Are you looking for the best log trolley with wheels? Here you will find reviews of the most interesting models and a handy guide to choosing them.

The log trolley is an excellent choice, especially when you need to stock up on logs for winter. Finally, the time has come to light the fireplace to heat the house, and to enjoy a warm evening with your family. The real problem, however, is the effort you would spend on storing and transporting the logs: a problem that you can easily solve thanks to these accessories. That’s why today I’ll explain which ones are the best and how to choose the right one.

Characteristics of the wood-carrying trolleys

First of all, a wood cart always has wheels, the number of which can vary from 2 to 4, depending on the model. The latter are necessary to allow you to transport without problems a container which, in all probability, once filled will weigh several kilos. Of course, the structure can also change, understood both in terms of shape, dimensions and manufacturing material.

Dimensions are very important, especially if you have to store and transport a large quantity of logs, or pieces of wood with generous measurements. The material also counts a lot: usually the classics garden trolleys they have a frame made of reinforced steel, while a trolley with wheels specific for wood has a closed iron box or a bookcase-shaped structure with one or two shelves. However, there is no shortage of trolleys with alternative shapes, such as basket ones.

I will delve into each of these elements later but, before proceeding with the reviews, I would like to point out some great advantages of these carts. First of all, depending on the model, they are ideal for storing the logs in an orderly way and then to facilitate the extraction of the pieces of wood, when you need to use them for the fireplace. Secondly, you can drag them along with you, for example, when cutting or pruning a shrub in the garden, minimizing efforts.

Best wood trolleys with wheels

1. Deuba Trolley With Removable Canvas Bag 550 kg

I decided to start with a real garden cart, with a mesh-reinforced steel frame, and with an internal tarpaulin to prevent twigs from coming out of the mesh. I chose it because of its capacity, considering that it can hold a load up to a maximum weight of 550 kilos, therefore it is excellent for transporting logs. In addition, the body has important measures, so it is also roomy.

  • Maximum load: 550 kg
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • 4 wheels with Traktor tread
  • Extra removable cover and shelf

It is a very versatile log trolley with wheels, since you can use it to transport anything in the garden and beyond. There are those who also use it on site, to make you understand its robustness and its ability to tolerate very heavy loads. Secondly, know that it has a very comfortable bar to tow it, and that it is equipped with 4 wheels with Traktor tires, so it passes without problems even on the most barren terrain.

The rims are made of steel and therefore also withstand prolonged stress, while the inner bag can be removed, but it is convenient for collecting foliage and twigs and to prevent them from falling on the lawn. It should also be emphasized that it has a small extra removable shelf, which you can use as an upper support base. Know that this wood trolley with wheels can also be towed by a garden tractor, as you just need to remove the tow bar.


  • Maximum capacity 550 kg
  • Very sturdy and durable construction
  • Rather large body
  • The tow bar can be removed
  • Steel rims and profiled tires
  • Removable tarpaulin supplied


  • Steering system not perfect
  • Not very useful for wood storage

2. TecTake Trolley For Fireplace in Perforated Sheet

If you are interested in an ideal wood cart for storing logs, then I recommend this model from TecTake. The structure is in the shape of a bookcase, in perforated sheet metal with a thickness of 1 mm, with two shelves (one low and one central). There are 2 wheels, and in front there are 2 feet to ensure the stability of the trolley when you decide to keep it stationary.

  • Bookcase structure with 2 shelves
  • Perforated sheet materials
  • 2 plastic wheels and 2 support feet
  • There is the bar to drag it

It is not very suitable for dragging it around in the garden, because the wheels are small and therefore not comparable to those of carts. It is great, however, if you want to store wood and keep it for example in the living room, since it has a basic design but still elegant in its own way. In summary, you can leave it in the living room in sight, and immediately have the logs to put in the fireplace or stove at hand.

The two shelves are convenient, because they allow you, for example, to keep separate logs of different sizes. The two front feet are quite stable, so they easily withstand the weight of the stacked wood. There is also a bar to be able to drag it, it weighs little (about 12 kilos) but is not designed to accommodate an exaggerated amount of logs, however it has a rather large height (1 meter).


  • You can also leave it in the living room
  • Ideal solution for storing logs
  • Wheels for transporting wood
  • It weighs little and has a resistant structure
  • Structure with 2 shelves available
  • There is the bar to drag it


  • Not suitable for dragging large quantities
  • Not suitable for very long logs

3. TecTake Cart With Dustpan, Broom and Stove Poker

This model of log trolley with wheels is a little gem to keep in the living room, next to the stove. In addition to having a nice design, perfect for not looking out of place at home, it also has a side grill to hang the shovel, the broom and the poker for the stove (all 3 gadgets are included in the package). Despite being quite robust, however, it is small and therefore suitable for containing not too many logs.

  • Bookcase structure with 1 shelf
  • Sheet metal materials
  • 2 plastic wheels and 2 support feet
  • There is the bar to drag it
  • Kit includes shovel, broom and poker

The structure is very similar to the wood trolley seen above, so it is a bookcase but with only one shelf. In addition, it has 2 plastic wheels and 2 feet to stabilize it when you are not going to move it. The transport, on the other hand, is facilitated by the upper bar, which you can grip to drag it in comfort. Then consider that the set included in the package also makes it very versatile, since it is excellent for managing the fireplace.

The measures as mentioned are not very large (42 x 41 x 81 cm – width x depth x height), but if you buy it you already know that you will use it more at home than in the garden. Of course, the sheet metal base is not designed to hold heavy loads, so you have to pay attention to the amount of wood you will place on the shelf. In any case, my advice is to place a support under the sheet, to prevent it from boarding due to the weight of the wood.


  • It has a stove kit supplied
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • Perfect design for the living room
  • Good quality of materials
  • Support wheels and feet


  • Not suitable for heavy loads
  • Better to reinforce the sheet metal base

4. CASAMANIASHOPPING Wrought Iron With Fireplace Set

I bought it last year and it was love at first sight. If you like to have at home a wood trolley with wheels, of design and handcrafted in wrought iron, then I advise you not to miss this model. The style is impeccable, so it fits wonderfully in living rooms, especially rustic ones, and the package also includes a handy kit for cleaning the fireplace (broom and dustpan).

  • Wrought iron chest
  • Handcrafted invoice
  • 4 plastic wheels
  • There is the bar to drag it
  • Kit includes dustpan and broom

The box is the real strong point of this wood trolley, as it is very resistant and of aesthetic value, as well as made by wrought iron experts. The central floral decoration is very beautiful, placed on a fine mesh grid, which serves to disperse moisture and to keep dry wood logs. In addition, it is equipped with 4 medium-sized tilting wheels that allow you to move it wherever you want.

Unlike other models, I recommend that you move it by pushing it from the special bar and not pulling it, since you will have less effort. Secondly, it is also quite roomy, considering its 84cm height, 52cm width and 47cm depth. Finally, I would like to return to the design: wrought iron has in fact a vintage look and a black / copper color, given by the painting and brushing.

There are also other versions with different sizes, and they are the following:


  • Exceptional vintage design
  • Sturdy materials and craftsmanship
  • Wheels to facilitate transport
  • Excellent capacity
  • Mesh grill to keep the wood dry
  • Different sizes available


  • Price above average

5. Trolley Trolley With Broom, Shovel and XXL Poker

This product is very similar to the TecTake log trolley, therefore it has a bookcase shape and 2 shelves on which to stack the wood logs. It is an XXL size so, while obviously not having the capacity of a garden trolley, it is large enough to hold many logs. In addition, the package includes the broom, shovel and even the poker for the fireplace.

  • Bookcase structure with 2 shelves
  • Perforated sheet materials
  • 2 plastic wheels and 1 support foot
  • There is the bar to drag it
  • Kit with shovel, broom and poker

The structure is of very good quality, in perforated sheet metal, to improve the dissipation of humidity and therefore to dry the wood. The design is very nice, therefore it fits perfectly in living rooms, and is perfect for placing next to stoves and fireplaces. As for the dimensions, it has a height of just over 1 meter, while the width and depth correspond to 45 cm x 55 cm.

The maximum tolerable load is remarkable, especially if we consider that it is a bookcase trolley, and it can hold up to 80 kilos of wood logs. Secondly, it has nice red-coated plastic wheels and a single very wide foot, which improves the overall stability of the structure. Of course it also has the bar to tow it, and the sheet metal is rustproof.


  • Important load capacity
  • Excellent quality of the structure
  • Kit with shovel, broom and poker
  • Basic but elegant design
  • 2 wheels and 1 wide support foot


  • Be careful not to overdo the weight

How to choose the log trolley with wheels

1. Load capacity

It is by far one of the most important factors to study. The load capacity, as its name basically explains, indicates the quantity in kilos tolerable by the structure of the wood trolley. The models with the largest capacity are garden carts, as they can exceed even the maximum tolerance of 500 kilograms. The bookcase structures, on the other hand, reach a maximum of 80-100 kilos.

I give you a suggestion: for bookcases, from personal experience, it is always the case not to reach the maximum capacity, because there is a risk that the shelves can bend under the weight of the logs.

2. Transport or storage?

By its nature, a wood trolley with wheels can be used both for the transport and for the storage of wood logs. But it is clear that, depending on the type, there are certain models more suitable for one purpose, and others more suitable for the other. Carts are the best for transporting wood and more, because they are easier to tow and have treaded tires. It means that you can also drive them long distances without exerting too much effort, and even on barren and rough terrain.

Conversely, the bookcase models are useful for short distances, no further, but they are excellent for storing pieces of wood and for picking them up without difficulty. Unfortunately, we do not find these advantages in garden carts, but it is not a defect. Each of the two models, in fact, stands out for certain characteristics and certain purposes of use. The important thing is to have clear ideas about the use you intend to make of it.

In addition, the fact that they have shelves allows you to remove or arrange the logs more quickly and in comfort.

3. Design, materials and use in the home

The 4-wheel wood trolleys are much more robust, because they are designed to tolerate loads even on construction sites (therefore stones and balate). On the other hand, they do not have a design particularly suitable for living rooms, because they have no aesthetic purpose. On the contrary, the bookcase models are more delicate being made of sheet metal, so you have to be careful not to overload them too much, but they are excellent to keep in the living room because of their look.

In terms of materials, steel log trolleys are the most robust of all, but you must not underestimate the strength of the sheets, although they have a low thickness (about 1 mm). The only exception are those in wrought iron, with a truly eternal body and capable of tolerating a very large mechanical stress. It is true that they cost more, but they have no terms of comparison in terms of aesthetic beauty, although they are less practical to move.

4. Accessories supplied

A trolley with 4 wheels for wood almost always has a tarp included in the package and a movable shelf to be added to the top of the box. The sheet is used to cover the bottom and sides of the cart, which avoids dropping twigs, stones and foliage during the journey. The shelf, on the other hand, is useful for placing smaller items on top.

Library structures and chests, on the other hand, sometimes include a fireplace kit in the package, with a shovel, a poker and a broom. Since they are meant to be parked near the fireplace or stove, this tool set is very useful indeed.


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