Are you looking for the best garden water hose reel? Read my reviews, guide and opinions.

If you have not yet had the time or the opportunity to install an irrigation system in the garden or in the vegetable garden, then a hose reel can meet you in a thousand different ways. On the one hand, it makes watering the seedlings much more practical, and on the other hand it is a decidedly cheaper option when compared with systems. In short, you will not do the classic devil effort typical of watering cans, and for sure you will be able to find a perfect model for your needs. On the other hand, know that there are different products, and that it is necessary to deepen their differences and how they work.

Characteristics of the hose reel for water

First of all, it is good to point out the advantages of tube wrapping systems. First of all, they allow you to reach any area of ​​the vegetable garden or garden, which you might not be able to do with an irrigation system. Secondly, they will save you time and effort compared to traditional watering cans, and will also allow you to maintain perfect order in the garden. As I mentioned, however, there are various models that may or may not meet your needs, and they are the following.

  • Manual hose reel: it is the classic model par excellence. It is a frame with a central spool that houses the tube, while the winding system takes place thanks to a lateral and manual crank. Some models may have a preloaded water hose, so you can take a complete product home with you.
  • Trolley hose reel: it is manual and the winding operations take place thanks to a side crank, but it has wheels, so you can move it in comfort where you want and want. Depending on the model, it may also allow you to adjust the height of the handle that holds the section with the gun or the lance.
  • Wall-mounted hose reel: eliminates the encumbrance on the walkable surface of the garden, because it must be installed on the wall using a series of anchors. Consider that there are both fixed models and winders with a movable head that can be swiveled to the left and right (180 degrees). Furthermore, the wrapping system could be manual or automatic.
  • Automatic hose reel: also known as roll-up, this system features a mechanism that automatically wraps the tube. The system in question could be spring, compressed air or electric. In addition, there are products to be installed on the wall and others that must be placed on the floor, and equipped with wheels (therefore wheeled).

As you can see, the range of products at your disposal is truly vast. Also you should know that there are other differences that could distinguish the various hose reels, even within the same category. For example, they could include a garden hose preloaded, or you may find the plain cart without the tube.

Best garden hose reels

1. Gardena 2650-20 Classic 60 Wall

It is not automatic, but it is without a doubt one of the best reels to wind the pipe with installation on the wall. From this point of view, the fame of the Gardena brand is authentic, especially as regards the durability of the materials and the quality of the structure. It has a system with anti-drip nipple that prevents annoying leaks, and a metal support to fix it to the wall. For the record, the reel can be detached from the holder and stored, for example to protect it from theft.

  • Template: wall
  • Winding: by roller
  • Extra: anti-drop nipple

The strength of the support guarantees the roller a bombproof seal and record stability, and is able to accommodate a tube with a maximum length of 60 meters (½ inch diameter). Among other things, the roller runs smoothly and prevents the tube from knotting, and is very easy to both unroll and roll up. Secondly, the Gardena Classic 60 already has all the necessary fittings for connection to the tap, and the position of the hose (being inclined) avoids rubber bottlenecks and flow blockages.

Other features to note? The plastic is very sturdy, the design has the classic aesthetics of Gardena products and makes a good impression in the garden, and the possibility of detaching the coil from the wall is really super convenient. I put it to the test last summer and I must say that the durability of plastic materials surprised me a lot. I repeat that this is a very comfortable and functional hose reel: you can see that behind the design of the product there is a company that knows its stuff.

2. Gardena 18513-20 CleverRoll M

Let’s stay in the Gardena house but let’s move on to a classic hose reel trolley with wheels, with a roller with a capacity of 20 meters (½ inch tubes) and with a series of really interesting goodies. First of all, here too there is the integrated nipple to prevent dripping, and also there is a comfortable foot for the support that can be extracted, able to offer great stability to the product. Also consider that the CleverRoll remains stationary even when you extract and pull the tube towards you, and this is a fairly rare feature.

  • Template: from the ground with wheels
  • Winding: by roller
  • Extra: anti-drop nipple

The carrying handle is adjustable in height, so as to adapt it to the height of the user, and has an integrated clamp that allows you to hook the end of the hose or the nozzle when you have finished giving water. The connection with the pipe is made through an angular type fitting, which prevents the formation of any obstruction, guaranteeing an always continuous and optimized flow of water. The quality of the materials is really excellent, whether you decide to take the plastic version or the metal one.

The roller runs the tube smoothly, which never kinks, and the pulley system with crank handle will help you rewind it with minimal effort. Secondly, the CleverRoll M allows you to open the support foot quickly and comfortably, as you just need to spread it forward using your foot. The anti-overturning system is among the most effective in the tube wrapping trolley sector, and the price makes it clear that we are dealing with a robust product destined to last for a long time.

3. Gardena Rollup XL 35 Meters

For heaven’s sake, it has its cost, but we are facing the best wall hose reel currently in circulation. The Gardena Rollup XL houses a flexible hose with a length of 35 meters, while the hose rewinding system is automatic, therefore it uses spring technology. I clarify from now that this mechanism is very “smooth”, in the sense that it makes the pump slide without creating problems and without ever stopping. The hose is quite long, so rewinding the pump completely could be a little tiring.

  • Template: wall
  • Winding: automatic (spring)
  • Extra: can be swiveled through 180 degrees

In terms of the quality of materials, nothing to say, in the sense that the verdict is identical to that of the other Gardena garden water hose reels: excellent. The plastic is very sturdy, and the wall installation system is solid and reliable, although of course the stability also depends on the type of wall (better to prefer bricks or concrete). Other qualities to underline? It has a support that can be swiveled 180 degrees, giving you the ability to direct the tube without bending it and without tiring.

The structure houses a convenient hook at the bottom to hang any accessories such as the shower tip, while the design is truly elegant. Secondly, the Gardena Rollup is very easy to install, as it only takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the user’s experience. Then consider that this model can obviously be disassembled from the support, to re-enter it during the winter or to prevent some nice thief from taking it away.

4. AOKEY Garden hose reel 20+ 2 M

Let’s stay in the field of wall-mounted hose reels, but let’s lower the claims and discover together a mid-range model. In reality, this AOKEY product is worth more than its price tag, both for the quality of the plastics, and for the presence of a very functional automatic spring winding system that never jams. The integrated tube is 20 meters long and is quite thick, therefore of quality and proof of damage due to a possible one twist.

  • Template: wall
  • Winding: automatic (spring)
  • Extra: can be swiveled through 180 degrees
  • Extra: 10 in 1 gun supplied

As with any other spring-loaded product, this device also allows you to extract the desired length of the pump, and lock the pump in place. This will prevent the pipe from crawling on the ground, dirtying it with mud or running the risk of tripping over it. In addition, the AOKEY includes in the package a nozzle with 10 different functions, which you can use in watering can mode and much more. Spending a few euros more, if you want, there is also the version that includes a spear-shaped nozzle.

Wall installation is very simple and quick, as the package includes everything needed for wall mounting. Also know that the support is able to rotate up to 180 degrees, therefore you can orient it according to your needs, to optimize the irrigation of your garden without tiring too much. What else? The AOKEY has a truly exceptional reel, both when unrolling the tube, both when you have to lock it in position, and when you rewind it using the internal spring.

5. IKAYAA Painted Steel Trolley

If you are looking for a very classic hose wrap cart, but designed to withstand all weather conditions, then you will fall in love with this product from IKAYAA. It is in fact a model with wheels made entirely of powder-coated steel, therefore able to resist rust and humidity. Also, consider that this trolley has an important capacity, as it will allow you to insert a pipe with a length of more than 45 meters.

  • Template: from the ground with wheels
  • Winding: crank
  • Extra: in powder-coated steel

The assembly is not complex and indeed a lot of fun, while the wheels mounted on the frame are large (10 inches in diameter) and move smoothly. They also slide well when you drag the trolley with the hose full of water, thanks to the quality of the steel frame design. For the record, the rubber hose is not included in the package, but the trolley is compatible with all standard pumps, and with a length that can even exceed 50 meters (diameter ¾ of an inch).

Good dragging even on uneven ground, again thanks to the wheels, and then the design in my opinion is really a hymn to classicism, therefore suitable for any garden. Are there any other qualities to emphasize? This garden water hose reel won’t be super tech or modern, but it’s rock solid, runs the pump well, and looks really cool. The winding of the tube runs smoothly like oil, although obviously it is not automatic but with a crank handle.

Types of hose reels

At this point you will have already understood that it is essential to start with the type of hose reel, because different products meet different needs.

1. Models without wheels

The classic ones, that is manual and with a base without wheels, are the cheapest choice ever but they are also impractical. On the one hand you will save money, but on the other hand you will be forced to move them by hand by lifting them. However, if you don’t have the need to move them all the time and if you intend to leave them in their place, then they will be able to meet all your expectations.

On the other hand, there are manual products with a comfortable handle on top and low weight. The latter are easier to move, and are also very stable, especially if they have a triangle shape with a low center of gravity. In addition, they take up little space, and can integrate a hose supplied with a length from 10 up to 50 meters. Finally, know that most products of this type now have a preloaded hose and a water connection.

2. Models with wheels

In my opinion, the trolley models are the perfect middle ground, in terms of comfort and cost. They have a lower price than the automatic ones, but they can be moved thanks to the wheels integrated into the frame. They may or may not have the hose already integrated into the spool, and in the first case they will also have the water connection. The “naked and raw” trolleys are the cheapest choice, but obviously you will have to buy the hose separately, and not all of them have the fitting to connect the secondary hose that carries the water from the water source.

As I explained to you, these models can have a manual or automatic winding system. In the first case there is a traditional side crank, while in the second case there could be various systems, which we will explore further on.

3. Wall models

This is a very saving product, especially if you want to avoid taking up floor space. Furthermore, despite being fixed, it can often be oriented laterally up to a maximum of 180 degrees, giving you the possibility to water without obstacles in any direction, and without having to bend the rubber hose, risking damaging it. The winding operations are almost always simplified by a spring system, which allows you to decide how much tube to use, and to automatically wind the remaining part.

If you are interested in understanding how the automatic spring winding system works, I suggest you to deepen it by reading the next paragraph.

4. Automatic templates

How does the spring system work? When you take out the hose you have to get the section you need out of the coil until you get to the watering point, then pull out two more coils, and let go of the coils. In this way the spring will “suck” the tube and block it leaving only the section you need (inertial brake). The mechanism in question is useful for a reason: you will avoid making the section of hose you don’t need to crawl on the ground, so as to prevent accidental damage to the rubber and various trips. Furthermore, by remaining in mid-air the tube will not become dirty with mud.

The release of the tube takes place by pulling it forward for about 20 cm. To rewind the entire tube after unlocking it, all you have to do is walk towards the reel, accompanying it with your hand, since the spring will take care of the rest. Also consider that some wall-mounted water hose reels can be disassembled from the support and transported around the garden, thanks to a convenient handle. Other advantages? There is usually a safety mechanism that automatically locks the hose in case it gets out of hand. Finally, if the spring gets stuck, there is a special hook that you can use to solve this catch.

In reality, the spring system, although by far the most widespread, is not the only one you can find in automated garden hose reels. They are very rare and used above all in the professional field, and I’m talking about the models with electric or pneumatic (compressed air) winding.

How to choose the hose reel for garden water

1. Materials

It is essential that the frame of your hose reel is sturdy, both for a question of stability and durability over time. This is a discourse that applies to any type of device, obviously including products to be installed on the wall. In that case it is really important to choose products with a solid support, and with reliable brackets, although obviously the quality of the installation will also depend on the wall (better the concrete or bricks).

As for floor reels, usually the frame is made of hard plastic, fiberglass or metal. It goes without saying that the third is the absolute best option, although it increases the overall weight of the model. However, I advise you not to underestimate hard plastic and fiberglass: they offer an excellent degree of strength, are lighter and often cost a little less.

Each of these solutions is able to withstand blows and bumps, and can be used outdoors. The metal is often anodized or powder coated and therefore able to resist rust, while the hard plastic is treated in such a way that it does not harden due to the action of the sun’s rays. The perfect middle ground is fiberglass – it’s stronger than hard plastic, but weighs less than metal.

2. Preloaded tube

Reel products, therefore those to be mounted on the walls, always have the tube preloaded. This rule does not apply to all the others, since there are models with and without a hose on the market. It is clear that the choice always depends on your needs, but if I can give you some advice… some sets include a hose of exceptional quality and in the end they make you spend even less, compared to buying the pump separately. Suffice it to mention the products Gardena, absolutely among the best in circulation (including the tube).

3. Water connection

Garden hose reels with preloaded pump almost always have a water connection or a secondary pump to be connected to the water source. In this regard, I recommend that you check that the various fittings for connecting the system to a water source such as the tap are also included in the package. To give a concrete example, you might find hose reels with ¾ inch and ½ inch plugs, so you can connect them to different types of taps.

In some appliances you will also find a connection with Aqua-Stop technology, which allows you to interrupt the flow of water without having to close the tap.

4. Length of the tube

The length of the tube matters a lot, and will have to be chosen according to your needs of use. On sale you can find preloaded models compatible with pipes starting from a minimum of 10 meters, up to a maximum length of approximately 60 meters. Of course, the longer the pump, the farther you can go to irrigate the vegetable garden or the various areas of the garden.

5. Accessories supplied

In addition to some essential accessories such as the mounting kit (wall products) and the pump (products with preloaded hose), you may also find other extras in the package. We have already talked about the fittings for the tap, and I also mentioned the possible presence of the lance or the gun. In addition, in some cases you may also find a secondary hose connection with anti-drip nipple: this will prevent the pump from losing water while the trolley is moving.

Finally, know that the secondary hose is not always included in the package: if it is not present, however, just cut a piece of a pump and attach the fitting to connect it to the water inlet in the hose reel.


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