Are you looking for the best vineyard tying machine? Today I will tell you which are the most interesting models and how to choose it correctly.

Screw binders are particularly simple tools, but at the same time really effective. Their primary task is to allow you to tie the fruiting shoots to the piling system you have installed in your vineyard, in your vegetable garden or in your garden. As you well know, a correct tying is essential, since it allows you to direct the growth of the plants according to the objectives you have established, for your espalier rearing. That is why it is important to delve into some essential elements.

A premise on screw tying

As I mentioned earlier, the garden or vineyard tying pliers are a tool that is easy to use and understand, but first we need to talk a little about tying operations.

The binding of the fruiting heads, to be carried out immediately after or during pruning, are very useful both for directing the plants towards a certain direction and for maintaining the vegetative-productive balance. In summary, it is you who establishes in which direction the shoot will develop, anchoring it to the poles or to the various supports present. The result? You will give harmony to your breeding.

Furthermore, ligation is an operation that has not only an aesthetic purpose, but also a physiological one. The correct addressing of the shoots, in fact, ensures to the plants a homogeneous distribution of the sap, in the direction of all the shoots. In this way each bunch of grapes will reach the same level of quality.

However, this is a tiring and time-consuming operation, belonging to traditions, and which today is slowly disappearing. Not bad, because with the vineyard tying machine you will solve any annoyance caused by manual tying.

How the vineyard tying machine works

The manual tying machine is nothing more than a pliers that allows you to make bindings and ties on any palisade or support structure. Although it was created specifically for viticulture, in reality you can also use it for your vegetable garden or for your garden, if you decide to orient the plants on the supports. I personally also use it to arrange the roses.

The operation of this machine is very simple, even if the binding mechanisms can change from model to model. In practice, a thread or a ribbon for the ties must be inserted into the pliers, on a special support. Then, the wire is passed along the guide of the instrument, up to its head.

At this point, it is possible to place the tool on the support or upright to be tied, and use the tying machine to tie the shoot.

How to choose screw binders

1. Types of legatralci

I have already told you that there are different models of binder for vegetable gardens, vineyards or gardens. Some are manual, others are electric (and in the latter case they run on battery). Here is a little insight into each category.

  • Stapler: The stapler uses binding tape, and requires staples to be inserted. After placing the part of the ribbon to be tied to the branch, the pliers are closed. In this way the tying machine first closes the section of tape, and then fixes it by placing a paper clip.
  • Wire binding machines: they are more complicated than the first, and work by inserting a spool with wire. We must push the mouth of the tool against the branch to be tied, and then pull towards us. When we pull it back, the tool rotates by tying the wire and cutting it. I do not recommend them, because the iron cuts into the shoots, damaging them.
  • Electric tying machine for vineyards: it is the simplest of all, but also the most expensive. This tool is battery operated and has a pistol shape, complete with a trigger. All you have to do is load it with the thread, place the nozzle on the support and then press the trigger, to carry out an automatic tying.

2. Width of the opening

Some particular models give you the possibility to adjust the width of the opening of the gripper mouth. It’s a really cool extra, because it allows you to adjust this value to the size of what you want to tie to the riser. In summary, this is a quick and easy solution to save tape, and to avoid unnecessary waste. If present, the adjustment mechanism provides for the loosening or tightening of a special screw.

Best binders for vineyards

1. KING DO WAY Plant Binder

It is the best-selling vineyard and garden tying machine online, because it has a competitive cost and because it offers excellent performance. It is a model that uses simple ribbon, which is wrapped around the branch and then closed by the pin of the stapler. It is quite simple to use, as with a little practice you can gain a lot of speed. What are its characteristics?

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  • Materials made of steel and durable plastic
  • Fast and secure manual binding
  • Very versatile
  • Pack full of accessories

First of all, this branch alloy can count on durable and resistant materials, given the presence of the stainless steel body and the hard plastic components. Secondly, you can use it for many different purposes, from tying vines to the branches of roses and fruit plants, or for vegetables. I personally have also used it to tie the branches of tomatoes, but it also works for cucumbers and peppers.

The KING DO WAY package includes a binding tape, a box of pins, the user manual and two rolls of tape tool. How to use? After loading the tool, a first gentle click is enough to create the bridge with the ribbon. Then you can place the fabric on the branch and make another click (more decisive), to wrap the bridge and to pin it with the staples.


  • Competitive price
  • Effective, easy to use and fast
  • Excellent supply of accessories


  • Every now and then the grip jumps and the tape comes off

2. MoPei Tying Plant Binder

Here is another garden binder that deserves to be reviewed. Also in this case we are faced with a ribbon model and not a wire one, and this is an advantage. All in all, it has a low cost, a good supply of ribbons and is very versatile, since you can use it for vines, tomatoes, flowers, fruit-bearing plants and much more.

  • Made of stainless steel and hard plastic
  • Very fast in binding operations
  • Light and respectful of the plants
  • 10 ribbons and a pack of pins attached

This branch stapler is really simple to use, and given its lightness you can also use it to tie the wires and supports at the top. The system is the tape system: it means that you will have to load it with tape and staples, and use it as a sort of stapler. Excellent accessories, since the package includes 10 rolls of tape, as well as a package with 10,000 pins (plus the instruction manual).

The operation is rather agile: with the first light click, the tape bridge is created, which you will then have to wrap around the plant and the support. Then you just need to click another firmer click to close the tie with the pin. The advice I give you, for proper maintenance, is to pass a little lubricating oil into the mechanisms every now and then. By doing so, you will prevent it from jamming, which unfortunately sometimes happens.


  • Strong but light
  • You can use it in different circumstances
  • Rich supply of accessories and ribbons
  • Very easy to use


  • Every now and then it tends to jam

3. Stocker 8016604020551 Stocktap

This model of vineyard tying machine also works by inserting the ribbon into the appropriate support, then wrapping it around the shoot and closing it with a second pressure, stapling it. It costs on average with the others, but the package does not include the tape or the box of staples, which you will therefore have to buy separately.

  • You can use it to tie any plant
  • Compatible with ribbons of different thickness
  • Very easy to load and use
  • Attached the instruction booklet

I put it at the bottom of the ranking only for the total absence of accessories, since it does not include the tapes and staples, and for the presence of a somewhat obscure and vague instruction booklet. Anyway, one once you understand the mechanism (which is very simple), you will have no difficulty using it to create your ties. It is in fact easy to load, while the use does not change compared to the other models I reviewed today.

You will have to load the ribbon and the staples, create the ribbon bridge by stapling a first time, wrap it around the branch and finally press a second time, to close it with the paper clip. It is a tool that will make your life much easier, allowing you to speed up the binding operations in the vineyard, in the vegetable garden and in the garden. Too bad only for the lack of accessories, which lowers the final grade.


  • High quality materials
  • Effective and simple to use
  • You can use ribbons of various thicknesses
  • Versatile


  • Tapes and staples must be purchased separately

4. Agricultural Bow Tie With Ribbon and Staples

I decided to close my review list with this manual tying machine from Agricola, which shares many of its features with the previous ones. It is a tape tool, so it works by inserting the tape and pins in the appropriate compartment. Note that the package includes both a roll of tape and a box of staples, so you won’t have to buy anything separately.

  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • For viticulture, horticulture and gardening
  • Includes a roll of ribbon and a box of pins
  • Clear and legible manual supplied

I begin by specifying once again that, by purchasing this binder, you will also get a roll of PVC tape and a convenient pack of staples in exchange. As for versatility, nothing prevents you from using it not only for vines, but also for flowers, fruit plants and horticulture. The operation is the same as the previous ones, and in any case you will find a clear instruction booklet attached.

I have had the opportunity to try it and I must say that it is very easy to use, as well as very light. It is great for many different purposes, including tying tomato plants and for climbing vines, as well as vine shoots. It is not perfect, because every now and then it tends to jam and does not “catch” the tape, making it slip off. It also happens with other tools, but in this case it happens a little more often.


  • Very light and easy to use
  • Really versatile
  • Pin and ribbon supplied
  • Clear and legible manual


  • Occasionally the ribbon tends to come off

Useful tips for use

A manual tying machine can change your work in the vineyard or in the garden, but remember that you must always respect the plants, as they are very delicate.

What do I want to tell you? That you have to avoid tightening the tie too much, leaving some empty space inside the tie. So you will not go to suffocate the branch, when it starts to grow, and you will allow the correct passage of the sap.

I personally advise against the use of a vineyard binder that works by wrapping the wire and not the tape. This binding system, in fact, can cut the plant and cause a lot of damage to the shoot. Also, when using ribbon templates, avoid pinching the section immediately next to the leaf and bud to preserve their health.

Of course, these legatrickers, while being excellent miniature machines, are not suitable for tying very thick trunks and twigs. The advice is to use them to tie branches with a diameter of no more than 3 centimeters, to avoid suffocating them.


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