Are you interested in the Greencut GS6800 petrol chainsaw? Check out the reviews, my opinions and the price.

The GS6800 is without a doubt one of the best chainsaws signed by Greencut. It is a petrol-powered model, designed for intensive cutting and very versatile. This chainsaw, in fact, can be used both for pruning and for cutting real logs, so it is also perfect for forestry work. It has a really long bar (55.8 centimeters), a performing engine and lots of goodies that should be explored together.

Technical features

The Greencut GS6800, as I told you, has a 55.8cm long bar and a petrol engine. It is a 2-stroke with 68 CC of displacement and with a power of 3.9 HP, and able to work continuously ensuring the total absence of power losses. Then consider that this chainsaw has an anti-vibration system, a cooling favored by the presence of a finned steering wheel, and an automatic (and adjustable) oil pump lubrication.

What are the other features of the GS6800? I couldn’t help but talk to you about the Easy-Start electronic starter to get it started cold without any kind of problem, and an excellent balance of the structure. Secondly, the THRU-SHARP technology limits the blocks of the chain in the sliding phase to a minimum, especially when it finds itself against a very hard trunk. Obviously, there is also the side chain tensioner, and the safety bar lock.

Diet: mixed
Motor: 2 stroke 3.9 HP
Motor power: 68 CC
Tank capacity: 550 ml
Handle: two-handed
Blade length: 55.8cm
Chain speed: 11,000 rpm
Weight: About 7 kilograms
Safety brake: here I’m
Chain tensioner: here I’m
Lubrication: automatic
Electronic cold ignition: here I’m
Anti-vibration system: here I’m
Locking claw: here I’m

Greencut GS6800 chainsaw

1. Power and performance

As I mentioned above, the GS6800 is equipped with a powerful 68 CC and 3.9 HP 2-stroke petrol engine. In summary, it means that this chainsaw is capable of unleashing a power of around 2,800 watts. While not the most powerful in circulation, it is placed in a mid-range suitable for semi-professional or professional use. The saw in question is able to penetrate the wood without problems, even if we are talking about very hard logs, although it is still of medium displacement.

Not surprisingly, the GS6800 is quite versatile, because you can use it both as chainsaw for pruning and clipping, both for cutting operations related to deforestation and in general to the forestry sector. As for the performance on large diameter logs and on types of wood with significant hardness, I assure you that you will be very satisfied. In any case, it is better not to exceed 3 hours of continuous use, to avoid straining the engine too much.

2. Starting and mixing

Being a burst, you will have no limit in terms of space, since you can move wherever you want, without being tied to the length of the line. Of course, you already know that gasoline appliances weigh above average, and produce fumes, but these are natural limits for this type of chainsaw. Furthermore, if you are approaching this kind of instrument for the first time, you must definitely study the suitable blend.

I use the GS6800 using two-stroke engine oil and mixing it 2.5% with petrol or 3% (for example 1 liter of oil for 25 or 30 liters of petrol). In any case, you just need to consult the information booklet to follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer. As for the tanks, the fuel tank has a capacity of 550ml and that’s great news. In fact, it means that you will have a very large autonomy available, so you will not have to interrupt the work to top up the mixture.

Finally, remember that this chainsaw has an Easy Start electronic starting system, which gives you the possibility to use it in any climatic condition. In summary, starting is almost immediate even when cold, since 2 or 3 rope pulls are enough. Know that you do not need to pull hard, since there is an assisted start system, and it is also good to be careful to avoid damaging the appliance.

3. Bar and chain length

The Greencut GS6800 has a 55.8cm long blade, so it is capable of sawing logs up to 55cm in diameter if you use it at full bar. It is clear that the best performance is offered when cutting logs or branches with a diameter less than the maximum allowed. In any case, I assure you that the quality of this saw will allow you to penetrate the wood like a knife in butter, even when working at full blade, for example to saw a felled log.

Consider that the length is always proportional to the power of the engine, so it is very difficult to find chainsaws with this displacement and with longer bars. And the chain? It is not the best around, especially if we consider its degree of sharpening, which can be improved. If you want to make the most of the power of this Greencut chainsaw, therefore, I recommend that you replace the original with an Oregon chain.

4. Lubrication system

The model in question is equipped with an oil tank with a capacity of 260 ml, with an adjustable oil pump and an automatic lubrication system. In other words, you have the ability to adjust the oil levels to thin the chain according to the needs of the moment. Being automatic, then, the lubrication of the chain will not take you a single second and above all it will ensure a fluid sliding during the cutting operations, in order to avoid any hitch.

5. Comfort and safety

Given that the Greencut GS6800 is a professional-level mid-displacement chainsaw, the side chain tensioner is obviously not missing. The same goes for the safety blade brake, which protects you from unpleasant accidents, thanks to the presence of the accelerator lock and the stop claw. How does the latter work? Basically, there is a hook that holds the chain in case it breaks or derails off the bar.

Also in terms of safety, the GS6800 is able to stop the blade by itself when it senses a kickback. Finally, it is not very heavy (about 7 kilograms) and it is quite comfortable and simple to use, also thanks to an anti-vibration system.

6. Maintenance and running-in

Surely you already know that every petrol chainsaw requires a more demanding maintenance than, for example, battery-powered electric chainsaws. The Greencut GS6800 is certainly no exception, but compared to other models it makes this task much easier. The credit goes to easier access to the carburetor, air filter and spark plug. The assembly and disassembly of the chain is also not complex at all, which is good.

Remember, however, to do a bit of running in at the beginning, in order to give the mechanical components the possibility to lubricate themselves at best. In reality, it only takes about 10 hours of running in, with a mixture based on 4% oil. Once the break-in is complete, you can switch to a 2.5% or 3% mixture, ideal to avoid flooding the engine. Finally, it is best to avoid heavy use of the chainsaw when you are breaking it in.

7. Accessories supplied

In the package you will find some very important accessories, such as the key to remove the spark plug and to tighten the blade nut. In addition, the package also contains the chain, the case for the bar, a file, a small screwdriver, the claw to lock the chain and a pair of protective headphones. There is also a pair of work gloves and a pair of safety glasses, a spare screw for the oil pump, and finally an Allen key.


Having had the opportunity to test it personally, I can guarantee you that in the mid-size petrol chainsaw sector, the Greencut GS6800 is one of the best in terms of quality and price. Despite being semi-professional, it guarantees optimal performance and is fully equipped. From safety to power, it really lacks nothing, and while not very light it is still easy to use. In addition, the two-stroke engine never hesitates when cutting, even if the chain is not great (but you can of course replace it).


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