Are you looking for the best portable chainsaw sawmill? Read my reviews, my opinions and the guide to choosing.

The mobile sawmill is a really fantastic tool, very useful for cutting wood and cutting the boards directly there on the spot. To give you an example: if you have to cut down some trees, and you want to use them to get some boards to be used in a thousand different ways, then know that with a mini sawmill you will solve all your problems. Of course I’m talking about the super compact saws, which you can use simply by mounting a chainsaw. They are products that are not only very easy to use (with due care), but also cheap and affordable for anyone.

How a portable chainsaw sawmill is made

First of all, know that mini sawmills must be used in combination with a chainsaw, but they are almost always universal: it means that you can mount any model to the metal frame, even if of course it must have very specific characteristics. Having said that, what are the characteristics of these accessories? Miniature sawmills should not be underestimated, because they allow you to obtain boards of different thicknesses by cutting logs of medium and even large dimensions.

This means that the metal frame allows you to adjust different parameters, in such a way as to obtain the perfect boards or boards for your purposes. Otherwise, their structure is easy to understand. In practice, portable sawmills have a side support to mount the chainsaw (just a few turns of a wrench) and a metal base with a double track. The purpose of the latter is to slide over the log during the cutting phase, so as to obtain extremely smooth and precise boards.

While the track “slides” over the surface of the log, the chainsaw cuts the wood in parallel. Consequently, the portable log sawmill can be seen as a real guide, which allows you to carry out really precise jobs, without tiring too much. In addition, at the top there is a second rail (this time single) with a handle, which will allow you to easily move the structure with the hand that does not steer the chainsaw.

Completing the discussion on the structure, know that you will also find two vertical bars equipped with clamps and a slide. Their purpose is to give you the ability to adjust the gap between the double track and the saw blade. In summary, they allow you to adjust and customize the thickness of the board that you are going to make with the portable sawmill. The bars have a centimeter scale printed on the side, so that you can set extremely precise measurements.

Best mini chainsaw sawmills

1. Sfeomi Portable Chain Sawmill (35-91 cm)

If you are looking for a mobile sawmill for your chainsaw, then I recommend this model from Sfeomi. I state immediately that it is compatible with bars with a minimum length of 35 cm and a maximum of 91 cm. The height of the track can instead be adjusted from a minimum of 1.27 cm up to a maximum of 30.4 cm. Secondly, you will find a very solid stainless steel frame, so sturdy that you won’t have to worry about it bending.

  • Bar compatibility: from 35 to 91 cm
  • Thickness adjustment: from 1.27 to 30.4 cm
  • Trunk width: max 60 cm
  • Materials: steel and aluminum
  • Extra: plexiglass protection

The weight is not excessive and the structure is rather compact, therefore easy to transport, for example in the body of a Ford Ranger. Fastening the chainsaw is not complicated at all, as you just need to insert it into the appropriate structure and then lock it with a few turns of a wrench. Secondly, it is a truly versatile tool, which you can use for example for your joinery or carpentry work, or to take advantage of the logs you have recently felled by making beautiful boards.

In my opinion the price is really competitive, considering that we are below 100 euros, and despite this the structure is qualitatively excellent. Of course in the package you will find the assembly kit and an instruction booklet (not much), but the assembly phase is not at all complicated. Does it have any flaws? I have personally tested it and I must tell you that I have not found any, even if you have to tighten the bolts often, as they tend to loosen due to vibrations.

2. Valens Mobile Planking Sawmill (35-60 cm)

This portable chainsaw sawmill costs slightly less than its predecessor, and is in fact smaller. It allows you to mount a saw with a bar of maximum 60 cm, starting from a minimum of 35 cm, and is, as always, suitable for logs with a maximum width of 60 cm. As for the height, we find no particular news: it can in fact be adjusted from 1.27 to 30.4 centimeters, simply by loosening the trolley bolts and raising or lowering the sled.

  • Bar compatibility: from 35 to 60 cm
  • Thickness adjustment: from 1.27 to 30.4 cm
  • Trunk width: max 60 cm
  • Materials: steel and aluminum
  • Extra: plexiglass protection

Of course the structure is rock solid, and its durability is ensured by the presence of a quality steel frame and some aluminum parts. In summary, it excellently resists mechanical stress, does not bend or oxidize, therefore it does not rust. Also, know that the Valens model is super easy to use, but deep down you should have already figured this out. The assembly can be a bit complicated, due to an unclear instruction booklet, but only the first time.

NOTE: know that there is also a second version, again by Valens, but this time compatible with bars from 35 to 91 centimeters long:

The level of precision that you will be able to obtain when cutting logs is really excellent, producing flat and always smooth boards of the desired thickness. Clearly, as with the previous model, I advise you to check the tightening of the bolts from time to time: this is because they could loosen due to vibrations, and you may need to tighten them every now and then, so as to allow the mini sawmill to perform its task at the great.

3. GIOEVO Portable Steel Sawmill (Various Sizes)

This portable sawmill shares the same characteristics as the others already reviewed above, but offers you different sizes. To make you understand better, in addition to the compatible model with a bar up to 60 cm or up to 90 cm, we find a third on which you can mount a bar from a minimum of 45 cm up to a maximum of 121 cm. For the rest, you can count as always on a super solid steel structure, capable of withstanding work and vibrations without problems.

  • Bar compatibility: from 35 to 60 cm (various sizes)
  • Thickness adjustment: from 1.27 to 30.4 cm
  • Trunk width: max 60 cm
  • Materials: steel and aluminum
  • Extra: plexiglass protection

The values ​​relating to the customization of the cutting thickness do not change, which therefore starts from a minimum of 1.27 cm and reaches a maximum of 30.4 cm. Secondly, know that you can use this accessory to make planks and boards from logs with a maximum width of 60 centimeters. Finally, the GIOEVO sawmill includes the kit necessary for assembly, as always a bit cumbersome at first but then quick and easy (once you get used to it).

Since there are different sizes available, I advise you to pay attention to which one you order, and to write a note where you specify it. This is to prevent the wrong model from coming to you, which would force you to struggle a lot between disassembly, packaging and return procedures. And the performances? Really spectacular, with a cut that is always precise to the millimeter and with the possibility of obtaining flat and smooth boards from any log.

4. TOPQSC Chainsaw Mill (91 to 122cm)

I decided to close my reviews with this portable sawmill for chainsaw present in two versions: the first compatible with bars up to 91 cm, and the second with bars up to 122 cm. In summary, you have the option (if you wish) to take home a useful tool for using a more powerful and larger chainsaw. Once again, the cutting thickness adjustment does not change, and therefore corresponds to a minimum of 1.2 cm and a maximum of 30.4 cm.

  • Bar compatibility: 35 to 91 cm (2 measures)
  • Thickness adjustment: from 1.27 to 30.4 cm
  • Trunk width: max 60 cm
  • Materials: steel and aeronautical aluminum
  • Extra: plexiglass protection

The cost is higher than average due to a more professional steel quality and aeronautical aluminum, with MIG welded parts and with the ability to withstand very high mechanical stress. Still on the subject of structure, here too we find the classic protective plexiglass plate, in addition of course to the complete assembly kit. At the cost of repeating myself and becoming boring, I always advise you to dedicate some time and concentration to the first edit, because the instructions are not very clear.

NOTE: if you need the version compatible with bars from 35 to 122 centimeters, I leave you the link below.

The performances are exceptional, so much so that you will be able to obtain a result whose precision can be compared to that of band saws. As for the chainsaw, I advise you to use a petrol and chain ripping model, but nothing prevents you from mounting a powerful electric saw. Finally, as always, when you use it, check the tightening of the nuts from time to time, which could loosen due to the production of vibrations when cutting the logs.

How to choose the mini sawmill

1. Structure and materials

All portable chainsaw sawmills have a frame made entirely of steel, with some components made of aluminum. Steel is the absolute top material, as it does not have excessive weight and above all it can withstand mechanical stress and last for many years. However, consider that there is steel and steel, and the quality is not always the same. If you buy an inexpensive mobile sawmill, you risk bringing home a frame that is weaker than the average, which could bend or arch during use.

Finally, above the trolley (on the side of the chainsaw bar) you often also find a plexiglass cover. This panel performs a safety function, so it is an extra that I personally appreciate very much.

2. Thickness adjustment

The portable log sawmill, as you surely understand, allows you to adjust the thickness of the boards you are going to cut. The system works thanks to a double bar (slide) mounted on two vertical rods, with clamps to be loosened to raise the aforementioned slide. The vertical bars show the centimeters on the side, so all you have to do is raise the guide making it correspond with the desired measurement.

In this way you will create a greater or lesser space between the sled and the chainsaw bar, obtaining after cutting a board or a board with a very precise thickness. As for the measurements, usually it reaches a maximum of 30-40 cm in thickness, starting from a minimum of around 1.2 cm.

3. Compatibility with the chainsaw

Personally I advise you to evaluate the compatibility with the chainsaw, since these accessories are not always universal. You do not have to worry, because in the technical data sheet of the product you will find all the values, so as to orient yourself to understand which type of motor saw to mount on the frame. To give you a concrete example, generally the saw bar should start from a minimum of 35 centimeters, up to a maximum of about 60-70 cm.

However, consider that there are also models that allow you to mount 90 cm or 122 cm bars. Of course, it always depends on the size of the saw blade cutter, therefore on the length of its structure.

4. Kit and assembly

Clearly the portable sawmill will have to be assembled, but you don’t have to worry, because in the package you will find the kit you need to assemble it. Be prepared to waste some time, because sometimes the instructions are quite vague, but I assure you that in the end it is nothing complex. Consider that the vibrations produced by the chainsaw could loosen the nuts, so I recommend that you check them often, to keep the cutting precision at the top.

How to adjust the thickness of the cut

I assure you it’s not complicated at all. In practice, we find two screws placed on the slide, with bolts that you will have to loosen to unlock the clamps, simply using a pipe or socket wrench. By orienting yourself with the scale printed on the vertical bars, you can decide the thickness of the next board you will make, for example by increasing the space from 3 to 6 centimeters. Once the thickness is set, all you have to do is tighten the bolts, so as to lock the guide rails in a precise position.

How to cut the trunk

At this point you will have understood that the chain sawmill is used to make even cuts, obtaining flat and very precise axes. Obviously this is not possible with the first cut, since the surface of the trunk is round. For this reason, many people attach a shelf above the log and use it as a flat base on which to slide the trolley tracks, thus making a very precise first cut.

As an alternative to the flat shelf, there are those who prefer to fix two parallel boards to the two sides of the log, but the substance does not change: in fact they are used to guarantee the sliding of the guide over the log, to obtain even boards with great precision. Anyway, after fixing the shelf or boards, I recommend you use a bubble to check that it is positioned correctly. To fix the shelf on the trunk, on the other hand, you can use a simple screwdriver drill.

Before moving on, I also want to explain how the cut is done. The best way to proceed is to make a tilting movement, from right to left, so as to give the saw the possibility to penetrate the wood by proceeding forward. I assure you it’s easier to see than to read, and that’s why I recommend you check out this video from Matt The Farmer:

How to choose the chainsaw for mobile sawmill

1. Chainsaw

Since you are going to cut real logs, I personally recommend that you opt for a high-power and therefore petrol-powered chainsaw. The heat engine should not drop below 60 or even better than 65 cubic centimeters of displacement. The type of chain you will use also matters a lot: in this sense the choice should fall on a ripping chain, specifically designed for use in combination with a mini sawmill.

2. Chain ripping

The chains in question, in fact, are optimized for longitudinal and longitudinal cuts, and are able to cut hard wood with extreme ease. They perform at their best when it comes to rough cuts, and can always produce uniform cuts, thanks to a sharpening angle of 10 degrees (different from the common ones, which usually reach 30 or 35 degrees). In summary, if you want to get boards with a wonderful and always smooth finish, remember to use portable sawmills with a powerful petrol chainsaw and a ripping chain.

3. Chainsaw bar

Clearly it is essential to understand which is the most suitable bar for the use of the saw in combination with the portable sawmill. My advice is to choose a chainsaw with a bar slightly longer than the diameter of the trunk, also due to the fact that the frame clamps will take up space. Before closing, I would like to remind you that – since this is a dangerous system – you must never do without the various safety equipment, from gloves to anti-cut leg loops, passing through the helmet.


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