Are you looking for the best garden trolley for transporting materials? Today I will tell you which are the most interesting models and how to choose it.

The garden cart can become a fantastic ally, especially for those who have a vegetable garden or a chicken coop, or for those who need a helping hand to transport heavy materials. I honestly can no longer do without it, a little because of my age, a little because of the need to travel several hundred meters. Among wooden logs, bags of fertilizer, earth, stones and (why not) children … I assure you that with a small expense you will bring home a real handyman who does not know the effort, and who will avoid the terrible transport of the bags on the shoulder.

How to choose the garden trolley

First of all, it is clear that I am talking about the transport cart for more or less heavy materials, and not the classic garden trolley. In that case, unfortunately, today’s guide is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a miniature towed wagon with a capacity of around 400-500 kg in kilos, then you are in the right place. Let’s get straight to the point: what are the peculiar characteristics of these trolleys?

1. Frame

First of all we are faced with carts with 4 wheels, and with a hook, which you can use for the manual towing of the tool. Of course, having to tolerate heavy weight, the trolley often has a reinforced steel frame. This is an excellent material, because it ensures a strong hold on the wagon, but at the same time it does not make it excessively heavy (around 10 kilos).

The structure of the wood trolleys on the other hand, it is very different, but it deals with specific products for the transport of logs.

2. Dimensions and load capacity

Size chapter: for sale you can find gardening carts of all sizes, so you can choose it based on your specific needs. Large models typically have a length of approximately 114cm, a width of 51cm and a height of 65cm (including wheels). These dimensions, together with the reinforced frame, allow you to carry a maximum weight of around 500-550 kilograms.

3. Opening sides and tipper body

A distinction must then be made between the carts with opening sides, and the models with fixed sides, which resemble gardening wheelbarrows with 4 wheels. Given the use you will make of it, I advise you to choose the carts with the sides that can be opened by releasing the special hinges. In this way you will be able to get out without problems the materials that the container contains, such as logs or bags of fertilizer.

  • Openable sides: by releasing the hinges, the side barriers of the box open and allow you to handle bulky materials with greater ease.
  • Tipper body: the possibility of tipping the body is optimal for unloading very heavy materials on the ground. This extra can only be found in the wheelbarrow models.

I want to give you a concrete example of a possible “alternative” use: if you have to carry branches or other materials that are too bulky for the cart, you can open the side panels and thus obtain extra space in width. You can do it with just one, or with all 4, depending on your needs. Or you can even take them apart and just use the floor of the garden trolley.

4. Towing stick

The stick for towing or towing, in addition to being very solid, in the best models of garden trolley has a handle lined with sponge. It is a feature that makes it ergonomic and more comfortable to hold, thus avoiding annoying blisters and calluses.

Furthermore, by moving the stick left and right you can move the front wheels up to a certain angle, thus making them turn to one side or the other.

In summary, you will be able to tackle even the tightest curves, without having to make a devil’s effort. As for the measurements, usually the tow rod of a 4-wheeled trolley is about 80 centimeters long.

5. Washable cloth and removable tray

These are two extras that I consider extremely valuable. Some models include a green cover sheet in the package, which you can use to line the body and to prevent the material from falling from the links of the cart floor.

It is a fundamental gadget, for example, if you have to transport various stones and stones, along with foliage, shavings, pellets and any pruning residue. And know that the towel can be washed without problems.

Finally, such a 4-wheeled trolley could also include a tray to be placed on top of the main load. You can use it to carry other smaller things, but without placing them directly in the central box.

6. Tires

The tires are those normally used for wheelbarrows, therefore with air filling and with tread, with a certain thickness and a certain pattern. The best are the Traktor grooved treads, due to the high grip they ensure in contact with the ground. In summary, they have a very strong grip and never slip.

As for the diameter of the wheels, this is usually around 26 centimeters.

Best gardening carts

1. TecTake Transport Cart (Type 10)

TecTake is a must-have brand when it comes to garden accessories, so it’s no surprise that its line of carts is the most famous. Be careful, however, because it is precisely a line: it means that there are products of different sizes, and which may or may not adapt to your specific needs. This material transport garden cart is the largest of them all, and that’s the one I’m currently using.

  • Model with opening sides
  • Dimensions: 114 x 51.5 x 65 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 550 kg
  • The package includes towel and tray
  • Durable metal frame

The Tipo 10 has in fact a measure of 114 x 51.5 x 65 centimeters, and is a model with opening sides. Simply use the hinges to open the side barriers or to disassemble them completely, thus using only the base of the box. The mechanism is simple to operate, as it is snap-on. Consider that in the package you will also find a removable tray and a very comfortable, washable inner cloth.

The maximum capacity is record-breaking, as it allows you to transport materials up to a total weight of 550 kilograms. Secondly, it has an 80 cm long tow rod with sponge padding, so as to facilitate the grip. The weight is heavier than the average, at 23 kilos, but that’s normal considering it’s a very large garden cart.

The materials that make up the frame are excellent, and the wheels have a diameter of 26 cm, with air-inflated tires and equipped with treads. I consider it the top of the range: if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy wagon, then you have found the model for you.


  • Very large dimensions
  • Huge load capacity (550 kg)
  • Excellent strength of the frame
  • Towel and tray supplied
  • With opening sides
  • Models of different sizes


  • Slightly higher than average weight

2. Deuba Tilting Hand Cart 300kg 75L

I have also decided to introduce you to this wheelbarrow model, therefore with a “solid” body and not in perforated metal mesh. It has an advantage that trolley products do not have, namely the tipper body, just like common garden wheelbarrows. It is clear that it has a small size and capacity, but it is an optimal solution if you do not have great needs in terms of weight to carry.

  • Model with tilting bowl (wheelbarrow)
  • Dimensions: 103.5 x 51 x 92.5 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 kg
  • Capacity of the box of 75 liters
  • Towing rod and steering wheels

The body has a maximum capacity of 300 kilograms (however high), and a total volume of 75 liters. Consider that on average it stops around 200 kilos and 50 liters in volume, so the Deuba is larger and more capacious than other products in this category (i.e. wheelbarrows). It is ideal for transporting logs, soil, bags and foliage, and is affordable.

The overall dimensions are 103.5 x 51 x 92.5 cm, while the diameter of the air-inflated wheels is 26 cm. The tub was made of impact resistant plastic, while the frame is as usual metal. The tow rod connects to the wheels allowing you to steer without any kind of problem, so you can use it even in the tightest and most confined spaces.

Finally, pay attention to these two details: the maximum sustainable load when you tip it is 150 kilos, and the assembly of the transport cart takes about 20 minutes.


  • Roomy for its category
  • The body is foldable
  • Wide wheels with excellent grip
  • Resistant tank
  • Steering towing rod


  • Assembly requires some patience

3. GEORGES Garden Cart Capacity Up to 550 kg

If you want to go on a budget, and put something aside, I suggest you evaluate this garden trolley for transporting materials from GEORGES. It is not the best on the market and indeed has some flaws, but it is normal, considering that it also has a price below average. The dimensions are 93 x 43 x 65 centimeters, while the maximum range is very large, from 550 kilograms.

  • Trolley with opening sides
  • Dimensions: 93 x 43 x 65 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 550 kg
  • Towel and tray supplied
  • Resistant and durable materials

In appearance it looks very similar to the TecTake cart, and indeed it is. It is in fact a model with sides that can be opened using the special hooks, and with a set that includes both the green inner cloth and the removable accessory shelf. The wheels are pneumatic, therefore inflated with air, and have a standard diameter of 26 centimeters. Good overall solidity, with a sturdy metal frame.

The maneuverability is not great, because the tow bar steering system is less efficient and agile than the more expensive garden trolleys. The handle, however, has a comfortable sponge coating in the shaft to be grasped with the hand. A more than positive rating for the wheels, equipped with high-friction treads and capable of withstanding heavy weights without problems.

Bottom line, it’s not the best 4-wheeled cart, but it’s one of the few less expensive alternatives that doesn’t dismantle itself on the first leap to the ground.


  • High body capacity
  • Solid and durable materials
  • Excellent level pneumatic wheels
  • The sides can be opened
  • The set includes inner towel and tray


  • Slightly smaller than average size
  • The steering system rod is not great

4. Sekey Multipurpose Folding Cart Cargo Carrier

I don’t particularly like folding models, but I have to say that this trolley knows its stuff. It will not be suitable for carrying overweight materials but if you are looking for a versatile multi-purpose tool then this is for you. It was born as a classic beach cart, but it can also be used in the garden, as long as it does not exceed a maximum capacity of 80 kilograms.

  • Folding trolley
  • Dimensions: 52 x 12 x 65 cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 80 kg
  • Compatible with the garden
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 600D Oxford fabric bag

We are dealing with a folding model, therefore without a “solid” box, and with a fabric container (Oxford 600D fabric). Excellent quality of the frame, made of stainless steel and very durable, while the dimensions are equal to 52 x 12 x 65 cm.

It is clear that lightness is one of its strengths, with a weight that just exceeds 8 kilos. In addition, the package includes a clear instruction manual for assembly, and a set of spare joints. In my opinion it is really versatile, but remember that it was born for the beach and not for gardening, although you can still use it for this purpose.

The wheels of this garden cart are obviously made of plastic and not inflated with air, but they have a surface that is compatible with earth and grass, and not just hard floors. Also know that the wheels include a braking system, very convenient to be able to lock them and to better manage them when going downhill.


  • Foldable model
  • It takes up little space when closed
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Very resistant canvas bag
  • Wheels with braking system
  • Versatile and inexpensive

Is the folding cart a valid alternative?

I’ll be honest: for the massive use that I make of it, I would never be able to get along well with a folding garden cart. This is because I need a maximum capacity of around 400 kilograms, while these models hardly allow you to exceed 80 kilos. A matter of tastes and needs, of course.

The folding cart has its super-lightness and manageability, as well as the possibility of being folded back on itself and therefore stored producing the minimum bulk. Furthermore, the models in question do not mount tires but hard plastic wheels, which however are perfectly suited to outdoor use.

In conclusion, these are multipurpose trolleys that you can also use to transport things from the sea, and with a much lower price. However, they are unsuitable for use in the garden, for example to transport logs or sacks.


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