Are you interested in Pellenc battery scissors? Check out my reviews and the price of the Prunion and Vinion.

Personally, I have no doubts in considering the Pellenc electric shears as one of the best in the top range sector. The two models (Vinion and Prunion) of 150 and the variant with battery of 250, in fact, are able to meet any pruning need, from fruit trees to the vineyard, passing through hazelnut groves. They are characterized by a large cutting diameter (especially the Prunion) and a record battery life. In addition, both scissors are full of highly technological features, which we will discover together in this guide.

General features

First of all I want to premise that, being professional models, these electric scissors they have a separate battery (connected with a cable) and therefore not connected to the handle of the scissors. In fact, the battery is attached to the belt or backpack harness, depending on the model you decide to buy. The adjustments of the various modes take place by “fiddling” with the display located on the battery, and with the appropriate buttons: MODE (central) for selecting the cutting mode and for confirmation, and+ or – (right and left) for raise or lower the values.

You don’t have to worry, because later on I will go into this aspect and all the modalities that you can select. In addition, in the package of the scissors you will find an instruction manual that explains how to use them in detail.

Best Pellenc cordless shears

1. Pellenc Vinion Battery 150 & 250

I start immediately with the “basic” version, that is the Pellenc Vinion electric shears, available with both 150 and 250 batteries. This electric shears has a maximum cutting diameter of 35 mm, thanks to the 57 mm blade opening. This is the standard measure for pruning orchards and vineyards, and despite this the weight is lower than the average, since it is around 700 grams.

Then consider that the model in question has a rather powerful engine, with 21,000 revolutions per minute, which allows it to attack even medium-hard wood. Secondly, I would like to emphasize the great comfort of the handle, with an ergonomic and oval-shaped grip. Being a professional model, the Vinion (as well as the Prunion) is a scissors with separate electronics: therefore the battery is not located on the camera body, but must be placed in a pocket of the special vest supplied.

As for the battery, the options at your disposal are 2: the 150 and the 250. The first has an autonomy of 9 hours, while the second even reaches up to 15 hours, and is obviously more suitable for intensive work. and prolonged. The recharging of the 250 batteries is quite fast, considering that 5 hours are enough (9 hours for the 150 ones). In addition, the 250 batteries allow you to connect two tools simultaneously, and are ideal for alternating jobs.

And the performance? Exceptional, not only thanks to the brushless motor but also because of the quality of the blades, with a PELLENC-PRADINES cutting head in Xylan, optimized to sink into the bark. Of course, these Pellenc cordless scissors are equipped with a progressive cut, and allow you to choose between 2 different blade openings. The cut is always clean as well as fast, and therefore it is a 100% safe device also for the health of the shrubs you are going to prune.

Among other things, the blade can be adjusted without tools thanks to the side washer, and can be disassembled quickly, again without tools and in just 30 seconds. Then consider that the Pellenc Vinion mounts an optical trigger, which allows – according to the position of the finger – to quickly switch from full to partial opening mode.

On a structural level we also find a hand guard that can be opened or closed without difficulty, while the aforementioned oval handle is suitable for both right and left-handed users. And the supply of accessories? Kit 150 includes a belt with battery and scissor holster, and is adjustable to fit any waist size. The 250, on the other hand, includes a real backpack harness with holster, battery and double connector for connecting 2 power tools for alternating use.

2. Pellenc Prunion Battery 150 & 250

The Pellenc Prunion electric shear is the “big sister” of the Vinion, consequently it retains all its best features and also adds others. Its main peculiarity is the presence of a maximum cutting diameter that reaches no less than 45 millimeters, with a blade opening of 67 millimeters. It is therefore the ideal model for pruning branches of greater hardness and diameter, both in orchards and elsewhere.

The engine is identical, running at 21,000 rpm, but has a superior cooling system than the Vinions, despite the fact that even the latter never overheat. We also find a very important novelty in the blades and above all in the cutting methods. The Prunion, in fact, adds a rapid progressive mode, without partial opening. This does not mean that you can still set the various partial opening levels by selecting the appropriate mode.

The cutting head is also different, since in this case it has a more ergonomic shape and therefore able to improve even more performance during pruning. Finally, despite an identical engine, the Prunions have a much faster blade than the Vinions.

How do you use the Pellenc battery scissors?

1. Management of cutting methods

The cutting modes are managed by selecting the various options from the display located on the battery. The U1 is the factory mode, while the U2 is the energy saving one. The U3 deactivates the automatic progression of the blade, and finally there is the U4, available only in the Prunion, which deactivates the partial mode while maintaining the progressive cut. In summary:

This is the factory preset mode. It is active by default but you can select it using the MODE button on the battery display. How does it work? It is easy to say: if you place your finger in contact with the trigger, the optical sensor will detect it, set the semi-opening of the blade and allow you to progressively cut, depending on the level of pressure. By pressing the trigger without initially placing your finger in contact, however, you can take advantage of the total opening mode of the blade.

Mode 2 is the energy saving one. It is identical to 1, except for the fact that the blade moves slower, and consequently wastes less energy than the factory mode. To set it you have to press the MODE button and then the+ (right) button, if you are starting from 1, or the – (left) button if you had previously selected 3. Finally, you have to press the MODE button again to confirm your choice.

Mode 3 disables progressive cutting, so tapping the trigger or pushing it a little will nothing happen. In practice, the blade closes only when you push it all the way, that is when the trigger touches the optical sensor located at the top. Instead, the partial opening of the blade is maintained.

  • Mode 4 (Prunion only)

The last mode, available only for the Prunion, deactivates the partial opening but unlike the 3 activates the progressive cut. In other words, the scissor will close and open only by pulling the trigger.

2. Adjustment of the blade crossing

In addition to the cutting modes, the button panel located on the battery compartment gives you the possibility to also adjust the crossing of the blade, i.e. how much the tip drops below the sash. To put it simply: with use, the upper blade will wear out, so the intersection with the lower blade (counter-blade) will no longer be perfect, but a few millimeters of vacuum will remain. We can fill that space by making the blade go deeper.

How you do it? By pressing the MODE key, then selecting the F5 mode and using the side buttons to increase or decrease the value, finally pressing MODE to confirm. By default it is set at 5, but if you wish you can also go down and therefore avoid a perfect intersection between blade and sash.

3. Adjustment of the semi-opening of the blade

As I have already explained to you, you can also use the scissor in semi-opening mode, that is with the blade more “narrow” and with less distance from the leaf (excursion). Well, know that you can also adjust the position in the semi-opening phase, so as to expand or decrease it according to your needs. How to do? You will have to press the MODE key, then scroll to option F6, and adjust it with the side buttons from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 9 (the latter value is almost identical to the total opening of the blade).


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