Are you looking for the best telescopic chainsaw? Today I will tell you which are the most interesting models on sale and how to choose it.

A cordless or petrol telescopic chainsaw can become a really valuable tool, as a matter of saving time and effort, as well as for safety. Its prerogative is the presence of a telescopic stick connected to a cutting unit, with rather easy to understand advantages: it allows you to prune those branches that are otherwise difficult to reach, without climbing a ladder, therefore without risking the leather.

With this tool, pruning operations become much easier, because you can act while remaining on the ground, but covering a height of up to 6 meters.

Features of the chainsaw with rod

It is a anything but complex tool, as the technical details are almost the same as the communes chainsaws for pruning. As I anticipated, the main difference is the possibility of connecting an extendable stick to the instrument: consequently, it is part of the law of the family of pruners or telescopic pruners. Of course the shaft can be adjusted in length, and this allows you to customize it according to the pruning needs of the moment.

The controls are located at the base of the handle, so it is quick and easy to use, and remember that you will gain from it not only in comfort, but also in safety. Thanks to your chainsaw with extension, in fact, you will avoid all the risks associated with the use of a ladder or any other unstable support, which could unbalance you and make you fall from several meters in height. And what about nutrition? On the market we can find various models of extendable chainsaws: those with electric cable, cordless saws and tools equipped with an internal combustion engine.

Best telescopic chainsaws

1. BLACK & DECKER PS7525-QS wired 800 W

This telescopic saw from Black & Decker can be considered as the number 1 on the domestic market, due to an excellent overall extension of 5 meters, extending the arms. Then know that we are talking about a wire model, which you will therefore have to connect to a nearby power outlet, or using an extension cable. The motor has a power of 800 watts, while the chain is equipped with an excellent anti-kickback system.

  • Maximum extension: 5 meters
  • Oregon PJ chain with anti-kickback
  • Cutting length: 25cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kilograms
  • Balanced design
  • Adjustable pivoting head
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Oil tank capacity: 60 milliliters

The technical values ​​are optimal, as they allow you to reach even the highest branches, up to a total of 5 meters. This is thanks to the maximum height of the 2.7 meter pole, combined with the 25 cm bar and the extension of the user’s arms. The cutting length is also of a good level (25 cm), so as to allow you to prune branches with a diameter of around 20 cm. Finally, it is quite light, considering that it does not exceed 4 kilos, so it is easy to handle and to keep in balance.

The rod has an adjustable height, so you can customize it according to your needs of the moment, while the balanced design allows you to keep your balance. Even when you have to prune very tall branches, you will hardly find yourself in awkward situations. In addition, the braking stop system guarantees maximum safety, and the chain equipped with anti-kickback makes cutting operations much easier and more comfortable. Also know that this model of chainsaw with rod has a pivoting head, which can be locked at a certain angle, and a self-lubricating system for the chain.


  • Pivoting head
  • Maximum extension of 5 meters
  • Great for security
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Balanced, light and comfortable to use


  • Better to replace the nut with a self-locking one

2. Bosch Home and Garden UniversalChainPole 18

Are you looking for a cordless telescopic chainsaw? Then I recommend this model from Bosch, and from the Home and Garden line, because of its reliability. It is a saw with a set that includes battery (not all versions), battery charger and support belt, with a 20 cm long bar and with an adjustable rod height from a minimum of 2.1 meters to a maximum 2.6 meters. Furthermore, the head, being pivoting, can be tilted and locked in position.

  • Battery model
  • Bar length: 20cm
  • Cutting length: diameter 15 cm
  • Weight from 3.6 kilograms
  • Pivoting head up to 120 degrees
  • Maximum extension: about 5 meters
  • Support strap included

It is an excellent power tool for getting rid of dry branches and for pruning in general. In fact, it has a maximum extension of a good level and a head that can be tilted up to a maximum of 120 degrees, to reach even the most complex areas of the tree. Then consider that the package includes a comfortable support strap, and that the maximum extension (including arms) reaches about 5 meters. And it is very light, since it does not exceed 3.6 kilograms. Unfortunately, its lightness, at maximum extension, unbalances it a bit.

I would like to emphasize that it has a slightly shorter cutting length than average (branches with a maximum diameter of 15 cm), the bar being 20 cm long in total. The rule, in fact, tells us that we must subtract 5 centimeters from the measurements of the cutter bar. As for the battery, used continuously it lasts 20 minutes, then about 2-3 hours (considering the breaks you will take). If you have to do prolonged work, therefore, I recommend that you buy a second replacement battery.


  • Great battery life
  • Pivoting saw head
  • You don’t have the limits imposed by the cable
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy and very precise blade


  • At maximum extension it gets a little unbalanced
  • It does not lubricate itself

3. BLACK & DECKER GPC1820L20-QW Battery Operated

Here we are in front of another battery-powered model, with a series of very interesting values, as in the case of maximum extension (about 5 meters, including arms). Really excellent battery life, which reaches around 2 hours using it continuously, and 4 hours intermittently. This chainsaw with extension has an adjustable shaft up to a maximum of 2.5 meters, with a bar length of 20 cm and compatible for cutting branches with a maximum diameter of 17 cm.

  • Battery model
  • Duration: 2 to 4 hours
  • Maximum extension: 5 meters
  • Adjustable pole up to 2.5 meters
  • Bar length: 20cm
  • Anti-kickback mechanism
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • Weight: 3.7 kilograms

Fast, comfortable and reliable, this Black & Decker cordless extendable chainsaw never betrays. The anti-kickback chain absorbs idle turns to a great extent, while the anti-slip handle guarantees better stability and management of the pruning phase. The saw can also be disassembled, so as to facilitate transport, and the battery has one of the longest lifetimes in the non-professional telescopic chainsaw sector. Unfortunately, however, it does not have a pivoting head, so the saw cannot be tilted.

The autonomy and its power are optimal for making even complex cuts, while respecting the maximum diameter of the branches of about 17 centimeters. Also excellent is the level of compactness and its ease of use, which make it one of the easiest to use. Secondly, this power tool produces less noise than other similar saws. Not having the self-lubricating system, however, I recommend that you lubricate the chain by hand, especially when working on dry branches.


  • It reaches up to 5 meters
  • Great battery life
  • Anti-kickback system
  • Ideal for non-professional use
  • Compact and removable
  • Practical and simple to use


  • It has no pivoting head
  • It does not have a self-lubricating system

4. Einhell GC-EC 750 T Telescopic Wire 750 W

After 2 battery-powered models, I once again talk to you about a telescopic corded chainsaw, with a 750 watt motor power and a maximum cutting length of 18 cm. It is one of the cheapest models on the square, as well as one of the most affordable for value for money, and with a resistant handle made of fiber glass. The chain is an Oregon, which means that it guarantees very high precision in the cut.

  • Electric cable model
  • Bar length: 20cm
  • Maximum cutting length: 18 cm
  • Rod length: from 185 to 280 cm
  • Maximum extension: over 5 meters
  • Oil tank with 60 ml capacity
  • 750 watt motor power
  • Shoulder strap supplied
  • Weight: 3.8 kilograms

In spite of the low price, this tool mounts an Oregon type chain, so as to guarantee great precision during pruning operations. In addition, it allows you to adjust the handle and the same goes for the supplied shoulder strap. Also consider that it is among the models with the highest cutting speed, and that the fiberglass handle guarantees above average solidity and durability.

The cable is not very long, but you can solve it by connecting the power tool to an extension, and you have to be careful, because there is no self-lubrication system (you will therefore have to take care of it). It is not the lightest model ever, so be careful not to exceed 2 hours of work, because you could get tired and lose arm strength. I have tried it myself and I must say that it does not show any uncertainty when cutting, also for a matter of handling and excellent balance.


  • Economical price
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • Maximum extension over 5 meters
  • Set with shoulder strap included
  • Adjustable handle at will


  • A little short power cable
  • The self-lubrication system is missing

How to choose the telescopic chainsaw

1. Working height

The working height refers to the maximum height that the chainsaw with pole is able to reach. In summary, it is a value that is obtained by adding the length of the stick with the length of the cutter bar. In addition, you will also need to add the height that you can cover with the maximum extension of your arms. I can give you a practical example:

  • Rod length: 2.7 meters
  • Bar length: 30 centimeters
  • Arms extension: 1.8 meters
  • Total working height: About 5 meters

As you can see, the presence of the extendable stick gives you the possibility to reach very high heights, which in the longer models even reach 6 meters in total. Of course, remember that you can adjust it almost to your liking, so a 2.7 meter pole can be reduced (to give you an example) even to 1.8 meters.

2. Cutting length

The cutting length is nothing more than the height in centimeters of the saw bar, which can range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 40 cm. The larger this value, the greater the diameter of the branches that you can cut with your chainsaw with extension. I can help you by explaining a general rule: generally the diameter of the branch, to be compatible, should be about 5 centimeters less than the length of the bar. Here is an example:

  • Cutting length 30 cm: compatible with branches with a maximum diameter of 25 cm.

Therefore, before choosing which extendable chainsaw to buy, remember this factor and opt for a model suitable for the diameter of the branches you intend to prune. If by necessity you need to saw rather large branches, you will not be able to do without a model with a cutting length of 40 centimeters, vice versa you can be satisfied with a basic product of 20 centimeters.

3. Weight and handling

Consider that the presence of the telescopic rod can make the use of the saw more complicated, especially at high heights. In fact, the more you stretch the stick, the more the weight of the cutting unit at the top will be felt, unbalancing you or decreasing the precision of your movements. Furthermore, if you use it for several hours, it is clear that you will get tired and that the operation will be even more inaccurate.

Having used it several times, I can guarantee you that in reality the weight is felt especially when you use it horizontally or obliquely, as in the case of pruning hedges. In fact, vertically, the weight tends to distribute itself better, consequently it causes less discomfort to the user.

Precisely for this reason, it is important to evaluate the overall weight of this tool, which can depend on several factors. For example, the presence of the battery or the internal combustion engine, which add kilos to the tool, and the length of the saw. So it is clear that the lighter models are the cord-fed ones, simply because they don’t mount these extra components on the tool body.

Know that on average a basic model of electric chainsaw with telescopic rod weighs around 4 kilos, but you can also find lighter models (minimum 3 kilos) and larger and heavier models (maximum 10 kilos).

4. Engine power

The power of the motor varies according to the type of power you choose. I will be able to deepen this detail shortly, but here I still want to give you a preview, to better clarify this factor.

  • Battery model: power around 18 volts
  • Model with cable: power around 800 watts
  • Model with internal combustion engine: power around 30 cubic centimeters

The battery-powered telescopic chainsaw is the least powerful of the group, while the one with an internal combustion engine is the most powerful of all. The electric model, on the other hand, represents a perfect middle ground, and there are some rather “roaring” power tools on the market. In summary, in the field of electrical products, you can find motor saws closer to reduced power than battery-powered, medium-power or semi-professional use.

5. Pivoting head

Some models of telescopic chainsaws have a cutting unit equipped with a pivoting head. This mechanism allows you to tilt the saw within a certain maximum angle, and lock it in place. This is an extra that I consider really important, because it increases the versatility of the instrument, since in this way you will be able to reach even the hardly accessible areas.

This is a feature that we also find in telescopic saws, therefore in models without a chainsaw.

6. Materials of the chain

As with any electric saw, of any type, you will also need to evaluate the quality of the chain. First of all, I’m talking about the materials, since on sale there are toothed chains made of steel or cemented carbide. Steel is more than good for a simple use in the garden, therefore for pruning branches and hedges, while carbide is recommended for cutting very resistant materials, but it can also be useful for gardening.

7. Security systems

Since this is a full-fledged saw motorcycle, it is essential to purchase a product equipped with different safety systems. One of the most common is the presence of an anti-kickback or anti-vibration mechanism in the chain, while the ergonomic and anti-slip handle prevents the telescopic rod from slipping away from sweaty hands. Finally, the self-lubricating chain prevents the blade from jamming, and makes our life much easier.

8. Can I detach the chainsaw?

Telescopic chainsaws normally do not allow the use of the cutting body without the stick, so you will not be able to use them “by hand”. Although there are some models with this peculiarity, we generally speak of another category of power tools for gardening, namely the telescopic hedge trimmers.

Battery, cable or internal combustion engine?

The chapter on nutrition deserves a separate study, given that there are quite marked differences between the various models. These differences, in fact, affect aspects such as the cost of the tool, its autonomy of work and – as previously mentioned – the weight and power.

1. Telescopic cordless chainsaw

Generally, a battery-powered chainsaw has a slightly higher cost than electric ones, but lower than petrol ones. It has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Freedom of movement: the absence of the cable allows the user to move without problems around the garden, therefore without any limitation, except for the battery life.
  • Battery autonomy: it can go from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 4 hours, depending on the voltage and cost of the tool. The long-lasting batteries allow you to deal with rather long pruning sessions, while the small or medium ones are suitable only for quick or longer operations short.

If you want to summarize, you will be able to move freely but you will always be limited by the battery life, which is not eternal. However, if you do not have a power outlet nearby, or if you are bothered to have cables and cables between your feet, this is the best solution in terms of quality and price.

2. Extendable chainsaw with cable

You will have to deal with the presence of the cable, which limits your freedom of movement, but you will not have any problems in terms of working autonomy, since you are not bound by the battery. Also, remember that you can always use an extension cable if you need a longer range.

  • Presence of the thread: infinite autonomy, but the cable limits your movements, and it is clear that you will only be able to connect it if there is a power outlet nearby.
  • Power and weight: cordless telescopic motorcycles are a great compromise, because they are more powerful than battery-powered ones, but not too heavy.

3. Petrol telescopic chainsaw

Motor saws of this type are especially suitable for professional use, as they are very powerful and have a high cost. Also in this case we find pros and cons, which you should know.

  • Absence of cable: they have an integrated internal combustion engine, so they are not tied to the presence of the wire, and guarantee you absolute freedom of movement.
  • Great power: they are extremely powerful models, therefore able to cut very thick trunks with a large diameter.
  • High weight: they are big and bad, and therefore have a weight above the average, which is around 8-10 kilograms.

In conclusion, I do not recommend the use of these tools if not for professional and intensive use, therefore for those who prune for work or for those who own rather large agricultural plots.


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