Are you looking for the best cordless or corded electric telescopic hedge trimmer? Today I will list you the most interesting models and I will explain how to choose it.

If you have to prune hedges, shrubs and tall bushes, and want to do without the ladder for safety reasons, then the extendable hedge trimmer can become your best friend. This professional tool, in fact, has been designed to allow you an elevated and customizable pruning, thanks to a rod that can extend up to a maximum of 3 meters. In addition, the cutting head has a mechanism that can be tilted and locked, giving you the ability to prune at any angle.

How a telescopic electric hedge trimmer works

The structure of this power tool is quite simple to understand, especially if you already know the electric hedge trimmers. In practice, we find a comfortable handle (sometimes double) with a button that you will have to press to activate the rotation of the blade.

The latter is located on top of the tool, connected to the handle by means of a telescopic metal tube. Due to this feature, the tubular can be lengthened or shortened according to your pruning needs (usually no more than 2.5 or 3 meters).

Power chapter: it can be battery-powered or wired, and each of these options obviously has its pros and cons, which we will explore together later. In reality there is also a third type of power supply, petrol, although in this case it is more correct to speak of multifunction brushcutters, more advanced and powerful than a simple extendable hedge trimmer.

The battery allows you to have total freedom of maneuver, but has limits in autonomy, which in any case is quite large (around 60 minutes). The cable limits you in terms of movements, but on the other hand it gives you infinite autonomy, since the tool is powered by connecting to a power outlet. Plus, just use an extension cable to extend your range.

As I mentioned earlier, the cutting head has a mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of the toothed blade. This way you can tilt it to make various types of cuts, for example when it comes to pruning the top of a very tall hedge, or when you need to trim its edges.

Note: know that there are some models of thin out on battery with optional telescopic handle. This is a good alternative if you need a lighter and more versatile tool.

Professional gardeners also use it to prune ornamental hedges, which as you know require the utmost care in terms of shapes and geometries. In any case, the cordless or corded telescopic hedge trimmer is also suitable for domestic use, as it covers a very wide range of needs. In summary:

  • Handle: single or double, the handle is always designed to facilitate the user’s work. Also, this is where the trigger is located to press to start the electric hedge trimmer blade.
  • Telescopic stick: the tubular connects the handle to the cutting head, and is telescopic. It means that you can stretch it, generally up to a maximum of 3 meters.
  • Cutting head: it is the section that houses the blade, with a head that you can lock at a certain angle, to make inclined cuts. In practice, the concept is the same as the telescopic chainsaws, although obviously the cutting unit is different.

Best telescopic hedge trimmers

1. BLACK+ DECKER GTC1843L20-QW Adjustable Battery Blade 43 cm

Personally I consider Black & Decker one of the best brands in the gardening field, and this power tool confirms all the fame of the brand. It is not cheap, but it is probably the best telescopic electric hedge trimmer in the hobby and for use in gardens. First it is battery powered, and it is also easy to use and very handy. Secondly, it has the adjustable head to orient the blade.

  • Battery model
  • Extendable up to 2 meters
  • Head can be swiveled up to 180 degrees
  • Blade length: 43cm
  • Suitable for branches up to 12mm in diameter
  • Safety blade lock
  • Includes battery and charger

I start right from the cutting unit, with a double action diamond ground blade, resistant and able to cut even the hardest branches. The head can be oriented by choosing between 5 different positions, up to a maximum of 180 degrees, so as to cover all pruning needs. Then consider that the blade has a length of 43 centimeters, and is excellent in terms of precision of the work.

The battery lasts about 60 minutes, although it may have a shorter range if you use the tool continuously. In any case, one charge is enough to cover the needs of a floor area of ​​approximately 130 square meters. Of course it has a telescopic pole, which in our case can be extended up to 2 meters in height: if you also add your arms, you can easily reach a total of 3.5 meters.

The weight is not excessive, as it reaches about 3.7 kilos, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to use, although the arms can get tired after continued use over time. Know that the blade has a cutting length of 1.2 centimeters, and is capable of cutting twigs up to 12 millimeters in diameter. There are tools with higher values, but they are more powerful and therefore more expensive.


  • Good quality / price ratio
  • The battery saves you the clutter of the cable
  • Stick extendable up to 2 meters
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable head up to 180 degrees
  • Excellent performance and accuracy
  • Safety system for blade lock


  • Not very suitable for branches over 12 mm
  • It does not have a double handle

2. Bosch Home and Garden UniversalHedgePole with Battery

Bosch is also a well-known company in the gardening sector, so I couldn’t not try this tool too. The UniversalHedgePole has a high cost but ensures excellent performance, even if it is not part of the sector of professional telescopic hedge trimmers. The technical data are however remarkable, with a maximum extension that reaches 2.6 meters.

  • Extendable battery hedge trimmer
  • Extendable up to 2.6 meters
  • Head can be swiveled up to 120 degrees
  • Blade length: 43cm
  • Suitable for branches up to 16mm in diameter
  • Includes battery, charger and shoulder strap
  • Anti-block blade inversion system

The 18 volt battery is very powerful, and the weight on average (about 3.7 kilos), while the blade is able to perform 2,400 strokes per minute, adapting to the hardest branches. As for the maximum cutting diameter, I recommend that you use it on branches with a value not exceeding 16 millimeters. Of course there is an adjustable cutting head, up to 120 degrees, which allows you to effortlessly prune both the sides and the upper edges of the hedges.

The blade is diamond ground and therefore very resistant and durable, and there is also a system known as “Anti Blocking”: in practice, if the tool fails to cut a branch at the first attempt, it reverses the rotation of the blade and avoids hence the latter to stop. What about the battery? It lasts around 60 minutes, 30 if used continuously. There is the Syneon chip that optimizes energy consumption, which however remains on average. Charging, on the other hand, takes about 60 minutes.

Although there is no second handle, the handle has an ergonomic structure that makes it comfortable to use, allowing you to never lose your grip on the tool. Secondly, this cordless telescopic hedge trimmer from Bosch includes not only the charger and battery, but also a very useful shoulder strap, to better distribute the weight of the tool. This is an essential extra, especially when you need to prune very tall hedges.


  • Good cutting power
  • Reversal of the anti-blocking blade
  • Extendable up to 2.6 meters
  • Charger, battery and shoulder strap
  • Head can be swiveled up to 120 degrees
  • Maximum diameter of the branches 16 mm
  • Handy and silent


  • Price higher than the averages
  • It does not have the second handle

3. Ikra ITHS 600 Telescopic With 600 W Wire Shoulder Strap

If you are looking for an extension cord-powered hedge trimmer then I recommend that you rate this one model of the Ikra. It is the most convenient from an economic point of view, because it has a super competitive price, and a series of very interesting features. The cutting angle can be adjusted to 5 different positions, while the absence of the battery does not impose any limits in terms of autonomy.

  • Cable model (without battery)
  • Extendable up to 2.4 meters
  • Head can be swiveled up to 120 degrees
  • Blade length: 51cm
  • Suitable for branches up to 20mm in diameter
  • Motor installed on the head

The cutting length is longer than the average ones, since it reaches 51 centimeters, and the same goes for the maximum diameter of the branches that you can prune (about 20 millimeters). The adjustment of the swiveling head reaches a maximum of 120 degrees, and there is a safety switch for immediate blade lock. Finally, it has a weight above average (about 4.1 kilos).

The quality of the materials is very good, but you may have some problems in terms of balance. The motor is in fact located on the head of the cutting unit, consequently it is more difficult to manage the telescopic stick, because the weight is concentrated above all at the top. In reality, a little practice is enough to become familiar with this system, but it is clear that at very high heights the weight is felt more.

As for the telescopic stick, this can be extended from a minimum of 1.95 meters to a maximum of 2.4 meters, while the blade is diamond ground as always. In conclusion, an excellent electric telescopic hedge trimmer designed for hobby but not professional use, and with an affordable price to say the least.


  • Very competitive price
  • Adjustable inclination up to 120 degrees
  • It reaches a maximum of 2.4 meters
  • Unlimited autonomy due to the cable
  • Large cutting diameter
  • Longer than average length of cut


  • You will probably need the extension cable
  • Higher weight and suboptimal balance

4. Greenworks Tools G40PSH Hedge Trimmer and 2 in 1 Chainsaw

I decided to close my reviews with a very special product, which includes both the electric telescopic hedge trimmer head and an electric chainsaw. It is therefore a real kit for pruning hedges and shrubs, which you can also use for cutting branches with a diameter greater than the average. Also know that it is a battery-powered model, and that this is included in the package, along with the charger and the chainsaw accessory.

  • Battery model
  • Extendable up to 2.4 meters
  • Adjustable head (7 positions)
  • Blade length: 51cm
  • Suitable for branches up to 18mm in diameter

The technical values ​​of this telescopic cordless hedge trimmer are very interesting, with a 51cm scraper and a 20cm saw. Both cutting groups, once mounted on the stick, give you the possibility to adjust the angle of the head, since it is adjustable (7 positions for the hedge trimmer). The maximum cutting diameter is also very large, equal to 18 mm, while the telescopic rod can be adjusted from a minimum of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 2.4 meters.

As for the chainsaw, this includes an automatic lubrication system and an electric brake that enhances its performance. The weight is higher than the average, also due to the size of the cutting units. Also know that the assembly of the 2 cutting heads is really simple and quick, and that the battery life is on average (about 60 minutes).

Personally I consider this model to be a true all-rounder of the garden, with excellent performance and offered at an affordable price, considering that it also includes the chainsaw. It has a system that minimizes vibrations when cutting, making it more comfortable to use. Of course, if you don’t need the telescopic saw or if you already have it, you should opt for another product.


  • Hedge trimmer and chainsaw included
  • Technical values ​​higher than average
  • Convenient price
  • High club extension
  • Battery and charger included
  • Good cutting power


  • The materials are more delicate
  • Weight above average

How to choose the telescopic hedge trimmer

1. Type of power supply

At this point you will have already understood that my preferences are more about battery-powered models, for a variety of reasons. They are very comfortable as they do not impose any limits on your movements, since they do not have the cable, which among other things could be in your way. Unfortunately, when I used the wire models, I happened to cut it clean while working, and I assure you that it is not a pleasure.

Battery powered

It is true that the battery is not eternal, but in my opinion about 60 minutes is enough to do the necessary work for those who do not use it professionally. If you are a professional, however, you’d better opt for a petrol model, much more powerful and also without the limitations imposed by the cable. Also, if you buy a second spare battery, you can mount it when the first one runs out and solve the problem of duration.

Wire feeding

But be careful, because the cable models are not the “devil”, since they have their good advantages. Meanwhile, they have a lower cost than battery electric hedge trimmers, and secondly they cancel the thought of autonomy and therefore of charge duration. Also consider that they are generally lighter, precisely because they do not mount the latter, and that you always have the possibility to connect them to an extension, to extend their range of action.

2. Length and thickness of cut

If you’ve read my reviews, at this point you know how important two elements such as length and thickness of cut matter. What are we talking about, exactly?

  • Cutting length: indicates the dimensions of the toothed blade, and generally this value varies between 40 cm and 54 cm. The wider it is, the higher your telescopic hedge trimmer can reach, but a long blade probably also increases the overall weight of the tool.
  • Cutting thickness: indicates the maximum diameter of the branches that the blade can cut cleanly, without tiring. It starts from a minimum of about 12 millimeters, up to over 20 millimeters. A larger size gives the tool versatility, but is not strictly necessary if you need to prune simpler branches.

If you need to prune hedges of a very sturdy species, a 15mm cut thickness may not be enough.

3. Type of blades

The blades are almost all identical in terms of manufacturing materials, while as mentioned they can change the size. Generally the cutting element is always equipped with teeth and is made of laser-worked stainless steel, and diamond ground. This gives the blade a resistance and a hardness that never gets damaged.

4. Extension of the tube

One of the main features of the cordless or wire telescopic hedge trimmer is the possibility of lengthening the tubular that connects the handle to the cutting unit. Each model has a minimum and a maximum extension value. Usually it starts from 1.5 meters and reaches 2.6 meters, but some models even go as far as 3 meters.

When evaluating the extension, remember to also calculate the length of your arms (about 1.5 meters), to be added to the value specified by the manufacturer. This is also true for other products of this type, such as i telescopic saws eg.

5. Adjustable head

By now all models of extendable hedge trimmers have a cutting unit head that can be oriented according to a certain maximum angle (120 or 180 degrees). Usually you have the possibility to choose from a total of 5 levels, to customize the pruning angle of the blade. In this way you can fold it to cut the twigs that are on the upper face of the hedge, or work it on the sides or obliquely, for example to give it a rounded shape.

6. Weight and comfort

Unfortunately, a hedge trimmer can never be considered “light”, since the cutting unit has its own weight, and the same goes for the battery (if you prefer this type of power supply). In reality, even the wire models are quite heavy. In any case, it starts from a minimum of about 3.5 kilos up to a maximum of over 4 kilos. As far as comfort is concerned, it is better to choose a product with an ergonomic and non-slip handle.

7. Accessories supplied

Always make sure the charger and battery are included in the package, because it is not discounted. In addition, some models include a comfortable shoulder strap, useful for lightening the weight of the appliance, and to be able to use it for longer without tiring the arms. Finally, if you buy a 2 in 1 tool, you will also find the chainsaw to be mounted instead of the hedge trimmer.



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