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There are few brands that can compete with the Stiga, and the lawn tractors in question are solid confirmation of this. If you are interested in bringing a semi-professional or professional ride-on mower to your plot of land, then know that you will always hit the mark with this brand. Of course, the Stiga price list is quite extensive, so there are many things to say and several differences between the various models to point out. Don’t worry, because here you will find all the information you need.

Features of the Stiga garden tractors

First you need to know that this well-known Italian brand, based in Castelfranco Veneto, hosts a rather large list of garden tractors. So we need to start from a distinction between the various categories that you can find for sale online.

1. Mini-rider ride-on mower (COMBI Series)

The COMBI mini-riders are small drivable tractors with compact dimensions and very easy to handle. They are the top in terms of agility, and are generally suitable for use on land from 600 to 2,500 square meters. Despite their compactness, they are very performing and able to move quickly between any type of shrub. Then consider that the mini riders of the Stiga are always equipped with a collection system: in short, the mowing is thrown into a bag, preventing it from settling on the ground.

Price: from 1,500 euros to 2,200 euros approximately.

2. Side discharge garden tractor (TORNADO Series)

Stiga garden tractors equipped with side discharge are of a semi-professional or professional level, and are especially recommended for users who want to use mowing to nourish the soil. In the Tornado line, in fact, there is no collection system and therefore the cutting debris is expelled directly onto the ground. Also, consider that mowing is further processed if you activate the appropriate function, just like with a mulching lawnmower.

Price: from € 1,800 to € 4,500 approximately.

3. Garden tractor with collection system (SUMMER Series)

This is the professional machine par excellence. The Stiga ride-on mower with collection system is “big and bad”, in the sense that it has larger dimensions than the mini-riders. In summary, these devices are designed for large terrains and without too many obstacles around, due to limited agility. If you need to use a vehicle for professional or industrial use, this is the category for you. In addition, the best models are equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox, and are equipped with a mulching function.

Price: from 2,000 euros to 4,800 euros

Best Stiga ride-on mowers

1. Rider Stiga COMBI 3072 H 344 CC Hydrostatic gearbox

In my opinion this is the best electric starter mini-rider produced by Stiga, especially if you consider the relationship between quality and price. It is true that it costs more than the 1066 H model, but it boasts a larger displacement (from 344 cc) and is equipped with a 4-stroke engine produced by the well-known Briggs & Stratton. The hydrostatic gearbox remains, also present in the 1066 H, but being semi-professional you can use it on land with a surface area up to 2,500 square meters.

  • Motor: 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 344 CC
  • Surface: 2,500 square meters
  • Width of cut: 72 centimeters
  • Collection bag: 170 liters
  • Exchange: hydrostatic transmission (lever)
  • Mulching system: standard

What are its technical characteristics? Its compactness is really high, as well as its agility, which allow the tractor in question to slalom between obstacles without any kind of problem. Secondly, it mounts an automatic gearbox with hydrostatic transmission: it means that you can adjust the speed by acting on the lever, without engaging gears, therefore continuously and not jerky. The result? The guide is much simpler and also suitable for beginners.

Remember that the COMBI line is always equipped with a collection system, and the Stiga 3072 H mounts a bag with an overall capacity of 170 liters (a rather high value). The cutting technology is a 2 in 1, so it also mulches before depositing the clippings inside the bag. The cutting deck, on the other hand, is a single blade with a 72 cm cutting width and the possibility of adjusting up to 6 different levels. Finally, the bag is very easy to disassemble and reassemble.

I would also like to underline the effectiveness of the standard mulching cut, which finely chops the grass producing a really subtle cut. In terms of performance, they are among the most powerful in the Stiga mini rider ride-on mowers sector. Thanks to the Briggs & Stratton engine, with a nominal power of 13 HP and an effective power of 9 HP. In addition, reverse is naturally present and the gearbox gears are really sturdy and durable.


  • Excellent semi-professional compromise
  • Efficient and easy to use hydrostatic gearbox
  • Very powerful Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Good cutting width of the blade
  • Mulching system as standard
  • Compact, agile and very easy to drive


  • Slightly weak charger

2. Stiga Tornado 2098 H Lawn Tractor with Side Discharge

Let’s take a good leap forward, and analyze together the characteristics of the Stiga Tornado 2098 H ride-on mower. As you may have guessed from reading the title, it is a model with side discharge, naturally equipped with the standard mulching system. In addition, this vehicle is equipped with a proprietary engine with a displacement of 452 CC and a nominal power of 15 HP (effective: 11.2 HP). Finally, it has the hydrostatic gearbox and therefore unlimited gears.

  • Motor: 4-stroke owner 452 CC
  • Surface: 5,000 square meters
  • Width of cut: 98 centimeters
  • System: side discharge
  • Exchange: hydrostatic transmission (pedals)
  • Mulching system: standard

Consider that the model in question is especially suitable for large plots of land with few obstacles, due to a reduced agility compared to mini riders. Secondly, it features a 98cm wide, double-bladed mower deck, with fantastic performance on large terrain. In fact, consider that Stiga recommends it for use in plots of up to 5,000 square meters. Even if it’s not a professional lawn mower, we come very close to it.

The 4-stroke engine with valve shaft is one of the best performing in this price range, and is obviously electric ignition (the battery is located under the seat). Also know that this vehicle shreds the grass very effectively, thus eliminating the problem of collection, which is very frequent in large areas. To activate the mulching cut, all you have to do is activate the cap under the deflector.

As for the gearbox, it is always hydrostatic but this time it has two pedals, and not a lever. However, this is not a difficult system to master, as it is enough to push with the toe to accelerate, and release it to stop. To reverse, on the other hand, the pedal is pushed downwards by acting with the heel of the shoe. It closes by returning to the cut, with 7 positions available from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 80 mm.


  • Semi-professional side discharge garden tractor
  • Rather simple to use and robust
  • For surfaces with a maximum width of 5 thousand square meters
  • Excellent cutting capacity and mulching as standard
  • The hydrostatic gearbox is easy to master


  • The mulching plug does not close hermetically …
  • … But it doesn’t compromise performance

3. Stiga Estate 2084 H Lawn Tractor Collection System

This is one of the most affordable models of the Tornado line, and in fact the price remains around 2,300 euros, so it is a semi-professional category tractor. It has a collection basket with a capacity of 200 liters, and the standard mulching system, which finely grinds the grass, allowing you to also save on the capacity of the bag, which fills up more slowly. In addition, it has a 452cc 4-stroke engine and runs up to 3,000 square meters.

  • Motor: 4-stroke 452 CC
  • Surface: 3,000 square meters
  • Width of cut: 84 centimeters
  • Collection bag: 200 liters
  • Exchange: hydrostatic transmission (pedals)
  • Mulching system: standard

The structure is not exactly slim or compact, and in fact you should use it as usual on large surfaces and without an excessive number of obstacles. The performance is truly remarkable, thanks to a 2-blade cutting head with a width of 84 cm. In addition, the GGP engine pushes like a beauty and the blades start thanks to a convenient electromagnetic clutch mechanism.

As regards the transmission, this is of the hydrostatic type with 2 pedals, while the cutting deck can be adjusted in 7 different positions, from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 80 mm. I would like to point out that the cutting head has a tilting plate, which can also adapt to undulating terrain, but without exceeding a certain limit, since it is not to be included in the list of professional Stiga tractors. Then there is also a protection that shields it from any bumps.

There are other very interesting features, such as ease of maintenance, favored by the possibility of opening the hood. In addition, the Stiga Estate 2084 H Lawn Tractor has an anti-impact front protection bar, a steering wheel with an ergonomic handle and an adjustable saddle, so as to guarantee maximum driving comfort. In conclusion, a nice little gem for medium-large spaces with a mulching collection and cutting system.


  • Convenient price
  • High capacity of the basket
  • Excellent cutting capabilities
  • Tilting plate for undulating ground
  • Double pedal hydrostatic gearbox
  • Mulching system as standard


4. Stiga Estate 6122 HW Professional with Collection System

To call it professional is an understatement, given that this Stiga ride-on mower can be considered as one of the best in the entire Estate range. It is in fact a model designed for industrial use, suitable for land up to 7,500 square meters and with a displacement of 656 cubic centimeters. In addition, it is equipped with a two-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with a nominal power of 22 HP.

  • Motor: 4-stroke twin-cylinder 656 CC
  • Surface: 7,500 square meters
  • Width of cut: 122 centimeters
  • Collection bag: 300 liters
  • Exchange: hydrostatic transmission (pedals)
  • Mulching system: standard

It is a real monster, and is therefore recommended only for those who must use it for professional purposes. All its technical characteristics are so high as to “mow” the other garden tractors seen up to now, starting from the cutting width, which even reaches 122 centimeters (with a 2-blade electromagnetically operated deck). Finally, it can also cut when reversing.

Being a true top of the range, it is equipped with a digital panel, while the gearbox is hydrostatic with 2 pedals. What are the other news to point out? The engine is so advanced that it is equipped with a system capable of minimizing the noise produced and vibrations, while ensuring outstanding cutting performance. As for the collection bag, it has a record capacity of up to 300 liters, and there is mulching as standard.

Also in this case there is a tilting plate that allows cutting on undulating terrain, but without exaggerating. Secondly, this Stiga ride on mower allows you to adjust the blades in 7 different positions and with a minimum / maximum height from 30 millimeters up to 90 millimeters. In conclusion, a jewel with a series of crazy options, but clearly suitable only for a target of professionals.


  • Model for industrial use
  • Record-breaking technical data
  • For surfaces up to 7,500 square meters
  • Blade plate with tilting system
  • It is equipped with the digital panel
  • Really powerful engine


  • It has a very high cost


Today you have had the opportunity to read my opinions and my reviews of the best models of Stiga ride-on mowers. You will therefore have already understood that these are at least semi-professional devices, as their price shows. On the other hand, they can also adapt to those who have never driven one, thanks to the gearbox with hydrostatic transmission, pedal or lever operated. As far as performance is concerned, they are light years away from the 600 euro hobby lawn tractors, given their very high quality and cutting yield (even in the less expensive models).


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