Are you looking for the best free standing garden hammock, with stand? Read my reviews and selection guide.

Donald Duck knows it well: when you are looking for a little relaxation in the garden, there is no better solution than a hammock. It is a trusted ally for outdoor comfort, especially when the scorching heat of summer envelops us, preventing us from breathing. Well, the model with self-supporting structure is a must for all those who cannot count on the presence of trees. In summary, these hammocks can be placed anywhere, as they can stand alone.

Characteristics of the freestanding hammock

It is not at all difficult to understand what the main feature of a garden hammock with stand is, since after all you just need to see them to realize it. In practice, the cloth is supported by a structure with an inverted trapezoid shape, almost always made of iron or other metals (sometimes even wood).

Specifically, there are two bars at the ends that have the task of holding the two extreme edges of the tarpaulin, while the base is composed of a low frame with four side feet. However, consider that you can also find hammocks with different shapes, such as the half-moon one, often used for wooden products.

In certain models of hammock with base you may find another different structure, as in the case of bed products: they have a frame as always with a trapezoidal shape, but this time the ends of the sheet are hooked to two side supports. Of course, it is important to study the maximum weight capacity that these hammocks can tolerate, as some are so massive that they can hold two people together.

Although they can also be used indoors or in camping, they are more suitable for “static” use in the garden, because they weigh more and are more complex to assemble. Know that freestanding hammocks have a very elegant aesthetic, so they are also fantastic as a piece of furniture for outdoor spaces. Finally, some models have a comfortable drinks table, truly the top for those who want to enjoy life without breaking a box.

Best hammocks with support

1. VITA5 Hammock for Two with Cup Holder

It is the hammock with stand that I chose to give myself for my birthday, and in my opinion it is one of the best ever, due to the presence of some really fantastic goodies. First of all, it has a frame that is adjustable in length, so that you can decide the extent of the bed. Secondly, it has a fabulous cup holder table, which you can also use to store your favorite book or smartphone.

  • Structure: trapezoidal
  • Measures: 2.44 x 1.6 meters
  • Scope: 205 kilos
  • Tissue: cotton
  • Extra: extendable frame and coffee table

What are its technical characteristics? It is a freestanding hammock for two, so it can be used as a double, and can tolerate up to 205 kilos of weight. The measures are on average, with a length of 2.4 meters (however extendable up to 3 meters) and a cloth width of 1.6 meters. In addition, in the package you will find instructions and a convenient carrying bag.

The frame is in powder-coated steel, very solid, stable and sturdy, and the feet have a protective rubber coating, useful for example for not scratching wooden floors. The tarp is super soft and comfortable, because it is made of cotton, but despite this it is quite sturdy and does not get damaged easily, even if you don’t want to leave it mounted outside when it rains. Finally, it is so solid that children can use it to play without fear of destroying it.

2. Live UHSDO8-24 Brazilian Hammock 200 KG

It is one of the best-selling versions of the Vivere online, and there are several reasons for its success. For one thing, it is one of the most compact and lightest around, considering that it weighs about 13 kilos and is 2.39 meters long, with a width of 1.6 meters. Despite this, it is very robust and can support a maximum weight of 200 kilograms.

  • Structure: trapezoidal
  • Measures: 2.39 x 1.6 meters
  • Scope: 200 kilos
  • Tissue: cotton

The frame construction is super solid, as it has been made from powder-coated steel, so it will stand up smoothly when left exposed to the elements. Also consider that this garden hammock with stand is large enough to accommodate two adults together, so you can also use it as a double hammock. The fabric of the towel is natural (cotton), but you don’t have to worry: in addition to being comfortable it is also quite durable.

If you want you could also choose the polyester version: you may prefer it because it does not rot, resists mold, does not get soaked but still maintains all the comfort of natural materials such as cotton. Plus, its bright, vibrant colors are great from a design point of view, and won’t fade over time. Very easy to assemble, it also has adjustable hooks on both ends and is so wide that you can also use it as a swing seat, sitting down without lying down.

3. VITA5 Hammock with Frame with Pillow Included

I would also like to introduce you to this other model of VITA5, this time with a classic structure and therefore not extendable. Also in this case it can be used as a double, since it can hold up to 200 kilos, while the dimensions are slightly more compact than the average (190 cm x 140 cm). The tarp is very sturdy but it is made of synthetic material, so it does not reach the comfort level of cotton, but it is much more robust, durable and tear-proof.

  • Structure: trapezoidal
  • Measures: 1.9 x 1.4 meters
  • Scope: 200 kilos
  • Tissue: synthetic

The package also includes a comfortable cushion, while the steel structure immediately gives a clear sensation of solidity and stability. Very easy to assemble, also thanks to the instructions in Italian, this garden hammock with self-supporting support also has a bag supplied, useful when you want to keep it. Secondly, despite being made of synthetic fabric, it is still very comfortable and the skin never sticks to the cloth, even if it can be a bit slippery.

In summary, we are faced with a top quality and very welcoming hammock, even if it probably does not reach the level of the others already reviewed. However, it is a good alternative option with a more robust cover designed to better withstand the elements. Furthermore, being slightly more compact and easier to assemble and disassemble, it can also be used without problems when camping.

4. Power Classics® Crossbar Model

Let’s move on to a hammock with a self-supporting arched and non-trapezoidal structure, probably the most robust in circulation. Made of steel resistant to humidity and rain, it has a maximum capacity of 220 kilograms and very large dimensions: in fact, consider that it measures 3.5 x 1.2 x 1.25 meters (length x width x height). It is therefore a double model, and with a little imagination you can even fit in three.

  • Structure: arched
  • Measures: 3.5 x 1.2 meters
  • Scope: 220 kilos
  • Tissue: cotton and polyester

It is true that it weighs more than the other models (about 25 kilos), but it is equally true that we are facing the queen of robustness and stability. The tarpaulin is also of excellent quality, made of cotton mixed with polyester (70% and 30%), therefore able to ensure a high level of comfort and at the same time a rather high resistance to rain, mold and sun. Finally, the epoxy powder coated steel has an extraordinary resistance over time.

Very easy to assemble, it can be assembled in about 20 minutes and the instructions are understandable and clear for anyone. Secondly, its excellent weather resistance won’t force you to take it apart for storage, also because being heavy it’s not exactly easy to do. In other words, if you are looking for a really solid and spacious hammock with stand, you will fall in love with the Potenza Classici.

5. Living Double Cotton Wooden Hammock

Okay, it is true that it costs what it costs, but we are talking about a garden hammock with a design support, with an arched structure in pine wood and with a very comfortable natural cotton cloth. If you like stylish products, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist it, due to its immense beauty. And it is also quite large, given that the measures correspond to 254 x 117 x 104 cm.

  • Structure: arched in wood
  • Measures: 2.54 x 1.17 meters
  • Scope: 200 kilos
  • Tissue: 100% double layer cotton

The structure also houses a series of hooks that allow you to adjust the extension of the towel, so that you can lie down further or lie higher. The frame is of a shocking solidity, considering that it was made of solid pine wood, obviously able to withstand bad weather, rain and humidity. The 100% cotton towel is super comfortable, but I recommend you keep it when it rains, to preserve it and to make it last a long time.

It is even a green hammock, as the solid pine is FSC certified, so it comes from sustainable forests, and it is another detail that makes this hammock with base and support unique. In addition, it can hold up to 200 kilos of weight and therefore you can also use it for two to lie down. Finally, I’ll close by talking to you once again about the cloth, very sturdy due to the double stitching, and you can also choose your favorite color.

How to choose the garden hammock with stand

1. Maximum range

As I have already mentioned several times, it is very important to evaluate first of all the capacity of the tarpaulin and the structure, therefore the maximum tolerable weight of the hammock with support. Usually the self-supporting models are designed to hold a heavier weight, especially thanks to the rigid structure. This in fact prevents the “roll” effect typical of traditional hammocks: that is when the weight is concentrated in the center and the sheet begins to turn unbalanced and roll up on itself.

Regarding the range, it depends on the model. A hammock with a classic stand usually can hold a minimum of 100 kilograms, while double ones can accommodate two people at the same time and sometimes even exceed 300 kilos. There is actually no right a priori value, since it obviously depends on your weight or on the number of people who will use it to enjoy some healthy relaxation in the garden. However, remember that a greater capacity also corresponds to a greater weight, given by a more robust structure (but this is not a defect, on the contrary).

2. Adaptable structure

Consider that usually this type of hammock allows you to adapt the structure, for example by reducing or lengthening the rod of the base. In this way you can stretch the sheet more or stretch it less, so as to adapt it to your needs of the moment. In other cases, however, you cannot change the extension of the frame, but you can adjust the hooks at both ends, obtaining a similar result.

3. Support materials

To ensure the hammock with fixed structure a strength and level stability, it is good that the frame is made with the best materials available. Iron and aluminum are by far the most widespread, but in the design hammocks we also find steel or wooden structures, fascinating and classic.

  • Iron: it is now a rather rare material, because on the one hand it ensures good resistance and sealing, but on the other hand it is very heavy.
  • Aluminum: probably the most popular in modern self-supporting hammocks with support, because it weighs less but still guarantees excellent stability.
  • Steel: the top in terms of sturdiness, and also in terms of resistance to rain and humidity.
  • Wood: the favorite choice for design lovers. Its aesthetic beauty has no noteworthy opponents, and ensures robustness and stability of the highest order.

Of course, each of these materials is treated to resist bad weather and humidity, thus preventing it from rusting, so from this point of view you can sleep (literally) soundly. To give you some concrete examples, usually steel is either stainless steel or is painted with epoxy powders, while aluminum is anodized.

Finally, the wood is always treated in such a way as to make it waterproof, so as to prevent it from swelling or deforming.

4. Cloth materials

When trying to figure out how to choose a garden hammock with support, I recommend that you always study the materials that make up the sheet. The latter can be made of synthetic or natural fabrics, depending on the price: in the first case the most used are nylon and polyester, while in the second case we often find cotton, jute and hemp.

  • Natural fabrics: they are the most comfortable around, because they “pamper” the skin more, and they are also breathable, so they do not make you sweat in the heat. However, they can have some contraindications: they tend to wear out more quickly, and also absorb liquids, so they take longer to dry in case of rain.
  • Synthetic fabrics: they are more resistant than natural ones, and dry at great speed after summer showers. On the other hand, they are less breathable and therefore can cause some sweating, and obviously do not have the aesthetic appeal of materials such as cotton or hemp. However, consider that their robustness amply compensates for the few reported defects.

However, know that the cotton used for the top-of-the-range hammocks is also able to resist rain and mechanical stress well. Consequently it is very resistant, although I personally recommend you to store it when there is a risk of rain.

I suggest you also pay close attention to other elements of the fabric, such as the quality of the seams. The hammock models with support with reinforced seams obviously last longer, and reduce the risk of tearing the bed, which unfortunately occurs frequently in low-cost and low-end products.

5. Dimensions and weight

A hammock with base is by its nature rather bulky, and it is for this reason that it is not very suitable for a “mobile” use (for example in camping) or for the interior of a house. I repeat that this is not a defect: if it were compact, you would not physically have the space to lie down, and you would risk tipping over at the first sneeze. As a result, be prepared to take up a few yards in the garden, but that’s the price to pay to give yourself a super comfortable nap in the fresh air.

As for the dimensions, some hammocks can even exceed 4 meters in length, although on average it stops around 2.5 meters. In doing the math, however, be sure to calculate not the length of the sheet but the length of the frame, which is the most important. The width also counts, and usually moves around 1.6 meters, while the height from the ground generally does not exceed 90 centimeters. Clearly these values ​​represent only an estimate, because it always depends on the product you choose.

And the weight? It will certainly never be light, so if you have to move it often you will probably have to spend some energy. In fact, consider that a hammock with a stand weighs on average about 18 kilograms.

6. Accessories supplied

Garden hammocks with stands usually come with a few extras in the box. Nothing exceptional, mind you, but these are additions that can increase your degree of comfort, when you “shoot” inside the bed. The pillow is without a doubt the extra I prefer, especially since – being coordinated – it will add an extra pinch of style to your hammock (and your garden). Of course, in the package you will also find the frame, together with the assembly kit and the cover.

There are actually some extras that you can buy separately, as long as that model is compatible. I’m talking about the wheel kit, for example, to be mounted on the arch of the trapezoid and which will allow you to tilt the hammock with structure and transport it with much less effort. In other products we also find a structure with a small table for drinks, and the transport bag, in case you decide to disassemble this self-supporting hammock and carry it with you or keep it sheltered.


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