Are you looking for the best garden and outdoor fireplace in general? Read my reviews and my guide to choosing.

Garden fireplaces are a really interesting plus, for several reasons. First of all, they add an edge to the design of your outdoor spaces, since they are very elegant and of immediate visual impact. Secondly, nothing can compete with the beauty of a live fire flame, especially during cool autumn or late summer evenings. It is clear that outdoor fireplaces are also great as heaters, as they will heat anyone who is nearby. It is true that they have a cost but, like all useful and quality things, it is an investment that will pay for itself.

Features of the garden fireplace

Usually these fireplaces have a fireproof structure, which can be made using materials such as steel, or with refractory elements such as stone, masonry, wrought iron, cast iron and ceramic. These materials serve a double purpose: on the one hand they resist heat and limit the development of flames, delaying combustion. On the other hand, they retain heat for a longer period of time, thus optimizing fuel consumption. As for the latter, generally outdoor fireplaces are wood, coal or charcoal, but there are also some bioethanol and gas products.

Of course, their structure can also vary, which can be vertical, for example, as in the case of cone or pyramid fireplaces, or convex ones. If, on the other hand, we are talking about the models of “horizontal” and wide fireplaces, in that case it often borders on the field of garden braziers, but with some key differences, such as the presence of a grated cover to contain the flame. Since we are on the subject of structure, know that outdoor fireplaces in most cases include a charcoal grill, ideal for making magnificent and tasty barbecues in the garden. The base, on the other hand, is very sturdy and equipped with an anti-tip system, so as to guarantee the stability of the fireplace.

What are the other features to anticipate? Two types of models must be distinguished: those with a fireproof grille, and fireplaces with an “open air” flame, therefore without a cover. Of course, depending on the chosen product, you may find more or less technological solutions. The more advanced and expensive ones (i.e. gas ones) sometimes give you the possibility to adjust the flame, using a special knob selector. Finally, the design: know that there are so many solutions to meet any furnishing need.

Best garden fireplaces

1. Maxx Arcas Garden Fireplace 70 x 70 x 41.5 cm

If you are interested in taking home a design fireplace, with a square shape and horizontal development (but without spending a fortune), then I recommend this model by Maxx Arcas. It is actually a brazier fireplace, as it performs two functions in one, depending on how you use it. It is in fact equipped with a grid trapezoid, which plays the role of fire protection, and which can obviously be removed or put on if necessary. It means that you can also use it for grilling in the garden, being equipped with a grill, or for roasting marshmallows.

The structure is very robust, as it has been made of magnesium oxide, and is obviously fireproof. The dimensions are generous, and are equal to 70 x 70 (length and depth) x 41.5 centimeters (height). The weight corresponds to 21 kilos, and the structure as a whole is able to withstand rain, wind and humidity without problems, since it does not rust. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful stone garden fireplaces ever, and also ideal as a ratio between quality and price. In addition to creating atmosphere, it is useful for warming up, and I remind you that there is a comfortable upper protective net.

2. Blumfeldt Mandala Thermal Paint 90 cm

Blumfeldt is a specialist in the sector, and has a rich list of options, each more beautiful than the other. Among the most “curious” I chose the Mandala, a model with a lantern shape that is truly exceptional in terms of design. It is wonderful if you like the classic open flame, as each side has a perforated grille, except for the canopy with the cover and the chimney. The height corresponds to 90 centimeters, while the structure was made of steel treated with 500c thermal paint.

The grates allow you to enjoy the flame and heat, without risking, as they prevent sparks from escaping from the inner chamber. Using it is very simple, since you just need to open the central door to manage the fire, with the poker (included in the package). There is also a removable ash container, excellent for facilitating the cleaning phase of this outdoor fireplace. Secondly, the Mandala is very robust and stable, and allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the flame, and the heat generated by the combustion of wood. The absence of closed bulkheads allows the heat to reach directly outside.

3. Blumfeldt Volantis Cupric Rollover

The Volantis Cupric is the advanced version of the Volantis, the outdoor fireplace that I decided to give myself last year. It costs slightly more but, unlike the basic version, this also adds the beauty of some copper components to the steel, which makes it make an important qualitative leap in terms of design. It is a pyramid-shaped fireplace with flue, with vertical development and with 3 solid and stable feet, which eliminate any risk of overturning. The stainless steel structure has a thickness of 0.7 mm, therefore superior to low cost fireplaces, which usually do not exceed 0.3 mm.

The package includes both the grill and the poker, while the measurements correspond to 68 x 47 x 130 cm (width x height). The fire is open, and there is no perforated protective grill, so you have to be very careful. Naturally it is powered by wood or coal, it ensures excellent heat diffusion, and thanks to the grill you can also use it for grilling in the garden. In my humble opinion this is one of the most elegant outdoor garden or terrace fireplaces ever, and the price is not too expensive.

4. Blumfeldt Monument Tower Anti-tipping

It costs a lot, but… the Monumenti is a true monument to conviviality in the garden. It is in fact a fireplace with a crazy design, super elegant and with a decidedly modern touch. The characteristics are all in all similar to other Blumfeldt products when it comes to the quality of the materials and the structure. The entire fireplace was in fact made of stainless steel, able to withstand bad weather, rain and humidity without problems. It really heats up a lot and is the king of stability, thanks to the presence of an anti-tip base.

There is talk of a “FireView” model, therefore with full vision on the fire, and consequently without a protective grille. It runs on wood or coal, includes both the grill and the poker, and has a chimney on top. The dimensions correspond to 36 x 36 x 150 cm (width x depth x height), and the steel sheet has a high thickness, equal to 1.2 mm. What are the other aspects to underline? It is composed of 3 pieces that are very easy to assemble and disassemble, has a screaming aesthetic and is the top to enjoy a late summer evening in the company of friends or family. Of course, it is not cheap, and this must be specified.

5. Blumfeldt Titus Antique Style in Cast Iron

If you like products with a vintage and antique design, then you should definitely give this other Blumfeldt moswllo a try. It is in fact a rounded cast iron garden fireplace, therefore with a very classic appearance, with a round internal chamber and a chimney pot for the dissipation of smoke. Cast iron is an expensive material, but it is also one of the best in terms of heat retention, which is better stored than simple steel. The package includes various accessories, including a round grill and the very classic poker, while the thickness of the solid cast iron is 2.5 millimeters.

Secondly, the Titus has all sides of the fireplace made with a perforated grate, so it allows you to enjoy the fire from any angle possible. As for the heat, it is a real boon when it’s cold outside, since it spreads it more efficiently than other products. Stable and almost indestructible, the Titus is one of the best outdoor fireplaces in the vintage sector, it runs on wood or charcoal, and measures exactly 55 x 120 centimeters (diameter x height).

6. Relaxdays Bronze Cast Iron Garden Fireplace

Another round, another race, another outdoor fireplace made of cast iron and in antique style. Except that, unlike the previous model, in this case we are faced with a product with a bronze effect aesthetic, truly sensational from an aesthetic point of view. The price is quite low, but the quality is not, almost comparable to top-of-the-range garden fireplaces. Its measurements correspond to 86 x 46 x 38 cm, and despite being with the flame visible it is regularly equipped with a perforated mesh door, so it is perfect for a safety issue.

In the box you will find the usual accessories, namely the poker and the grill for grilling over the fire, while the structure includes some excellent details in terms of vintage design. There is even a small valve that will allow you to regulate the flow of incoming air, so as to control the flame, just like in wood-burning barbecues or smokers. The ash is easy to remove, and remember that the structure is made of cast iron, so it is exceptional in terms of maintaining heat. In conclusion, a real gem, among other things able to resist the rain very well.

7. Blumfeldt Verdon FireView Concept Steel

When it comes to the best outdoor and garden fireplaces, it is inevitable to return to Blumfeldt once again. In its wide range of products we find Verdon, one of my favorites, due to its elegant but minimal appearance. It is in fact a conical vertical chimney, no frills, with an open roof and a visible central section, therefore without a fire protection net. It is made of stainless steel, measures 43 x 120cm (diameter x height), and is obviously 100% flame retardant.

Among the other noteworthy features it is necessary to underline the presence of the anti-tipping base, and the possibility of using it both with wood and with coals. Are there any accessories included? In the package you will find the cleaning kit, the traditional cooking grill and the ash tray, while there is no poker. Its slender design makes it really special, probably one of a kind, but the advantages are not only aesthetic. The Verdon, in fact, also offers excellent performance in terms of heating and warmth.

8. Blumfeldt Hidalgo 2 in 1 Barbecue and Fireplace

I decided to close, look, with another Blumfeldt product. We are talking about a very particular outdoor fireplace: a real 2 in 1, with an optimized structure and shape to allow you to use it also as a barbecue. This is made possible by the presence of a very large internal chamber, with an initial diameter of 56 centimeters (42 for the grill), and by the presence of the accessory grid included in the package. For the rest, the structure is very similar to the other models, complete with a chimney and flue.

There are actually two grills included, and you will also find a coal shovel and a handy poker, as well as the removable ash tray. If you use it as a fireplace, you will be equally satisfied, and from any point of view. Both if we talk about design and aesthetic beauty, and if we consider the performances in terms of heat diffusion. Unfortunately I have to point out that the price is quite high, but this is a feature often found in Blumfeldt garden and outdoor fireplaces. This is due to the characteristics that I have already listed in the reviews: excellent quality, top-of-the-range materials, first-rate aesthetics and guaranteed stability.

How to use the outdoor fireplace safely

You never joke with fire, and it is a discourse that I have already dealt with in mine guide on incinerator bins. First of all, these fireplaces are designed for outdoor use, but not on wooden floors or with nearby brushwood or other flammable materials, because the “escape” of a single spark could cause many problems. Secondly, it is usually convenient to use them only with wood and charcoal, and to respect the laws of quiet living regarding the production of fumes. Of course, be careful not to touch the external surface of the fireplace, which often gets hot, and never leave the fireplace alone, because the flame requires constant monitoring. Using gasoline or alcohol is the best idea to risk starting fires and getting very hurt: this is good for you to know.


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