Are you looking for the best multifunction brushcutter? Today I will tell you which are the most interesting models and how to choose it.

The combi brushcutter is a truly fantastic tool for gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike, and the reason for this is explained by the word “multifunction” itself. In practice, spending on just one product you will take home 3, 4 or even 5 different ones, ready to satisfy any need. From lawn mowers to hedge trimmers, to chainsaws and trimmers, trust that you will find everything you need to take care of your lawn, garden or plot of land.

What is a multifunction brushcutter

As I mentioned earlier, we are talking about a device that includes several cutting groups in the set and you, if necessary, can choose which one to mount. This is nothing complex, because we have a simple tube with a handle, which houses the motor and the fuel system. In summary, at the end of the tube you can connect one of the interchangeable tools included in the package. Depending on the model and expense, you may find the following components:

  • Chainsaw
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Grass trimmer
  • Edge trimmer
  • Pruner
  • Garden cutter (not very common)
  • Blower (not very common)
  • Olive harvester (not very common)

The coupling of each cutting unit takes place thanks to a quick coupling placed at the base of the tube. This attachment system is very easy to use, both when you will mount an accessory and when you will disassemble the previous one. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to use it effectively, just the opposite. Of course, the tool must have a balanced structure and not excessive weight. If not, it will be very inconvenient to use.

And the power? Know that these products perform very well, but not as much as high-end single-function brushcutters. The latter usually have a more powerful engine, as they are optimized for cutting weeds, grass and small shrubs with not too woody stems. But if you’re planning on giving yourself an all-rounder, then there’s really no match.

Multifunction battery or petrol brushcutter?

So far we have understood that a product of this type is identical to a common brush cutter, but with a “small” difference: the cutting head can be disassembled and replaced with another of the components present in the package. On the other hand, not all combined appliances are the same, as the power supply system could change. What options are available?

1. Model with internal combustion engine

It is by far the most popular on the market, for a number of reasons. For one thing, it costs less than battery-powered ones, and has a longer range. Secondly, it is true that it weighs more than the second category, but it is equally true that it features better performance and a more powerful engine.

2. Model with battery motor

It has a higher cost but is lighter than the multifunction brushcutters with petrol engine. Also consider that it is often less powerful, because the batteries would hardly be able to support a top-of-the-range motor, without discharging after a few minutes. Despite this, it is a modern option that knows its stuff, and some models can almost match the performance of those with a gasoline engine.

Best combined brushcutters

1. ParkerBrand Multifunction 5 in 1 52 CC Nitro Engine

This is not a professional multifunction brushcutter, but it is one of the best in terms of quality / price ratio. It has a low cost, considering that it includes 5 different elements: the blade brush cutter, the wire trimmer, the hedge trimmer, the chainsaw and the extendable shaft. Power is at a good level, given the 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine, and the blades spin at 7,500 revolutions per minute.

  • Internal combustion engine: 2-stroke 52 cc
  • Includes 5 accessories
  • Telescopic rod
  • Shoulder harness
  • Emergency stop button

Consider that the package also contains the harness to wear the device on the shoulder, a handy tool kit and a bottle for dosing the fuel. In this regard, I recommend using a blend with a 25: 1 ratio, although according to the manufacturer it is also possible to use a 40: 1 one. In terms of modularity, the very rich set of accessories makes this instrument incredibly versatile.

Consider that it is not the lightest ever, but the internal combustion engine, heavier than batteries, has an impact on this factor. However, all components are of good quality and sturdy, so they will last for quite some time. The instructions are also included, but they are of rather poor quality: never mind, because the system for attaching the pieces is quite intuitive.

For the record, in the package you will also find a pair of work gloves, a pair of protective goggles and the graduated half-liter tank. From my tests one of the best parts is the chainsaw, with a truly surprising power, while the greatest difficulties come when you use the hedge trimmer at great heights, because the weight is felt a lot. Finally, I repeat that it is unprofessional.


  • Very affordable price
  • 5 accessories supplied+ other extras
  • Excellent pruning chainsaw
  • Quality components
  • Good overall performance
  • Emergency stop button


  • Unclear instruction booklet
  • It requires a fair amount of maintenance

2. AOSOME Petrol 5 in 1 Multifunction 52 CC Motor

Another lap, another run, another multifunctional brushcutter with internal combustion engine. Only this time it takes a step forward in terms of quality, so much so that the price exceeds 200 euros. But this is money well spent: the bundle contains a chainsaw, a hedge trimmer, an edge trimmer, the brush cutter and a telescopic stick. The engine, on the other hand, is a 52 CC 2-stroke, so on average with the market.

  • Internal combustion engine: 2-stroke 52 cc
  • Includes 5 accessories
  • Telescopic stick
  • Harness with double strap
  • Tiller and olive shaker available (separately)

The higher price is due to the great quality of all the cutting units available, and to a series of very interesting extra features. First, this unit has an emergency button and a carburetor with a priming pump. Secondly, it also comes with the shoulder harness with double and adjustable shoulder strap, the tool kit and a bottle for mixing.

As for the functions, we find the possibility of adjusting the angle of the hedge trimmer blade, and a multifunctional wire brush cutter with automatic nylon feed. Secondly, the structure houses a knob assembly system that is comfortable to use, and a metal bar that protects the fuel tank, preventing it from being damaged by shocks and blows. Finally, a ratio of 40: 1 is required for the mixture.

The only real flaw is the nylon thread, which is best replaced with a thicker wire, especially if you have to cut tall and tough weeds. However, it has a high power and the performances are very advanced, although it is not even in this case a professional combined brushcutter. And if you wish, you can buy (separately) the olive shaker accessory and the cutter.


  • Withstands intensive stress
  • 5 accessories supplied
  • Excellent base power
  • Excellent chainsaw and brush cutter
  • It is well balanced even though it weighs
  • Excellent value for money


  • However, it is not professional
  • Better to change the nylon thread

3. Greencut GM650 6-1 Multifunction 6 in 1 65 CC

In the non-professional field, this is probably the most powerful combined brushcutter ever, due to the presence of a 65 CC 2-stroke petrol engine. It is a real “monster”, with very high performance, and with a set of top-of-the-line accessories: it includes a double-blade, a triple-blade brushcutter, a wire trimmer, a chainsaw, a hedge trimmer. and the telescopic handle (total: 6 pieces).

  • Internal combustion engine: 2-stroke 65 cc
  • Includes 6 accessories
  • Telescopic stick
  • Shoulder harness
  • Suitable for intensive use

Its super motor makes it ideal for plots of land up to 2,000 square meters, and the power is adjustable, therefore you can adapt it according to the real needs of the moment. In addition, this 6-in-1 unit starts quickly, thanks to the manual starter system combined with the electronic ignition, so it also runs cold. Finally, it has the canonical engine block in case of emergency, and there is also a version with even 9 accessories:

I repeat that it remains a semi-hobby product, but you can “massacre” it since it can resist even under stress, and with really intensive efforts. Consequently, unlike other multifunction brushcutters, this one does not collapse if you use it not sporadically and continuously. Secondly, it has a very affordable price and a very quick and easy to use accessory attachment and release system (Tap’n’Go).

As if this were not enough, the weight is well balanced, the fuel tank is quite large and has an ergonomic handlebar with double grip. In summary, the weight is distributed very well and is not at all complex to use. Also know that the package includes the shoulder harness. The only flaw is the assembly of the hedge trimmer unit, which is rather complicated to insert.


  • Exceptional power
  • Equipment of record accessories
  • Range up to 2,000 m2 with 1 charge
  • There is the shoulder harness
  • Excellently balanced
  • The engine also starts when cold


  • The hedge trimmer is difficult to assemble
  • Not top-of-the-range materials

4. Todeco Multifunction Petrol Engine 52 cm³ 10 in 1

It costs a lot, but has a monstrous supply of accessories, with a total of 10 pieces. If you are looking for a great all-rounder of the garden, then you will be amazed by the kit, which includes: a chainsaw, a hedge trimmer, 4 brush cutter blades, a wire trimmer, a helmet with protective visor, a telescopic handle, a shoulder strap double belt, a pair of work gloves and a tool kit.

  • Internal combustion engine: 2-stroke 52 cc
  • Includes 10 accessories
  • Telescopic stick
  • Shoulder harness
  • Suitable for hobby use

As for the power of the 2-stroke engine, we are on average: 52 cc is sufficient for use in the hobby field, but obviously not enough if you intend to use it professionally. The performance is good, especially if you don’t have the highest demands, and the structure is well balanced. This makes it an excellent tool even for beginners.

The high price is mainly due to the rich supply of blades and accessories, but the quality remains that of a mid-range device. The materials are quite delicate, but if you use them occasionally in the garden… it will last you a long time. If you subject it to stress and a lot of continuous work, however, expect the normal stuttering of the engine. Finally, all cutting units are of good quality.


  • Crazy accessory equipment
  • Excellent for occasional use
  • Good basic performance
  • Well balanced structure and weight


  • Rather high price
  • Not suitable for intensive use

How to choose the multifunction brushcutter

1. Accessories supplied

Normally the supplied accessories are important, but up to a certain point. In our case, since we are talking about a multipurpose brushcutter, they are fundamental. Specifically, a machine with a larger number of cutting units will be more versatile, as you can use it in a variety of circumstances. Here is a little insight into the most common components.

  • Grass trimmer: each model includes at least one grass trimmer, but on certain occasions we can find more types of blades together.
  • Edge trimmer: very often there is also a cut edges equipped with a spool of nylon thread, very useful for finishing the borders of the flower beds.
  • Hedge trimmer: the telescopic hedge trimmer it is ideal for pruning bushes and for reaching the top. Keep in mind that you can often change the angle of the cutting head so that it can be tilted.
  • Chainsaw: the motorbike telescopic saw it is very convenient, as it allows you to reach very high branches, without using a dangerous ladder.

2. Engine power

The internal combustion engine is the real beating heart of these appliances, and not only power and efficiency depend on it. A top-of-the-range engine, with high displacement, can work for several consecutive hours without getting tired. Conversely, a less powerful tool will risk lowering its performance after prolonged use.

I repeat that the models seen today are for purely hobby use and therefore not professional. In that case, in fact, the figure goes up a lot.

3. Weight and balance

All appliances equipped with internal combustion engines are quite heavy, due to the presence of the petrol engine group. In our case, the weight usually fluctuates between 15 and 16 kilos overall, including the mounted cutting head. It is clear that a lighter tool is also more comfortable to use, but it is important to check that it is well balanced.

A quality balance, in fact, makes it easier to handle, especially at great heights. In addition, the presence of a shoulder harness further improves things, as it partially “relieves” the weight from the arms, distributing it over the shoulders and back. Not surprisingly, almost all multi-purpose brushcutters include it in the package.

4. Hooking system

Compared to a single-function brushcutter, the combined one has a system that gives you the possibility of unhooking the cutting unit, so that it can be replaced with one of the others. Consequently, it is good that this attachment system is simple to use, and above all very resistant. In fact, if the retainer wears or gets damaged, you could literally lose your cutting head on the way while you work. And it’s not a pleasure.

5. Characteristics of the cutting units

Before buying a combined tool, I recommend that you study the technical data sheet, so as to review all the characteristics of the various cutting accessories. For example, I’m talking about the number of revolutions per minute of the blades or wire, the length of the hedge cutting bar, and the maximum diameter that the motor saw can cut.

6. Other elements to be analyzed

  • Tree structure: Combined brushcutters always have a straight shaft, consequently we do not find models with a curved tube in this sector. In fact, they would be unusable with the other cutting units.
  • Number of handles: a double handle “is better than uan”, Because it allows you to firmly grasp the tool, thus gaining greater control while using it.
  • Quality of materials: know that in the hobby sector, to lower the price, companies often save on materials. However, this does not mean that you can find devices of good quality.


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