Are you looking for the best telescopic pruner? Here you will find reviews and a guide to choosing, with an in-depth look at each model.

When referring to telescopic pruners, it is a bit like talking about the “sex of angels”, and the reason is really simple: there are tons of devices designed to prune the branches of tall trees, or for their limbing. But they all have one thing in common: they help you with garden work, avoiding you to climb up a ladder, so as to guarantee total safety when cutting branches. They are comfortable and always useful, but you have to do some clarity.

Types of telescopic pruners

Let’s start with the basics: a telescopic pruner is a manual, electric or petrol tool designed for pruning the branches of tall shrubs. It is therefore a product equipped with an extendable stick, generally from a minimum of 1 meter up to a maximum of about 5 meters. On the stick we find a cutting unit, which can be different according to the type of pruner, while at the base of the shaft there is the mechanism that you will have to use to activate the blades, or a simple handle (as in the case of manual saws) .

1. Telescopic pruners

The extendable pruner has a shear with a bypass blade on top, while at the base we find a particular mechanism to activate them. It is usually stringed, so there is a thread that is stretched by snapping the blades shut. The cable (generally made of nylon) is located either on the outside of the stick, or inside it. In the first case it is activated by a pulley system, while in the second case the draft is direct. To close the blades in those with the internal cable a handle or knob is used, while in those with an external wire the latter is connected to a handle.

2. Telescopic shears

The cutting unit remains the same as the previous model, but the system for closing the blades changes, identical to that of a classic shear. It means that we find two handles to press, but the activation of the scissors takes place via a steel cable, which is located inside the stick. They are shorter than the pruners, to the point that they reach a maximum of 3 meters in height. The cutting unit, on the other hand, is almost always swing and not bypass. The peculiarity of the shears? They manage to block the twig, so that you can bring it to the ground or collect the fruit.

3. Telescopic saws

The extendable saw is the most classic of tools for pruning branches at the top, and is composed of the usual telescopic rod, and a common saw placed on top of the stick. The saw is curved and trapezoidal in shape, it is generally about 45 centimeters long, and sometimes it also has a hook that is used to grab the freshly cut branch. This time the cut is completely manual: it means that you will have to go up and down with the stick to saw the branches.

4. Telescopic chainsaws

It is a very simple tool to understand. It is in fact a common saw motor mounted on an extendable stick, with the possibility of turning it on and off from the control placed at the base of the rod. Be careful, because the power supply can be petrol (with a petrol or mixture engine) or electric. In the latter case, a further distinction needs to be made between battery-powered and cable-operated models.

5. Telescopic hedge trimmers

This appliance, as its name implies, was designed for trimming hedges. It is very useful for pruning a very high hedge, acting on its “head”, or for pruning the side areas. The credit goes to a cutting head with toothed blades, activated by an internal combustion or electric motor (battery or cable). However, keep in mind that petrol models are actually gods multifunction brushcutters, which give you the possibility to change the cutting unit, adding the hedge trimmer blade.

Best telescopic pruners

1. Fiskars UPX86 Lopper with Bypass Blade (Pruner)

Following the logical thread that I used to introduce you to the various types of telescopic pruner, I decided to start with the extensible branch cutter par excellence, that is the UPX86 pruner from Fiskars. One of its main features is the shears activation system, which can be done either by pulling the central sleeve, or the knob at the base of the stick.

  • Model: extendable pruner
  • Height: 2.4 to 4 meters
  • Traction cutting system
  • Cutting diameter: 3.2cm
  • Head can be tilted up to 230 degrees
  • Non-stick steel shears

This means that the cutting system is traction, therefore with nylon thread inside the stick. The pole, on the other hand, can be extended from a minimum of 2.4 meters to a maximum of 4 meters. Adding the length of your body and arms to maximum extension, it can even reach 6 meters in height. In addition, this tool is capable of cutting branches up to 3.2 cm in diameter.

Secondly, its effectiveness is extraordinary not only against green and young (very elastic) branches, but also for pruning hard and dry branches. Then consider that the pruner in question mounts a bypass scissors, therefore with two blades, both made of stainless steel and with non-stick coating. The latter improves the precision of the cut (always clean) and prevents the resin from sticking, simplifying the cleaning of the blades.

What are the other interesting news? The cutting head can be disassembled and replaced with a saw, and if you buy the special version, this will be included in the package of the pruner. Furthermore, it is a rather light but resistant pruner, it has a comfortable ergonomic and non-slip handle, and the cutting head can be tilted thanks to a joint (max 230 degrees).


  • Professional tree pruner
  • You can extend it up to 4 meters
  • Non-stick steel blade
  • Traction cut with internal rope
  • Guaranteed performance and clean cuts


  • At 4 meters he loses some accuracy

2. Primus Rose RosenKavalier 01410 (Telescopic Shears)

Let’s move on to a model of shear that can be lengthened, namely the Primus Rose. It has a telescopic rod that starts from a minimum of 1.3 meters up to a maximum of 2 meters, and a scissor with a swing system. It means that it has a single steel blade that cuts the branch forcing it on a base called anvil. Secondly, once cut it can hold the branch, making it great for picking fruit as well.

  • Model: telescopic shears
  • Height: 1.3 to 2 meters
  • Cutting diameter: 15mm
  • Head can be tilted up to 45 degrees
  • Non-stick steel shears

The cutting head also has a joint that allows you to change the angle of the scissors, so that they can be tilted to cut off the hidden or complex branches to reach. The joint present just below the cutting head allows you to tilt the shears to the right or left, up to a maximum of 45 degrees. This is a peculiarity not always present in this category of telescopic pruners, therefore very precious.

In addition, it has a very sharp shear, capable of neatly cutting twigs up to a diameter of about 10 millimeters, and is light and easy to use. I use it for pruning roses, but it also adapts to trees with “slender” branches, bushes and vines. In summary, although it does not reach dizzying heights and although it cannot cut thick branches, it is a very versatile and quality tool.

The materials are of excellent workmanship, with the blades of the scissors made of steel with carbon coating. They are also non-stick, consequently they improve the cutting of the branch and prevent the resin from sticking, making it easier for you to clean the shears. Also know that this model has a solid aluminum stick, and you can disassemble the cutting unit and replace it with a new one, when the blades lose their edge.


  • Non-stick steel scissors
  • Lightweight but solid and durable
  • It can hold the cut branch
  • The cut is always clean and precise
  • The safety catch is present


  • Cutting diameter no more than 10 mm
  • Maximum extension equal to 2 meters

3. Silky Hayauchi 244-630 CM (Extendable Saw)

The third category is that of telescopic saws, and there are few saws in this sector that can compete with the Silky Hayauchi. It is true that it has a rather high price, but it is equally true that it is a professional product, and that it is worth every penny. The stick can in fact reach a monstrous height, equal to 6.3 meters, starting from a minimum of 2.4 meters.

  • Model: telescopic hacksaw
  • Height: 2.4 to 6.3 meters
  • Saw length: 43cm
  • Cutting diameter: over 42 mm
  • Anti-vibration handle

Excellent characteristics of the double blade of the hacksaw, with a length of 43 centimeters. Secondly, this saw can easily cut branches with a diameter greater than 42 millimeters, so it is an ideal solution where the shears and pruners do not manage to work, due to the branches that are too thick. However, it is clear that, being manual, there is no mechanical cutting activation system.

There are many special features, such as the two edges between the ends of the saw, which prevent the branch from slipping when cutting. This is a factor that adds a nice touch of comfort, making your life a lot easier. Furthermore, this Silky saw is very sharp and can penetrate even the most difficult bark, as long as it does not exceed the diameter of the branch.

It’s not exactly light, as it weighs around 3 kilograms, but that’s due to its structure. As I mentioned earlier, in fact, it mounts a double-thick blade and the stick also affects the weight, due to its solidity. This is necessary in order not to swing the tool when you raise it a lot, to reach the tops of the tallest trees. Then consider that the stick has a very ergonomic and comfortable structure to hold.


  • You can extend it up to 6.3 meters
  • Professional cutting ability
  • The oval stick reduces vibrations
  • Anti-slip edges of the branch
  • High hacksaw sharpness


  • It is not cheap
  • It has a considerable weight

4. Black & Decker PS7525-QS Wire 800W (Chainsaw)

If you need to buy a telescopic pruner to saw branches with a high diameter, around 20 centimeters, then you will need to take home an extendable chainsaw. Personally I consider this Black & Decker model as the top of the range, and it is a cable-powered electrical appliance (therefore without battery and with an unlimited duration).

  • Model: extendable chainsaw
  • Height: up to 5 meters
  • Saw length: 25cm
  • Cutting diameter: about 20 cm
  • Self-lubricating system

Being flush, I advise you to connect it to an extension, so as to increase the range of action at your disposal, since the cable alone is not enough. What are its technical values? It has a cutting length of up to 25 centimeters, and as mentioned, it can saw branches with a diameter of around 20 centimeters. In addition, this chainsaw has a stick that can extend up to a maximum of 5 meters, so it can go very high.

Also know that the Black & Decker PS7525-QS has a weight of 3.8 kilos (normal for power tools) and an automatic chain lubrication system. It means that the saw will not risk jamming during use, thus favoring the sliding of the blade on the trunk. Secondly, it’s really well balanced, so it’s comfortable to use even when you take it to full extension.

I would also like to underline the presence of a pivoting joint on the cutting head, which gives you the possibility of tilting it at a certain angle, so as to saw even the most hidden or difficult to access branches. Being a real chainsaw, then, the braking stop system cannot be missing, essential to guarantee your safety. Finally, it also penetrates well among the dense branches, saw any and does not produce fumes like internal combustion engines.


  • You can tilt the cutting head
  • It reaches up to 5 meters
  • Stop brake system
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Balanced, light and comfortable to use


  • Better to replace the nut with a self-locking one

5. Black & Decker GTC1843L20-QW Battery Operated (Hedge Trimmer)

Here we are at the latest review of the best telescopic pruner models, but this time we refer to an extendable hedge trimmer. This luminaire has a battery-powered electric power supply system, can be extended up to a maximum of 2 meters and has a swivel joint that can be swiveled up to 180 degrees. In addition, it can shave twigs up to a diameter of about 12 millimeters, and has a 43 centimeter long blade.

  • Model: extendable hedge trimmer
  • Height: up to 2 meters (3.5 with arms)
  • Saw length: 43cm
  • Cutting diameter: about 12 mm
  • 180 degree joint of the head

In the sector of hedge trimmers it is one of the best ever, but it is especially suitable for hobby and therefore non-professional use. The possibility of tilting the cutting unit on 5 different positions allows you to act not only on the side of the hedge, but also on its top, without tiring too much. Furthermore, you are faced with a very precise tool when cutting, also thanks to a rather long saw.

The quality of the double blade is exceptional, considering that it is made entirely of diamond metal: it flows beautifully and never freezes, even if the branches are more robust than average. Secondly, the battery has a good duration, capable of covering approximately 130 square meters of work (approximately 60 minutes). And if you think it is too short, consider that together with the arms it can exceed 3.5 meters.

Having a scooter, it is clear that the weight is not low (about 3.7 kilos), but I assure you that it is very easy to maneuver and very easy, even for people who are not passionate about the gym. Although not the most powerful of all, for home use it is the best for value for money, and because it offers truly remarkable performances. Finally, being battery-powered, you won’t risk tripping over the wire.


  • Very affordable price
  • Good battery life
  • With the arms it reaches up to 3.5 meters
  • Adjustable head up to 180 degrees
  • Safety system for blade lock


  • Not suitable for thicknesses over 12 mm
  • It is not a professional power tool


The telescopic pruner, be it battery, petrol or manual, is a truly indispensable tool for garden care. In fact, it allows you to reach high heights, and at the same time gives you the possibility to avoid the risks associated with the use of a ladder. Furthermore, it makes the work faster, ensures a very precise cut and without damaging the vegetable fiber of the branch. Finally, based on the model, it has an affordable price, which pays for itself in a very short time.


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