages, which it is better to investigate.

  • Wire feeding: the cable allows you an infinite autonomy of the tool, and usually these tools have a higher cutting power. On the other hand, the wire could be a bit annoying to manage, and in any case it has a limited range of action, which you can expand by connecting it to an extension cable.
  • Battery powered: you have total freedom of movement, but you are limited by the battery life, which still guarantees you an average of 60 minutes of work. These pruners generally have a lower cutting power, but become essential if you don’t have electrical outlets nearby, and if it bothers you to fight with the wire.

3. Maximum cutting diameter

As I have already explained to you several times, each category of telescopic electric lopper has a certain maximum cutting diameter. The chainsaw is obviously the most gifted from this point of view, considering that it can sometimes cut logs up to 20 centimeters thick. The extendable electric pruning shear, on the other hand, is excellent for pruning the branches of olive trees and fruit trees, remaining however within about 30 millimeters. The hedge trimmer, being a totally different tool, does not go beyond 20 mm.

4. Pivoting and angling head

Not all electric pole pruners have a pivoting head, so I recommend that you always check this detail. This is in fact a considerable advantage, since it allows you to angle the cutting unit at the top, so as to be able to arrange the blade in different positions, for example by tilting it. It is a key factor for both chainsaws and hedge trimmers, as it allows you to reach the most hidden branches or prune the top of the hedge by positioning the sword at a 90 degree angle.


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