Are you looking for the best pallet sofa cushions? Read my reviews, opinions and my guide to choosing.

Today, there is certainly no shortage of intelligent and beautiful ideas for furnishing outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces. The pallet sofa enters this list by right, an authentic example of creative reuse and all in all simple to make. On the other hand, sitting on bare wood isn’t exactly the ultimate in comfort, and that’s why pallet cushions come into play. Soft and very comfortable, they will allow you to add the classic icing on the cake, making your sofa with the pallet a finally complete and “livable” solution.

Characteristics of pallet cushions

First of all you have to ask yourself: where will I place my pallet sofa? Because it’s one thing to put it indoors, it’s another to leave it out, perhaps at the mercy of bad weather. In the second case, the pillow must be designed in such a way as to withstand the rain, although unfortunately 100% waterproof models are quite rare. On the other hand, these fabrics are often able to withstand the action of the UV rays of the sun (therefore they do not discolour), and are equipped with a very comfortable padding in polyurethane foam.

What are the other features to know? For maximum comfort, the pillow should have a rather high thickness, around 8 centimeters. Secondly, I advise you to choose a removable model: in this way you can easily remove the outer covering, to wash it in comfort and without having to jump through hoops. If there are strings, even better, as this will allow you to secure the cushion to the pallet, preventing it from slipping.

On the materials there are other aspects to be analyzed, such as their resistance over time and the quality of the seams, together with the presence of a stain-resistant fabric. Also, know that not all models include both the seat and the backrest: in the sets you will always find both accessories, while in other cases you will have to buy them separately. Alternatively, you can buy a cushion with a central seam, which will allow you to fold it in two to be able to use it as a seat and as a backrest at the same time.

Best Pallet Pillows

1. Spatium Feronia Set of 2 Removable

In my opinion this set of 2 can be considered as the best for value for money, especially considering that you will take home both the seat and the backrest. The design is very elegant and soft, also thanks to the beige color, while the materials are of excellent quality. In fact, consider that the cover (removable) is stain-resistant and 100% water-repellent, therefore waterproof. As a result, you can use it in the garden without fear of it getting damaged.

  • Template: seat and back
  • Measures: 120 x 80 x 15 – 120 x 40 x 15 cm
  • Thickness: 15 to 20 centimeters
  • Padding: polyurethane foam in flakes
  • Coating: cotton and PVC (removable)
  • Extra: stain resistant, water repellent, resistant to UV rays

The thickness is really large, since it is around 15 centimeters, and comfort “on board” is always guaranteed, without sinking into the pillow. As I explained above, the cover is removable and there is a zipper, which allows you to insert extra filling to increase the thickness. The quilting is excellent, so the polyurethane flakes will not move and will always remain in place, spreading out evenly.

The padding is in polyurethane foam granules, and of course you can wash the cover separately. As for the materials, the latter is in cotton mixed with PVC, which guarantees its water-repellent properties. The dimensions of the two complements are 120 x 80 x 15 cm (seat) and 120 x 40 x 15 cm (backrest). Also consider that Spatium offers you many different options, with sets of up to 11 cushions, and other products such as decorative cushions or backs and seats only.

2. Ambientehome Hanko 2 Seater Cushion

If you want to go on a budget, and are willing to settle for a non-water repellent pallet sofa cushion, then this model is exactly for you. As mentioned, it is a product that is not waterproof, but still very resistant, with a lining made of cotton and polyester. The padding is in chopped polyurethane foam and is very comfortable, even if the thickness is less than average (about 6-8 centimeters). The measurements are 120 x 98 x 8 centimeters.

  • Template: seat and back (single piece)
  • Measures: 120 x 98 x 8 cm
  • Thickness: 8 centimeters
  • Padding: chopped polyurethane foam
  • Coating: cotton and PVC not removable
  • Extra: resistant to UV rays

We are faced with a unique complement, which includes both the seat and the backrest. To use it like this you will have to fold it in two, at the central seam, in such a way as to obtain both sections for your pallet sofa. The quilting is also of good quality, and this detail ensures that the shavings are kept stable so they don’t move when you sit on the pillow. However, consider that this model is not removable and can only be washed by hand.

Personally I advise you to be careful not to stain it, while the UV resistance of the sun is excellent, so it will not discolour if you leave it outdoors. The fixing is more convenient than other cushions for pallets, since you can fix the complement by tying it to the pallet, due to the presence of 6 double straps. In conclusion, it is a fairly inexpensive but very comfortable pillow, even if it is not waterproof and has a lower thickness than others.

3. ValoreItalia Seat and Backrest Cushion Set

I had the chance to try it and I must say that I was particularly impressed, not only by the quality of the materials but also by the aesthetics. The lining, although not removable (I want to emphasize it) is in microfiber and also replicates an interesting suede effect, which makes it very soft to the touch and comfortable. It can be washed (by hand) and is 100% stain resistant, as well as being waterproof and therefore perfect for use in the garden.

  • Template: seat and back
  • Measures: 120 x 80 – 120 x 40 cm
  • Thickness: not specified
  • Padding: polyurethane foam in flakes
  • Coating: microfiber (not removable)
  • Extra: stain resistant, water repellent, resistant to UV rays

The measurements are as follows: 120 x 80 cm (seat) and 120 x 40 cm (backrest). The padding is of excellent quality, as it has been made of polyurethane foam flakes, with a high density (18-21). This feature makes it soft and comfortable on the one hand, but on the other it prevents the user from sinking into the pillow. There are also laces to secure it to the pallet and the upholstery fabric is able to resist fading if you leave it in the sun.

The quality of the quilting is also excellent, with an always stable padding, and know that it is a cushion handcrafted in Italy (that’s why it costs more). In addition, this model has a really nice design, although it is slightly smaller than the measurements reported by the manufacturer. However, remember that the quality is of a completely different level, especially when compared with foreign products, and this in my opinion is a point that must always be kept in mind.

4. Nordje Comfort Duo Set 2+ 2 Waterproof

I also decided to tell you about this pallet sofa cushion set, which includes 2 seats and 2 back cushions. The dimensions of the former are equal to 80 x 60 cm, while the latter measure 60 x 40 cm. The thickness is around 10 cm, and it is a good intermediate value, capable of offering high comfort and good softness, but without ever sinking. It is not a quilted model, but it does not matter, because the padding is still stable.

  • Template: seat and back (2+ 2)
  • Measures: 80 x 60 – 60 x 40 cm
  • Thickness: 10 centimeters
  • Padding: cold foam
  • Coating: cotton and polyester (removable)
  • Extra: stain resistant, water repellent, resistant to UV rays

We come to the materials and the key features: the cover is removable and is made of mixed cotton polyester, while the padding is in classic foam. Consider that for outdoor use this set is really optimal, as the coating is waterproof and water repellent, stain resistant and resistant to fading. Remember that you have the possibility to remove it, and this allows you to wash the cover (strictly by hand and at 30 degrees), in order to guarantee total sanitation of the pillow.

The measures are perfectly compatible with the Euro standards of the pallets on the market, and the possibility of counting on 4 pieces makes this set really versatile. In fact, you can create a large sofa or an armchair, depending on your wishes or needs of the moment. Secondly, being stain-resistant, you can enjoy your barbecues in the garden comfortably seated on the cushions, without fear of dirtying them.

5. Haus & Garten Madeira Pallet Pillow

I decided to close my reviews with this rich pallet cushion set, with an exceptional quality fabric and upholstery. The set includes 2 cushions for the seat, 2 for the back, one for the armrest and a decorative cushion. The dimensions of the main complements are instead equal to 120 x 80 (seat) and 120 x 40 (backrest). As for the materials, the cover is removable and is made entirely of polyester.

  • Template: 6 pieces
  • Measures: 120 x 80 – 120 x 40 cm
  • Thickness: 15 centimeters
  • Padding: expanded polyurethane
  • Coating: polyester (removable)
  • Extra: stain resistant, resistant to UV rays

And the features? It is stain-resistant and resists UV rays very well from the sun, so you won’t run the risk of it becoming discolored, on the other hand it is not water-repellent and waterproof. The seat is super comfortable, considering a thickness of the cushions that reaches 15 centimeters, and there are also ties to tie the accessories to the pallet. The finishes are of the highest quality, as are the seams, and this detail has two advantages: it extends the life of these cushions for pallets, and gives a more elegant aesthetic effect.

The comfort of this model is excellent, due to the softness but without the sinking effect, and the coating is really pleasant to the touch. Also in this case the measures are compatible with the Euro standard of pallets, and you can choose between different colors and shades. Remember that these cushions are not waterproof, so you shouldn’t leave them at the mercy of the elements. The pillowcase cannot be washed in the washing machine, and you will not have to exceed a temperature of 30 degrees.

How to choose pallet sofa cushions

1. Comfort and padding

As you surely already know, the quality of the padding matters a lot, as the purpose of the pallet cushion is to offer you a super comfortable and relaxing seat. From this point of view, the thickness of the cushion is important, which should start from a minimum of 6 centimeters, although it is always better to choose a thickness of 8 centimeters to go up (it reaches over 15 in some models).

The material used for the padding is usually the polyurethane foam in flakes or chopped: a particular foam able to absorb shocks, but at the same time very comfortable but not excessively soft. In summary, you will be fine but you will not risk sinking. In some cases the presence of an openable cover also gives you the possibility to add extra layers of padding, if you want to make it even more suitable for your needs.

2. Coating and materials

The quality of the coating is fundamental, and is one of the priority aspects to be checked. If you have every intention of using it in the garden, the sofa cover will have to have some peculiar characteristics. First of all it must be waterproof and water-repellent, therefore able to resist the penetration of liquids, and also it is good that it is also stain-resistant. Secondly, it must be able to resist discoloration caused by the action of the sun’s UV rays. So you can count on a durable cushion capable of maintaining its colors, and therefore the aesthetic beauty, unaltered.

Better to opt for a removable cover, so you can remove the padding to wash the cover and to ensure maximum hygiene for your sofa. Beware, because many of these covers can be washed by hand and not in the washing machine, because in the latter case they could be damaged. As for the materials, the covers are often made using a mix of fabrics such as cotton and polyester, usually with a percentage of 60% and 40%. Speaking of materials: always check that the Oeko-Tex certification is present (the same as the mattresses).

3. Quilting and laces

And the quilting? It is very important, because it allows the polyurethane foam chip filling to stay in place. In summary, it prevents the flakes from moving inside the lining, creating dips that could become very annoying. I assure you that a filling that stays in place ensures the pallet sofa cushions a truly spectacular comfort, distributing the bows evenly. And the seams? It is good that they are robust and resistant, as in the case of the brushed or double ones.

The laces are also very precious, because they will give you the possibility to fix the pillow to the pallet, so as to prevent it from sliding or moving. Personally, I recommend that you also evaluate the quality of the laces, which should be resistant, like double ones. The number and length of lanyards available also counts, as a matter of versatility and adaptability to the pallet.

4. Dimensions and accessories included

Of course, before making a final decision, make sure the cushion size is suitable for your pallet measurements. Fortunately, online you can find different sizes, perfect for example for large sofas made up of two pallets, or for smaller ones. And the set? As I told you, some bundles include both the seat cushion and the cushion that you will need to use as a backrest. Other models have a single cushion with central seam, which allows you to fold it in two to be able to use it as a seat and backrest at the same time.

5. Design and colors

Since the eye also wants its part, in my opinion it is important to always choose a sofa cushion in pallets suitable for garden or home furnishings. Here the color plays a fundamental role but, also from this point of view, the options are certainly not lacking. It starts from the anthracite black cushions up to the cream white ones, passing through blue, red, green and so on and so forth.

Other useful information

In summary, what are the most important characteristics that pallet sofa cushions should have? First of all they should be waterproof if you place them in the garden or on the terrace, and also anti-stain, especially to prevent them from getting dirty during outdoor dining. Non-staining fabrics are ideal even if the garden is frequented by children and pets. In any case, for proper sanitation, you will still have to periodically wash the upholstery, and here is the great advantage of the removable cushions.

The zipper in the cover is another important extra in my opinion: both because it allows you to extract the padding, and because it gives you the possibility to add other layers of polyurethane, in case you decide to increase the thickness of the sofa. Usually this feature comes in handy to make it a little harder, and to avoid the “sinking” effect.


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