In this guide you will find my reviews of the best Husqvarna blower models, including the 580BTS, a petrol and professional appliance.

Husqvarna is a Swedish company specializing in the production of leaf blowers, with a rich catalog, to say the least, which includes both battery-powered devices and internal combustion engines. Today I intend to better introduce you to all the best models of this brand, making a broad overview of the blowers of a brand known for its reliability. Thanks to these devices, you can literally sweep everything from leaves in the garden to chipboard in hobby workshops, and dirt in the barn or sheds.

Features of Husqvarna blowers

As I mentioned earlier, this Swedish brand has launched blowers of all types on the market, from electric and battery-powered ones, up to petrol models. The former are less powerful but more comfortable to use, while the latter are real professional blowers, with high engine power and record blowing force. Know, however, that we are talking about devices designed especially for “serious” use. Here is a small preview:

  • Battery models: i battery operated leaf blowers of the Swedish brand can be considered high-end devices, as they have a price that exceeds 300 euros (against 100-150 euros on average). However, consider that the price does not include the 36 volt battery, which you will have to buy separately.
  • Petrol models: blowers with petrol engines such as the Husqvarna 580BTS are tools designed for professional use, with a price that can range from 650 euros up to over 800 euros. However, they are characterized by very advanced technologies, such as the X-Torq engine, which increases fuel efficiency by 20%, cutting emissions by approximately 75%.

Each luminaire produced by this brand can count on several advantages in common with the others, such as the solidity of the materials and the high build quality. The electric ones are quieter than the average ones while, as mentioned, the Husqvarna petrol blower models stand out for their power and efficiency, as well as for the reduction of harmful emissions into the environment.

In addition, they have an ergonomic handle, a system that reduces vibrations to a minimum, the selector to adjust the fan speed (Cruise Control) and a very easy to use control panel. Finally, consider that these models are created purely for blowing, since only the 125BVx has the suction function. If you are interested in a product of this type, I recommend you read my guide on vacuum blowers.

Best Husqvarna blowers

1. Husqvarna 580BTS 2-stroke petrol engine Displacement 75.6 cm³

I leave immediately “with a bang”, reviewing one of the best blow-out blown leaves currently in circulation. It is true that it costs around 700-800 euros, but it is equally true that you will hardly find other products of this caliber. First, it is fitted with a 2-stroke engine with a displacement of 75.6 cubic centimeters, and emits a jet of air that can even reach 92.2 meters per second.

  • Displacement: 75.6 cubic centimeters
  • Air speed: 92.2 meters per second
  • Air flow from the beak: 26 cubic meters per minute
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
  • 2-stroke engine power: 3.3 Kilowatts
  • Backpack model and with internal combustion engine

What are the other technical data to underline? The air flow out of the spout reaches 26 cubic meters per minute, while the weight is almost 12 kilos (11.8 kilograms, to be precise). Although it is quite heavy, the weight is well balanced by the structure and the presence of the shoulder straps, since it is a backpack blower. In addition, the Husqvarna 580BTS has a comfortable ergonomic handle and the primer, which is useful for starting it easily.

In terms of power we are faced with a real “monster”. This is thanks to the X-Torq engine, which allows this Husqvarna blower to offer exceptional performance when blowing leaves and debris. In addition, the X-Torq produces fewer harmful emissions than other models, cutting exhaust gases by -75%. Finally, it optimizes fuel consumption by allowing you to save 20%.

The comfort is remarkable, as the shoulder straps are also ergonomic, as well as adjustable. Secondly, this appliance has a 2-stage filter that allows you to use it even when raising a lot of dust, preventing it from entering the engine and damaging it. Also know that it never overheats, that it produces few vibrations even at maximum power, and that it has a very powerful motor, with a yield of 3.3 kilowatts.


  • Professional petrol model
  • Very powerful engine
  • High blowing capacity
  • 2-stage anti-dust filter
  • Easy starting system
  • It produces very few vibrations
  • It consumes less and pollutes less


  • Very high price
  • Being a petrol engine, it weighs more

2. Husqvarna 125B Petrol Engine Displacement 28 cm³

If you are looking for a Husqvarna blower with a more affordable price, then I recommend this model with a petrol engine (mixture) with a displacement of 28 cubic centimeters. The air velocity reaches 76 meters per second, while the air flow of the blowing nozzle is equal to 12 cubic meters per minute. In addition, it is quite light, considering that it barely exceeds 4 kilograms.

  • Displacement: 28 cubic centimeters
  • Air speed: 76 meters per second
  • Air flow from the beak: 12 cubic meters per minute
  • Weight: 4.2 kilograms
  • Motor power: 0.8 Kilowatt
  • Petrol model for private use

Although not a top range of the Swedish brand, the 125B is proposed as one of the best candidates for individuals, who want to sweep away the leaves from their lawn or garden. However, remember that it has a very high power, so it is anything but a “toy”, and that the investment is not cheap. In any case, despite a cost of around 250 euros, at a hobby level it is difficult to find better.

It has all the commas in the right place, starting with the usual ergonomic handle, up to an excellent weight balance. In addition, the Husqvarna 125B has an easy starting system with automatic return stop button, and the selector for adjusting the speed of the air flow (very easy to reach). Finally, it is good to underline the presence of a command group that is easy to use.

Another noteworthy feature is the blowing tube which, in addition to being very solid, is also telescopic. It means that you can adjust its length, so as to adapt it to any circumstance. In terms of performance, it can guarantee maximum yield, and lasts a lifetime, considering the quality of the materials and assembly of the various components. And it emits very few vibrations, which is a valuable advantage.


  • Lower price than others
  • Model for private use
  • Excellent blowing power
  • Ergonomic and very light
  • It produces very few vibrations
  • Very quiet blower
  • Speed ​​adjustable by selector
  • Durability and quality materials


  • Not for professional use

3. Husqvarna 125BVx Petrol Blower Vacuum

Let’s change register for a moment, and let’s discover one of the few Husqvarna blower models that also have the suction function and the bag. This device, in fact, is able to suck up the foliage and shred it, and then unload the debris inside the special container (included in the package). The technical characteristics are in fact identical to the 125B model.

  • Blow, vacuum and chop the leaves
  • Displacement: 28 cubic centimeters
  • Air speed: 76 meters per second
  • Air flow from the beak: 12 cubic meters per minute
  • Weight: 4.35 kg
  • Motor power: 0.8 Kilowatt
  • Petrol model for private use

It has an engine with a displacement of 28 cubic centimeters and an air flow from the beak that reaches 12 cubic meters per minute, while the air speed reaches 76 meters per second as usual. It retains all the advantages of the 125, including the great quality of the materials and the lightness, since it weighs only 4.3 kilos. It is true that it has a higher price (around 300 euros), but this is due to the presence of the double suction / grinder function.

The fan houses a disc with very sharp knives, capable of shredding leaves and small debris with a ratio of 16: 1 (very high). In summary, by chopping up the foliage better, the wood chips take up less space in the bag, so the bag fills up more slowly. As a result, you will need to empty it less often than usual, allowing you to focus more on your work.

Of course, there is no shortage of other good news, such as the presence of the Cruise Control to adjust the fan speed, together with the telescopic tube adjustable in length. Finally, just like the Husqvarna 580BTS, this model also has a comfortable ergonomic handle. In conclusion, an excellent vacuum blower for private use, powerful, multifunctional and well balanced.


  • Blow, suck and chop
  • Very powerful engine
  • Ideal for private use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight, quiet and efficient
  • It has the bag supplied
  • Selector to adjust the speed


  • It is not a professional tool

4. Husqvarna Blower 536LiB 36V 48 m / s at Battery

Here we are in front of an excellent Husqvarna battery blower, but know right away that the latter is not included in the package, so you will have to buy it separately. As for the technical characteristics, this device has an air speed of 49 meters per second and an air flow from the nozzle that reaches 11.7 cubic meters per minute. In addition, it is very light and without battery it weighs exactly 2.4 kilograms.

  • Battery model
  • Battery voltage (not included): 36V
  • Air speed: 49 meters per second
  • Air flow from the beak: 11.7 cubic meters per minute
  • Weight: 2.4 kilos (without battery)
  • Battery life: 15 to 21 minutes

The technical equipment is of high quality, with a brushless motor that produces very little noise, and with a particular function (Boost) that accelerates the air flow for a limited period of time. In addition, it is very comfortable to hold thanks to the ergonomic handle and allows you to adjust the air speed, thanks to the Cruise Control selector. Then consider that this model has a considerable duration, around 21 minutes in ECO mode.

Unfortunately, the extra expense for the battery is necessary, unless you already have one from Husqvarna, which you can for example switch from the chainsaw or brushcutter of this brand to the blower. Returning to the technical characteristics, we find other benefits such as the high blowing power, extraordinary if compared to the weight of the product, which is very light.

Remember that this Husqvarna blower, being electric, consumes much less than a device with an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, the absence of the fuel system makes this blower much easier to maintain and clean. Finally, the electronic control system, in addition to saving energy, also ensures less downtime.


  • Battery model
  • Excellent autonomy (21 minutes)
  • Lightweight and comfortable blower
  • Selector to adjust the speed
  • It consumes less than motorized ones
  • Quiet and ergonomic
  • Boost function to speed up the flow


  • Rather high price
  • Battery and charger not included

Which Husqvarna blower to choose?

At this point you will have already understood that the list of blowers of this Swedish brand offers two distinct categories: on the one hand the appliances for domestic use (therefore for individuals), on the other the devices for professional use. What are the differences, besides the price?

  • Blowers for individuals: they are powerful and high-end, but are especially recommended for those who will use them sporadically and not continuously. For occasional use they are in fact the top of the sector, and it is easy to understand from their price, higher than the market averages. They weigh little, are easy to maneuver and have an excellent structural balance.
  • Blowers for professionals: they have a higher price, but this is justified by an engine suitable for continuous use and for the most demanding tasks. The professional models are always petrol, with backpack shoulder straps, and with a 2-stage filter that protects the engine from dust. The engine is very powerful, and performance is guaranteed over the long term.

Personally I consider Husqvarna blowers among the best on the market, even if the price does not make them really suitable for a hobbyist, or for those looking for a simple blower for a small garden. Not bad, because if you want a powerful and reliable tool, an extra expense must always be taken into account.


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