Are you looking for the best wood cutting stand? Read my reviews, my opinions and the guide to choosing them.

There are a thousand reasons that should push you to invest in the purchase of a woodcutter stand, for a matter of convenience and also for safety reasons. This accessory, in fact, is ideal for giving stability to the trunk when you cut it with your chainsaw, and to allow you to better manage the machine, so as to reduce the risk of possible accidents. Of course, not all stands are the same, since they can change their structure and their components, as in the case of those with the chainsaw support. Don’t worry, because today I’ll explain everything you should know.

Features of the wood cutting stand

First of all, you must know that not all wood cutting stands can count on a structure with the same strength. A bit like it happens with gym equipment, also in this case it is essential to evaluate the maximum load capacity in kilos. Usually the models designed for hobby use (or a little more), hold a maximum of around 100 or 150 kilograms, but a professional woodcutter stand can reach even more than a range of 300 or 400 kilos.

As for the materials, the level products always have a structure made with tubular steel, chromed and nickel-plated, or powder-coated. This is a feature that protects them not only from rust, but also from any corrosion due, for example, to resin dripping from the trunk. If we remain on the subject of structure, it is always the case to evaluate the presence of the support for the fixed chainsaw, and obviously peculiarities such as weight and dimensions.

Before moving on, I remind you that the structure can change depending on the model you choose, especially when it comes to the trunk locking system. Secondly, among the most important features we find the possibility of adjusting the bar which has the purpose of locking the trunk to stabilize it.

Best trestles for wood cutting

1. Ribimex PRICPB+ ST Chainsaw Support

If you are looking for a chainsaw stand, then I suggest you evaluate this model produced by Ribimex. It is an X-shaped accessory, with a folding structure and obviously equipped with a fixed support to mount the chainsaws. It has a galvanized steel structure and can withstand a maximum load of about 120 kilos, and is compatible with logs with a maximum length of around 1.5 meters. As for the height, this corresponds to 83 centimeters.

  • Typology: with chainsaw holder
  • Maximum diameter: 30-45cm
  • Trunk length: About 1,5 meters
  • Load capacity: maximum 120 kilos

Consider that the trestle can be opened up to an angle that allows you to cut logs with a maximum diameter of 45 cm, but it can hardly be done. In my opinion it is more suitable for pieces with a thickness not exceeding 30 centimeters, also for a matter of working comfort and safety during the cutting phase. The attachment for the chainsaw can be used with tools with both 30 and 40 centimeters bar, and is mobile, so it allows you to lower and raise the saw, as well as having the protective guard for the blade.

As for the structure, it has articulated feet, which can be modified according to the degree of opening of the stand, and the stability is more than good overall, as well as the strength of the materials. In addition, it has a lever that allows you to lock the support section of the trunk in place, once you have decided on the degree of opening. What else? The Ribimex wood cutting easel is not complex to assemble, but the instructions are quite vague, so at least at the beginning you will lose some time.

2. WolfCraft Multicavalletto Multiple Cuts

Do you need a tripod for multiple cuts? The WolfCraft is exactly for you. This is the model I use in the countryside, and it is excellent in many ways. In terms of technical characteristics, it has a very solid steel structure, with thick tubulars capable of withstanding up to a maximum load of 150 kilos. While not exactly professional, if you don’t have high demands it is the best choice you can make. Furthermore, it is a model that can be flattened and therefore closed, so as to take up less space.

  • Typology: multicavalletto
  • Maximum diameter: 25-30 centimeters
  • Trunk length: About 1 meter
  • Load capacity: maximum 150 kilos

What are the other important data? It is compatible with logs with a maximum length of 1 meter and a maximum diameter of around 25-30 centimeters. Secondly, it has two lower wooden boards with a scale that shows the measurements in centimeters, which will help you to obtain very precise wood logs. The locking system provides for the presence of an upper bar, equipped with teeth and adjustable in height, which you can move from one pair of steel tubes to another without any problem.

The structure and height allow you to stack a maximum of about 4-5 logs, so as to have the possibility of sawing them together, saving time and energy. Also consider that the WolfCraft easel is very stable, but it does not have adjustable feet, consequently you will have to use it on a regular surface to avoid risks and oscillations of the structure. Personally I consider this model as an excellent meeting point between a portable and a professional tripod, given its exceptional performance.

3. VidaXL Multi-Cut Trapezoidal Easel

Another round, another race, another tripod for the multiple cutting of the logs. The structure is different from the previous one, since we find a structure in the shape of an inverted trapezoid. It is a choice that rewards you if you need to saw logs with a different diameter, stacking them on top of each other as always. Secondly, the VidaXL has a convenient locking bar that can be moved on all the legs of the stand, and which can be adjusted by locking it to the desired height thanks to a convenient knob.

  • Typology: multicavalletto
  • Maximum diameter: 50 centimeters
  • Trunk length: About 1,5 meters
  • Load capacity: maximum 400 kilos

As for the technical data, know that this accessory can be used with logs with a maximum total weight of around 400 kilograms. This is possible both due to its generous dimensions and the solidity of the steel bars, with a thickness above the average, among other things. Secondly, it is compatible with logs with a maximum length of approximately 1.5 meters, and with a maximum diameter of around 50 cm. This is due to the fact that the vertical bars widen at the top.

What are the other peculiarities to underline? This wood cutting stand has an epoxy powder coated structure, consequently it is also extremely resistant to the risk of corrosion. Furthermore, although it is not a foldable product, it is not at all complicated to disassemble and assemble. Consequently, when you want to keep it, you can do it without damaging your soul and without exerting too much effort. Finally, all 4 feet can be individually adjusted in height, so as to equalize any unevenness in the ground.

4. WolfCraft SB 60 Portable Multicavallet

I decided to review another woodcutter easel produced by WolfCraft, and also in this case it is a model designed for multiple cuts. However, consider that it is not professional, and that it has been designed for those who have few pretensions, but nevertheless do not give up excellent solidity and marked stability. The technical data? It is compatible with logs up to 1 meter long, with a thickness not exceeding 30 centimeters, and with a total weight of around a maximum of 100 kilograms.

  • Typology: multicavalletto
  • Maximum diameter: 30 centimeters
  • Trunk length: About 1 meter
  • Load capacity: maximum 100 kilos

Know that we are dealing with a portable model, due to the fact that it has reduced weight and dimensions, and a trestle structure that will allow you to close it, thus minimizing the depth of the structure. Secondly, the SB 60 is also equipped with a toothed locking bar, which you can move at will using one of the two pairs of vertical rods of the structure. Finally, too in this model we find the wooden boards at the base with the measures in centimeters, to obtain a precise cut.

The assembly instructions are quite vague as usual, but I assure you that you do not need a degree to assemble and disassemble it, being a fairly simple and spartan product. Personally I consider it a great alternative, if you need a log stand that is not too large, portable and suitable for multiple cuts. The feet are not adjustable and it is also quite low, but I guarantee you that the cutting of the wood is done in comfort and without complications.

5. Ribimex PRICPB Toothed Folding Easel

I close my reviews with this Ribimex wood cutting easel. This is the cheapest version of the one I analyzed at the beginning of the guide, but this time without support for the fixed chainsaw, and with an internal surface of the bars equipped with teeth. The latter is precious, because by tightening the tripod it blocks the logs and avoids the risk of reverse rotation caused by cutting the chainsaw.

  • Typology: X-shaped stand
  • Maximum diameter: 40-50 centimeters
  • Trunk length: Approx.1.5 m
  • Load capacity: maximum 150 kilos

The opening can be adjusted up to a maximum angle of 70 degrees, so theoretically you could also use it to cut logs with a diameter greater than 50 centimeters. In reality, again for safety reasons, it is better to keep low and not exceed about 40 cm. The capacity is very high for this kind of trestles, and reaches a maximum of 150 kilograms, while the maximum length of the trunk can easily exceed 1.5 meters.

The feet have no adjustment system, while the structure is in galvanized metal, as often happens with this type of product. Remember that this is a portable model, and in fact there are comfortable handles on the vertical rods for transport and for moving it. In terms of robustness and stability, the Ribimex passes the exam with flying colors, but the assembly instructions are unclear. However, it is enough to study the image very carefully to understand how to assemble it.

How to choose the woodcutter stand

1. Single or multiple cut?

As I have mentioned several times in this guide on how to choose the easel for cutting wood, it is important to evaluate the type of accessory first of all. Depending on the shape, for example, you may be able to make multiple cuts of several logs stacked on top of each other, or limit yourself to a single log. In the first case these trestles often have an inverted trapezoid shape, or in any case have a fairly low trunk support base. In the second case, however, they have a trestle shape (X) and a single trunk support that reaches more or less knee height.

  • Single cut: the trestle structure (therefore X-shaped) offers a support surface for a single log, and in most cases there is the lateral support for the fixed chainsaw. They usually have a lower capacity in kilos, are less stable and are not suitable for logs with a large diameter.
  • Multiple cut: they can have various shapes, including the inverted trapezoid, and are designed to accommodate several logs together, to be placed one on top of the other. The aim is to allow you to cut multiple logs simultaneously with a single downward movement of the chainsaw.

As you can see, there is a model for every possible need, so the choice should always depend on your needs. However, consider that stands for multiple cutting must be handled with great care, because they present more risks than stands for single cutting. Risks due to a chainsaw management that becomes more complex, and therefore requires the presence of an experienced operator able to master it.

2. Trunk locking system

Also in this case an in-depth analysis is needed, starting as always from the distinction made between multiple woodcutter stands and those for single cut. If we talk about the trestle and X-shaped models, the only locking system provided is the presence of several teeth placed on the internal section of the bars. Those equipped with a chainsaw support, on the other hand, do not have this extra but this is not a problem: you can in fact block the trunk with your free hand on one side, and with the other easily manage the chainsaw.

  • Stand for single X cut: if the chainsaw support is not present, you will find serrated vertical bars that have the task of “biting” the trunk and locking it in place. In this way the piece will be more stable, because it will not be able to rotate on the stand due to the action of the chainsaw. Being a trestle, you can adjust the closure of the jaws according to the diameter of the trunk.
  • Multiple wood cutting easel: in this case there is always a side blocking bar, which prevents the trunk from rising or moving too much when you press the chainsaw to cut it on the other side. For the record, the bar can be adjusted in height, so as to adjust it to suit the number of logs you have placed on the stand.

In reality there is also another type of locking system, but we find it only in the truly professional wood cutting trestle models, and suitable for use in the forestry sector. The shape of these trestles is L-shaped, with the strong side that creates an angle of 90 degrees, and which allows you to block the top of the trunk keeping it in perfect balance horizontally. The locking system can be a toothed window, or it can have a sort of clamp.

In practice, once locked on one side, the trunk remains straight and allows you to proceed with the cut without worrying about having to stabilize it. It is useful because you will be able to focus exclusively on the chainsaw, reducing risks and speeding up the work. Not surprisingly, the model in question is used to saw logs with a diameter greater than the average, which you could never place on a common chainsaw stand or for multiple cuts.

3. Materials and maximum capacity

As I have explained to you several times, before buying a woodcutter stand you should always study the maximum capacity in kilos. This value can be more or less large, and essentially depends on three factors: the quality and strength of the materials, the size of the stand and obviously the type. Normally those for the single X-shaped cut stop at a maximum capacity of around 100-130 kg, while the models for multiple cuts can also exceed 300 kg of maximum load.

As far as materials are concerned, nickel-plated and chromed steel is always the best choice, and the same goes for steel coated with epoxy powders. Treatments such as painting, chrome plating and nickel plating allow the structure to be protected from problems such as corrosion and wear, guaranteeing two results: greater durability over time, and greater reliability during use. Be aware that steel is almost always used for multi-tripods, while galvanized aluminum is used in models for single cut and with chainsaw support.

However, consider that even the tripods with a capacity of around 100-150 kilograms and made of aluminum are very reliable. Of course, as long as you use them to cut logs within this weight range, but it is a rule that applies to all products, even those of a professional type. The advantage of galvanized aluminum is that, being lighter, it is also easier to transport. The trestle structure, then, allows you to fold it and store it occupying a minimum footprint when not in use.

4. Chainsaw holder

The support is always present in a stand for cutting wood with a fixed chainsaw. The possibility of having a small cutting station allows you to take advantage of various advantages. First of all, you have the ability to manage the chainsaw without running the risk of it getting out of your hands, so you will gain from it safely. Even the cut will be simpler, more precise and immediate, compared to a tripod without a side clamp. Consider that the chainsaw is fixed but the bracket is mobile: it means that it uses a mechanism that allows you to lower and raise it, so that you can obviously sink it into the wood.

Furthermore, generally the chainsaw bar is covered by a casing, which has the task of shielding it, so as to prevent you from accidentally touching it. The crankcase, secondly, prevents the crazed wood splinters from flying in direction of the operator. Also know that the casing is mobile: a bit like it happens in one mini cordless chainsaw, it tends to rise as soon as you sink the bar into the trunk, and then go down by itself as soon as you raise the blade.

5. Other elements to consider

There are other important elements that you need to consider before deciding which woodcutter stand to buy. I’m talking to you, for example, about the diameter of the trunks and their length, which must be compatible with the accessory, and about some structural factors such as the possibility of closing the stand and the presence of adjustable feet. Let’s go in order.

  • Diameter and length of the trunk: usually it starts from a maximum length of 1 meter up to exceed 2 meters, depending on the model and its size. As for the diameter, generally non-professional products do not give you the possibility to saw logs with a thickness greater than 25-30 centimeters, but it can also be up to 50 cm in multi-trestles.
  • Resealable structure: Multiple log saw stands need to be assembled and disassembled, which obviously will waste some time. Those for the single cut, on the other hand, often allow you to close the stand, just like with a clothesline. It is clear that the speed of management and their simplicity is the real strong point, together with the lightness of the structure.
  • Adjustable or articulated feet: A chainsaw kickstand usually has feet with a joint, which allows you to tilt them to fit the opening you have chosen for your model. The adjustable feet, on the other hand, are generally present in trestles for multiple cuts: in this case you can establish the height of each single foot, so as to be able to rest the structure on uneven and barren surfaces.

These are extras that in my opinion count a lot, especially when we talk about the possibility of adjusting the feet. If you have to use your tripod to cut wood on uneven ground, thanks to this feature you can rely on greater stability, and consequently on a higher level of safety.


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