Are you looking for the best electric herbicide burner? Today I will list the best performing appliances and I will explain how to choose the grass burner.

Also known as a thermal herbicide, this electric tool is a very valuable ally in the fight against weeds. Although it is not yet very well known, in reality it is one of the most active and effective solutions for weeding operations. And it doesn’t even cost that much, considering that you can find it at a price of around 40 euros. Furthermore, it is extremely practical, easy to use and fast: in short, it allows you to keep up with the weeds, which unfortunately tend to spread with a very annoying speed.

What is the weed burner

Its name already largely explains its operation: the weed burner, in fact, is able to generate a temperature capable of exceeding 600 degrees, thus causing the plant a violent thermal shock.

The current passes through the vegetable, dispersing into the ground without causing any damage to the soil, which would happen with chemical herbicides. We are therefore faced with a tool that is not only useful and quick, but also ecological.

Although it is not able to remove the plant from the ground, the herb burner enters the family of the weed grubbers.

And what happens to the weed? In most cases it dies instantly, due to the effect of the shock. However, it depends on its size, since sometimes it does not perish immediately, but suffers serious damage, which prevents it from recovering. The final effect of thermal weeding also depends on the intensity of the discharge, usually sufficient to make the plant cells explode up to the roots.

This is precisely the reason that, in the event of non-immediate death, does not allow the plant to recover later.

In other words, by lightning it with the burner, you will have this certainty: the weed will stop stealing nourishment from the needy seedlings that surround it. Also you will not run any risks, because the best thermal herbicides do not produce any flame, or this remains inside the bell.

Know that, thanks to the electric herbicide, you can carry out a selective weeding operation: it means that you have the possibility to act against individual weeds, without affecting the good plants or polluting the soil. The action is targeted and limited by the bell-shaped nozzle, which concentrates the heat on the selected plant. The “neighbors”, therefore, will not run any risk.

I personally use it to take care of the vegetable garden and the perimeter of the hedges, but you can also use it for flower beds, avenues and for floriculture.

Be careful not to go too cheap, because cheap tools cannot affect the roots. In summary, the plant burns, dries up but then grows back.

How to use the weed burner

I assure you that this is a very simple operation: being electric, all you have to do is connect the wire to a power socket, turn it on by pressing the appropriate button and wait for the heating time (about 45 seconds).

Then you can place the bell over the heart of the plant to kill. You will need to hold it in place for a variable number of seconds (typically 3 to 5), and then move to a second plant, a third, and so on, repeating the heat treatment. The device takes about 30 seconds to cool down after pushing the button to the FAN position. After that, you can turn it to the OFF position.

This is a fundamental system, as it avoids any risk of burns.

After a few days you will notice that the weed has almost completely dried out, a sign that the plant cells have been successfully electrocuted, as the current goes to the roots.

After about 48 hours from the treatment you can also remove it by hand, since the roots will no longer represent a problem. Or you can leave them where they are, making them a valuable source of nourishment for the soil.

Consider that you can also find gas models on sale, but I recommend the electric ones, because they consume less and are much less risky (you will avoid gas leaks).

As I anticipated a weed burner, if it produces flames, it confines them inside the nozzle and prevents them from coming out of the bell.

Best electric herbicides

1. GLORIA Thermoflamm BIO Electro Herbicide Burner

True, it costs above average, but it also has some features that make it one of a kind. This electric herbicide, in fact, has a stick with a height of 116 centimeters and a closed handle, which makes it much more comfortable and easy to handle. In addition, it has a power of 2,000 watts and can reach a maximum temperature of 650 degrees.

  • Maximum temperature: 650 degrees
  • Motor power: 2,000 watts
  • Stick length: 116cm
  • Weight: 1.7 kilograms
  • Handle with closed grip

It produces a thermal flame and “shoots” it on the heart of the plant thanks to the classic metal bell. It is therefore an extremely safe product to use, and simple, so much so that anyone can use it without problems. It takes about 3 seconds of treatment per plant, while cooling is guaranteed by the perforated rod that is located between the motor module and the filler.

I was lucky enough to try it myself, and everything works as it should. The handle with ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip and prevents slipping due to wet or sweaty hands. It is very fast and ecological, in the sense that it does not waste petrol or gas, and that it saves you from using chemical herbicides, which are quite dangerous for the health of the soil. Finally, it weighs slightly above average (1.7 versus 1.3 kilos).

Consider that you can also use it to light the embers of the barbecue, as in reality it happens for almost all models of this type. In conclusion, a really reliable tool with the only slightly higher price limit.


  • 2,000 watt power
  • Heat up to 650 degrees
  • Ergonomic and closed handle
  • Perforated tube for cooling
  • It takes 3 seconds to kill the weed
  • Rather high stick


  • It costs slightly above average

2. Qdreclod Electric Weed Killer Burner With Nozzle

If you are looking for a less expensive, but equally performing product, I recommend this Qdreclod thermal herbicide model. It is a product that can work in two ways: at 60 degrees with a jet of hot air, and at 650 degrees producing a real flame. In the first case, you can use it with a special “hair dryer” nozzle, ideal for example for joints between tiles.

  • Motor power: 2,000 watts
  • 2 heat settings: 60 and 650 degrees
  • Narrow nozzle supplied
  • No open flame
  • Ergonomic pistol grip

First of all, even if the flame is not free but confined to the bell, I advise you to be careful and use it with great care. Especially if you make the most of it, that is at 650 degrees, as it is capable of literally burning weeds. Even the lowest setting succeeds, but this time by blowing up the plant membrane of the weed, then drying it out in 48 hours.

The pistol grip is really comfortable, while as far as performance is concerned it is necessary to hold the bell on the plant for a few extra seconds (about 5 in total). The flame is performing, but the heat takes a little longer to act up to the roots. This is normal, considering that it is a less expensive product, but you just need to know it and act accordingly.

Also consider that you should always wait about a minute after switching on to let the burner reach temperature.


  • 2 levels of heat regulation
  • Interesting performance
  • Low cost
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Small nozzle supplied


  • Longer heating and treatment times
  • A little short electric cable

3. Qdreclod Burner and Heat Gun Together (3 in 1)

Here is another product from Qdreclod, with some particular peculiarities. In some ways it closely resembles the previous model, especially in terms of performance, and also the price is all in all the same (a little more expensive). The extra cost is justified by the ability to use this weed burner even in heat gun mode, or as a barbecue lighter.

  • 3-in-1 tool: gun, burner and barbecue lighter
  • Motor power: 2,000 watts
  • Heat produced: 80 degrees to 650 degrees
  • 5 nozzles supplied
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Electric cable 3 meters long

To use the electric gun, all you have to do is rotate the center section and detach it from the handle. At that point you can mount one of the 5 nozzles included in the package, depending on the use you want to make of it. However, consider that the most important performances are those in “long” thermal herbicide mode, since the gun has a reduced power anyway.

More good news? The presence of a very long cable (3 meters) and a very comfortable handle to hold. Remember that, not being gas, you do not run the risk of dangerous escapes, and that the flame produced by the tool is not free, as it remains inside the metal bell. The ability to set 2 temperatures (from 80 to 650 degrees) allows you to burn the plant directly, or simply cause it a thermal shock.

Either way, the end result is capable of attacking the roots, killing plant cells and extinguishing the weed. Finally, as always, I recommend that you read the instruction booklet carefully before using it.


  • 5 nozzles included in the package
  • Heat gun and barbecue ignition mode
  • Good engine power
  • 2 selectable heat levels
  • Very long cable (3 meters)


  • Higher times
  • It takes about 5 seconds of exposure

4. Papillon WB2000 For Electric Weeding Thermal Shock

Do you need to go to savings, and do not intend to exceed 30 euros? You can try this Papillon electric herbicide, the cheapest in its class. The thermal shock is of a good level, even if apparently it does not produce flames and does not seem to burn the plants. Remember that the important thing is to explode the plant membranes up to the root, not to carbonize the leaves.

  • Motor power: 2,000 watts
  • Heat Levels: 50 degrees or 600 degrees
  • Removable handle
  • Timing: 5 second treatment
  • Death of the weed in 48 hours

It is less potent than other thermal herbicides, but still provides good performance, although these are not comparable to high-end products. It has a longer time frame, as it takes at least 5 seconds to produce the thermal shock necessary to kill the weed weed. It takes a lot longer to burn the leaves on the surface, but that’s not the real purpose of the tool.

It is quite light (1.2 kilos), it is easy to use and also convenient to store or carry, as the handle can be detached from the stick. It also allows you to adjust the temperatures of the heat jet on 2 levels: 50 degrees and 600 degrees. So you just need to use it at the desired temperatures, with an exposure of 5 seconds per plant, and wait about 48 hours to see them dry.

Of course I recommend using it for gardens and small areas in general, as it could become uncomfortable for medium-large plots. Remember to aim the plant for at least 5 seconds, otherwise the roots could take root again.


  • Very cheap
  • The handle can be removed
  • 2 levels of heat regulation
  • Very light and practical to use


  • Slower than other herb burners

How to choose the electric herbicide

There are some aspects that I would like to underline, to make you better understand what the performance of the thermal herbicide depends on. For example, I’ll tell you about the maximum temperatures it can reach, the structure of the rod with the bell, treatment times and more.

1. Heat and treatment times

By now you will have already understood that an electric weeder can emit a jet of heat around 600 degrees, with peaks reaching up to 650 degrees in the new models. This temperature is sufficient to eliminate any type of weed, including the most resistant species and specimens.

As for the treatment times, you will have to subject the plant to the heat of the herb burner for at least 3 seconds, with a maximum of 5 for the larger ones.

2. Preheating and cooling

Before using the tool, you will have to give it time to warm up, and this is done by pressing the power button and waiting for about 45 seconds. At that point you will be free to position the bell in the direction of the center of the plant, so as to correctly convey the heat that will kill its cell membrane.

Remember that, to avoid any risk of burns, you will need to let your burner engine cool down before turning off the appliance. Nothing could be simpler, since all you have to do is move the button to the fan position, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn off the appliance completely.

3. Handle, dimensions and weight

The shaft is almost always identical in all burner models for thermal weeding, and is about 1 meter long, including the motor body. Instead, the type of handle can change, since some models have an ergonomic foam rubber coating for two-handed use. And the weight? Very low, considering that these devices are unlikely to exceed 1.3 kilos.

4. Heating module

The motor body is located on the shaft, approximately halfway up, and houses the module responsible for producing the heat. Its power is always measured in watts, and is around 1,600 or 2,000 w. It is clear that the maximum temperature reached by the electric herbicide depends on this factor.

5. Security

On the one hand, the product in question is very safe, but on the other hand, I recommend that you always read the instructions before using it. It is important for two reasons: to avoid burns due to the still hot heating module, and to reduce the risk of potential fires, since it still generates very strong heat. If you use it consciously, you will not be in any danger, and basically this rule applies to any power tool.

When to use the electric weed cultivator?

I use it in a thousand different circumstances. In fact, I consider it a very convenient product for the treatment of the borders of flower beds and hedges, or for the care of the vegetable garden, one of my main passions. In fact, being easy to use and inexpensive, you can also use it for the cleaning and aesthetics of your garden, and for floriculture.

It is therefore a super versatile tool, capable of giving a definitive change to your weeding operations. Finally, some people even use it to light the embers of the barbecue.


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