Are you looking for the best indoor or outdoor fake trees? Read my reviews and discover my guide to choosing.

Artificial trees can become an excellent solution for decorating both the interior and exterior of a house. They represent a valuable option above all because of their marked practicality, and because they have a cost that is compatible with any budget or wallet. Of course, there are different types and not all of them are suitable for being placed outdoors, due to the quality of the materials. However, you do not have to worry, because in this guide I will explain to you in detail what their characteristics are, and which are the best models currently in circulation.

Characteristics of artificial trees

I believe it is essential to start with the materials, which can make a difference in two different ways: for their ability to withstand climatic agents such as rain and UV rays from the sun, and for their design, which can be more or less realistic. The most used materials of all are plastics and cotton-effect fabric, which will be used to give a touch of realism to the foliage of the artificial plant, in addition to the wire, which is used to hold the pieces together. However, alternatives are not lacking, as in the case of latex and wood, often used to make the trunk of copies such as those of banana trees.

Of course, you could write a novel about design, considering that you can find thousands of different models on the web. In addition to fake banana trees, in fact, other versions can be found such as the very classic Ficus Benjamin, bamboo canes, laurel trees in pots, roses, palms or the banyan tree (Ficus Bengalensis). It is clear that size also matters, given that in some cases artificial plants can reach and exceed 6 meters in height, as in the case of Laburnum. The measures impact not only on the price, but also on the possibility or not of placing the tree in certain rooms or contexts.

What are the other features to anticipate? It is important that the color used is of quality, not only because it will not have to fade, but also because it will have to ensure the right shades to be aesthetically credible. It is a speech that I have already dealt with in mine driving on artificial hedges, and that is true for any reproduction of plants, including bonsai and bushes. Finally, I suggest you also evaluate the type of pot, which is almost always made of plastic, but which can sometimes have a concrete or concrete base, very useful for greater stability of the plant.

Best artificial trees

1. LEAF-7088 Design UK Artificial Ficus 90 cm

This model reproduces a ficus tree and is one of the most affordable from a price point of view. Not being high-end, it has slight imperfections that are only noticeable from very close, so this is a bearable limit. Consider that it was made of plastic, but that the trunk is real, therefore this factor adds an edge to the design of the plant.

The height of this version is 90 cm, but there are also other alternatives, up to 120 cm. The stems are made of wire, which will give you the opportunity to shape them to your liking. The package also includes the vase and the product arrives already assembled, and ready to be placed wherever you want. However, this is a fake indoor tree, as – if kept in the sun – the foliage may discolor. Finally, it smells a little like plastic but you just need to air it for a couple of hours.

2. Maia Shop Artificial Banana Bark 180 cm

This artificial banana tree produced by Maia Shop is a small jewel to be placed inside the house. Its degree of realism is exceptional, and is guaranteed not only by the great care in the colors and the quality of the materials, but also by the use of real bark to finish the trunk. The height is respectable (180 cm), but if you want on the product sheet you can select different sizes, from 120 cm up to 210 cm.

Elegant and sophisticated, this faux plant is ideal for decorating homes, offices, driveways and more. It looks like an authentic banana tree, and you also have the possibility to adjust the position of the leaves, as always thanks to the wire core. In the package you will also find the vase included (in black plastic), and you just need to touch it to feel that even to the touch it seems real. Finally, consider that its value is well above the selling price, therefore it is also one of the most affordable around.

3. Outsunny Artificial Banyan Tree 145 cm

Also in this case we are faced with an excellent reproduction, but this time of a banyan tree. This fake tree from Outsunny is super affordable and, while not premium quality, it has a very high level of realism. It is 145 centimeters high, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and has 756 leaves. The materials are of excellent quality, considering the presence of a real wood trunk and the cotton effect fabric for the leaves.

The vase is quite small but stable, because it is equipped with a concrete base: it is very firm, but if you want you can change it with any other vase. Faux moss is also present, which obviously adds an edge in terms of realism. While not among the best indoor or outdoor artificial trees, it is undoubtedly one of the plants with the best value for money.

4. Outsunny Artificial Spiral Boxwood Plant 112 cm

If you have every intention of giving yourself an artificial tree of design and beautiful to see, then I suggest you evaluate this spiral reproduction of a boxwood, as always by Outsunny. It shares all the features of the previous model, in terms of quality of materials and manufacturing. The height is 112 centimeters, the package includes the vase, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Its elegance is truly magnificent, and it is a surefire choice for decorating homes, gardens, offices, reception areas and any other space. The textures and colors are perfectly timed, so much so that it seems real even a few centimeters away. Finally, the vase is quite stable and has a fabulous design, in pure vintage style. I bought 6 and currently use them to decorate the driveway, and have never regretted it.

5. COSTWAY Artificial Wooden Tree 160 cm

Among the best fake trees for interiors and exteriors I could not fail to mention this masterpiece produced by COSTWAY. It has an exceptional degree of realism and it is practically impossible to find defects, as can be understood from its far from economic cost. The trunk was made entirely of solid wood, while the leaves are made of plastic (PVC). The branches have a wire core, so the branches can be adjusted to your liking.

The pot is included in the package and is made of plastic, with a concrete filling, necessary to ensure stability to the plant. The materials are of excellent quality and can withstand the sun without problems, and there is also decorative moss, which increases the degree of realism even more. The colors are really beautiful, as are the shades, and then it has that spiral shape of the trunk that cannot fail to make you fall in love at first sight.

6. Arnusa Artificial Palm 3 Trunks 180 cm

Another lap, another race, another wonder. La Arnusa produced this fake palm tree worthy of a Santo Domingo vacation, with an excellent degree of realism. It is a 180cm tall tree with 3 palm stumps, and it is really hard to tell that it is an artificial plant. It is made of PVC plastic and therefore can be placed without problems even in the garden and outdoors, and has 26 large leaves that can be shaped at your discretion, thanks to the wire core.

The stability is excellent and the plant is sold directly with the pot, which you can still change or cover with a more beautiful and larger pot. In addition, this Arnusa palm also uses other materials that can give it greater realism, such as coconut fiber and cotton-effect fabric. In summary, a small (so to speak) jewel to enjoy at home or in the garden.

7. Outsunny Pink Artificial Tree 90 cm

If you love roses, you’re sure to love this 3-foot-tall fake tree. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful products from an aesthetic point of view, although very close it is easy to realize that it is a fake. One of its best features is the quality of the braided trunk, along with the precision that is found behind the making of the flowers and petals.

In total, it mounts 350 leaves and 21 flowers, the materials are really durable and you can also arrange it in the garden, without fear of it being damaged. Secondly, it is sold with the supplied vase, and is very stable, due to the concrete reinforcement on the bottom. There is also faux moss which adds an edge in terms of realism. Considering that it does not have an exaggerated price, in my opinion it is really worth giving yourself this beautiful plant from Outsunny.

How to choose the best fake trees

1. Types and aesthetics

The main purpose is to use indoor or outdoor artificial trees to enrich the design of the house, and to decorate it by recalling the beauty of nature. It is therefore clear that aesthetics play a fundamental role, and that the plant in question must be beautiful and realistic. As for the types, the list is practically endless. It starts from palm trees up to Gimko, passing by other specimens such as bamboo canes, various ficus, banana trees, bonsai and even fruit trees. Of course, the realism is greater in relation to the price: the most credible and most beautiful products, in fact, are those made by hand.

The realism of a plant can depend on many factors. From the color and shades of the foliage, but also from the number of leaves used, which can sometimes exceed 1,000 units.

2. Quality of materials

Okay, a fake tree is almost always made of plastic, but be aware that there are plastics and plastics, and they are not all the same. First, I advise you to check if the artificial trees you are interested in are from outside or only from inside. In the first case you will have the certainty of being able to count on plastics capable of resisting the discoloring action of the sun’s UV rays, and other climatic factors such as wind, humidity and rain. In the second case, the plastics will be cheaper and therefore not suitable for continuous use in the garden, unless you arrange the fake plants indoors. As for the trunk, in some cases it could be made of real wood.

The addition of wood ensures two advantages: on the one hand it gives a touch of extra realism to the plant, and on the other it ensures the presence of a natural element in the furnishing accessory. I have already mentioned the presence of other materials, such as fabric with a cotton effect, which is often used to make the leaves and other plant parts of the fake plant. The wire, on the other hand, is used to make the smallest branches, as in the case of banyan trees. Let’s not forget the latex, used to replicate fruits or shoots.

I close by returning to wood: in some high-end models these are authentic logs, treated in an autoclave to sanitize them to perfection. It goes without saying that this peculiarity makes them much more interesting from an aesthetic point of view, since they will be practically identical to real trees. Finally, the wire is useful as it allows you to reshape the position of the stems, so as to fix them if they are crushed in the packaging, or to customize them.

3. Dimensions and measurements

Generally, the fake trees for interiors or exteriors are available in different sizes, which you can select directly from the product sheet. Of course, there is no a priori right choice, since everything depends on your needs and on the size of the rooms that will host the plant. Usually the height of artificial trees starts from about 1 meter up to a maximum of around 2.5 meters, but there are exceptions that can even exceed 6 meters in height. The width also counts, given by the expansion of the foliage, and it is another factor that I advise you to evaluate very carefully.

4. Maintenance and care

One of the great advantages of fake trees is the almost total absence of maintenance. Being made of materials such as plastic, they do not attract insects and do not produce unpleasant odors. It means that you obviously won’t need to treat them with products such as herbicides and pesticides. Plus, you won’t have to water them, and that’s a pretty obvious and blatant advantage too. Choosing an artificial tree, therefore, means saving time, effort and even money, linked for example to the construction of an irrigation system.

This does not mean that you will have to abandon the fake plants to themselves, as they could still get dirty (especially if you keep them outside). Dust also tends to accumulate on the foliage. In any case, you just have to “arm yourself” with a cloth and moisten it with water, passing it gently on the leaves to clean them properly. In extreme cases it is possible to use a little detergent, excellent for example to remove mud deposits.

5. Jars and filling

At the beginning of the article I told you about the vase, which as you surely know has its own reason in terms of sturdiness, durability and obviously style. Almost all indoor and outdoor artificial trees are sold together with a plastic pot, which you can still replace with a little DIY. Pots of this type generally have a concrete or concrete base, which is essential to ensure the stability of the tree. Note that the vase is not always included in the package, but this is a rather rare circumstance.

If you decide to use a different pot, perhaps a larger one, remember to also find suitable filling materials: for example expanded clay, bark, classic soil, moss and white pebbles.


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