Are you looking for the best professional petrol blower? Here you will find reviews of the best performing models and a guide on how to choose them.

The petrol leaf blower is an exceptional device, both for those who need a professional tool and for those who love DIY green cleaning. It is in fact a very precious ally, especially when you need to sweep away the foliage from plots of land from 1,000 square meters upwards. In that case the products equipped with a battery or those with wire would be impossible to use, if not even useless. Furthermore, it is the most suitable solution for moving heavy debris such as wet leaves, and it can also work on non-linear surfaces.

Features of the petrol blower

1. Speed ​​and power

If you need raw power, then you will fall in love with these appliances. The presence of the internal combustion engine allows you to count on a very high output air flow speed. This factor is crucial for sweeping wet leaves and heavier debris, and for being able to gather them in piles to be collected later. Another advantage is speed: being more “bad”, you reduce working times, also because the power remains constant over time.

2. Freedom for large spaces

Unlike the electric wire blowers, this has no cable, so you can carry it around the garden without limits in terms of range. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with the clutter of the wire, which becomes very annoying when you have to move between flower beds and shrubs. In summary, if you have to work on surfaces larger than 1,000 square meters, you cannot help but equip yourself with a gasoline blower.

3. The function sucks and grinds

As for the accessory functions, know that on the market there are some models of petrol blower aspirator. These appliances have an option to convert the airflow from blowing to suction so that the foliage can be sucked up. The leaves then pass through a blade fan and are shredded, to later end up in a collection bag.

4. Backpack or with classic handle

There are basically two categories of petrol-powered leaf blowers: models with a classic handle, and those with a backpack. The former are the most traditional, and often come with a shoulder strap, or a double handle. The latter are the most comfortable of all, as the presence of the shoulder straps allows you to wear them as if they were backpacks, in order to better distribute the weight.

5. Disadvantages of petrol blowers

Of course there are also flaws. Surely you already know that any motorized appliance pollutes more, as it produces higher emissions due to the combustion of the fuel. It is also noisier, if we compare it with a for example blows leaves on battery, requires more maintenance and is obviously heavier. On the other hand, you will not find the advantages offered by these devices in any electric model, since they are the only truly professional ones.

Best blown leaves

1. Makita EB5300TH 352.8 km / h 4 Stroke on Petrol

If you are looking for the best professional petrol blower, then I recommend that you take a look at this model from Makita. It is a backpack harness device, which makes it very comfortable to wear and use, so as to cushion the overall weight (12 kilograms). It also has a 4-stroke engine, so it has a separate oil tank.

  • Backpack model
  • 4-stroke engine: 52.5 cm3 displacement
  • No-load speed: 2,800 – 6,400 rpm
  • Air flow out: 98 meters / sec
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Excellent supply of accessories

The 4-stroke engine is also recommended for another reason: it produces less noise than a 2-stroke, therefore it is ideal if you need to use a quieter than average blower. And the power? Very high, with a displacement of 52.5 cubic cm and with a no-load speed that can be adjusted from a minimum of 2,800 rpm up to a maximum of 6,400. In summary, it really manages to sweep everything.

What are the other peculiarities? It has an integrated system that minimizes the production of vibrations, and shoots an outflow of air that reaches 98 meters per second. In addition, it can also be used as a vacuum cleaner, but to do so you will need to purchase the special kit, which includes the bag. The accessories are also excellent, with an extra flat nozzle, a long tube, a flexible one, a bottle for oil and a convenient bag to store them.

If you’ve never used a petrol leaf blower before, this is a perfect model for newbies too: it’s easy to use, starts up fast, is all in all light and the backpack construction makes life easier. Despite being professional, it still maintains a great ease of use, consumes less than other petrol appliances and finally it is also discreet and silent.


  • Professional model
  • Backpack harness
  • Silent 4-stroke engine
  • Reduced consumption
  • Very high power
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Easy to use


  • It has a higher price than the averages

2. McCulloch 00096-70-887.01 Backpack blower 1500 W

I consider the McCulloch almost as a must in the field of blown leaves, for a very simple reason: it has a lower price than other professional models, but it offers extraordinary performances. The power of its 2-stroke engine (1,500 watts) allows you to sweep everything, including wet leaves and pine needles. In addition, it is quite light (9 kilos) and is a backpack model.

  • Backpack model
  • 2-stroke engine: 1,500 watts
  • Air flow out: max 355 km / h
  • Padded and adjustable straps
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Excellent supply of accessories

There are several features to underline. Firstly there is the selector to adjust the speed up to a maximum of 355 km / h, and secondly it has a backpack structure with padded and customizable straps, so as to find the right size for you. Also consider that this model has a performing anti-vibration system and is really easy to start (it is a rope).

Also know that this is a 2-stroke engine with a mixture, with a structure that allows excellent weight distribution. In summary, you can also use it for very long jobs, but without suffering from it in terms of fatigue and energy. Also, the McCulloch can be converted to a vacuum, but the bag and vacuum hose are not included in the package. Finally, the airflow is so fast that it saves you time.

Considering the price, it is a real gem. While it may seem very bulky, it is about appearance: just wear it on your shoulders and you will immediately notice a great handling, and a power that leaves you surprised. In addition, it has a trigger to shoot the air jet whenever you want and a lever for the fixed jet, and a very elegant design.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Really high power
  • It also sweeps away wet debris
  • Backpack with padded and adjustable straps
  • You can adjust the outflow of air
  • Lightweight, easy to use and handy
  • It produces very few vibrations


  • It has a straight and non-curved tube

3. ParkerBrand 3 in 1 Blower 26 CC Chopping Function

Are you interested in buying a petrol blower vacuum cleaner, therefore a 3-in-1 model with vacuum and shredder function? Then I suggest you consider this ParkerBrand device, economical but at the same time very performing. It may not be considered the best professional petrol blower, however it has a number of peculiarities that make it interesting and quite convenient.

  • Traditional model
  • Blow, suck and chop the leaves
  • 2-stroke engine: 26 CC displacement
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Quiet and robust

For one thing, it has good engine power, as it is equipped with a 2-stroke petrol engine with a displacement of 26 CC. Secondly, it is quite light and easy to use, and it performs well not only as a blower but also as a leaf vacuum. The tubes are easy to assemble, due to the convenience of the bayonet fittings, while the materials are sturdy enough to last a long time.

Good news also on the quiet front: even though the 2-stroke is noisier than the 4-stroke, the engine of this device produces a lower than average decibel level. Secondly, it is also good to underline the great reliability of the engine, even if you use it intensively, or if you use it for particularly long jobs. Considering that this is an inexpensive gasoline blower, however, there are some limitations to analyze.

First of all, the bag for the collection of shredded leaves is not very easy to assemble, but just get used to it. In addition, since the assembly of the tubes is screw, I suggest you to be careful when storing them, to avoid losing them. Finally, although it produces few vibrations, if you use it for a long time you will feel them and therefore you may get tired. For this, I recommend it for land less than 1,500 square meters.


  • Really cheap price
  • Suck, chop and blow
  • Lightweight and very easy to use
  • Excellent power in both phases
  • Long-term reliable engine
  • Resistant and quality materials
  • Quieter than other 2-strokes
  • Perfect for large gardens


  • Over 1,500 m2 it is a bit uncomfortable
  • In the long run you feel the vibrations

4. AOSOME ASBV3405 Blower Vacuum Cleaner 2 T 25.4 CC

I decided to close the reviews with another professional petrol blower vacuum cleaner. We therefore speak of a model that includes the collection bag in the package, and which is able to reverse the rotation of the fan to suck up the leaves and other green debris. It has a 2-stroke petrol engine, with a power of 25.4 CC, while the collection bag has a large capacity (60 liters).

  • Traditional model
  • Suck, chop and blow
  • 2-stroke engine: 25.4 CC
  • Air flow out: 62.7 m / sec
  • Suction flow: max 47.5 m / sec
  • Bag capacity: 60 liters
  • 12: 1 shredding ratio

I was amazed by the shredding ratio, which reaches 12: 1. It means that the fan equipped with blades finely chops the foliage, thus optimizing the capacity of the bag, and slowing down its filling with chopped debris. Furthermore, in the blowing phase it reaches a speed of 62.7 meters per second, while in the suction phase it can be adjusted up to a maximum of 47.5 meters per second.

The comfort factor is excellent, considering that – although it is a non-backpack model – it has an adjustable shoulder strap included in the package (there is also a second strap for the bag). Secondly, there is an anti-vibration system that reduces the vibrations by -40%, so it is also comfortable to use over the long term. Another plus? It has a self-locking handle that allows you to adjust the airflow as you prefer, and is located next to the trigger.

Secondly, it has a handle suitable for both right and left-handed people, and a flat nozzle supplied that concentrates the air flow, improving the blowing phase. As for the safety system, the engine will not start unless you have connected the hose correctly first, to avoid accidents and damage to the engine. In conclusion, given the competitive price, an excellent petrol blower that also sucks and shreds.


  • Convenient price
  • Suction and grinding function
  • Excellent shredding ratio
  • Security system present
  • Reduces vibrations by -40%
  • Good engine power
  • Really large bag


  • It is quite noisy
  • He is not a professional model

How to choose the petrol leaf blower

1. Engine power

If you are looking for the best professional petrol blower, you will need to aim for a high engine power. This is in fact necessary to create a thrust that sweeps away even large leaves, wet ones and heavier or more complex residues, such as pine needles and twigs. If you don’t have such high demands, you can consider the cheaper blowers, which cost less than half, but with less power. If, on the other hand, you have a large plot of land and lots of trees, then I recommend that you raise the bar.

2. 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine?

Given that both engines are excellent, there are some differences to note. The 4-stroke ones, as I have already mentioned, are quieter and consume less fuel, while the 2-stroke ones are more performing but pollute more, due to higher emissions. If you’ve read mine Husqvarna blower reviewsHowever, you will already know that some 2-stroke appliances consume less petrol, pollute little and keep efficiency at the top.

3. Models and handle

I want to repeat that a backpack blower is more comfortable than the classic ones, as it facilitates the transport of the motor body and lightens the overall weight. It is true that they have a higher cost, but they are professional devices, so it is normal that this is the case. Traditional burst leaf blowers, on the other hand, are a little more complex to manage, but only if you have to use them for very long jobs.

As for the handles, classic appliances usually have only one, but there are models with a second handle. The latter simplifies things, therefore making them more comfortable when used for an extended period. Finally, remember to check if the package also includes a shoulder strap, which makes the task even easier.

4. Suction and mince function

On the market you can also find different models of petrol-powered vacuum blower, therefore capable of sucking up the foliage and shredding it, using a blade fan. In this case it is important to evaluate factors such as the shredding ratio and the capacity in liters of the bag. These are two values ​​that matter for this reason: if they are high, the bag fills with less speed, therefore you will not be forced to empty it after a short time. For the record, the shredding ratio ranges from a minimum of 10: 1 up to a maximum of 16: 1.


Anyone looking for a professional petrol leaf blower knows that the power of these devices is the highest in the industry. On the one hand it is true that they are noisy and that they emit exhaust gases, but it is equally true that you cannot do without them for the care of very large grounds, over 1,000 square meters. The many advantages of these devices are not in question, but I still recommend that you use them always wearing anti-noise headphones and a pair of protective glasses.


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