Are you interested in the Makita DUC254Z electric chainsaw? Check out my opinions, reviews and prices of this cordless chainsaw.

The DUC254Z is a semi-professional battery powered chainsaw. However, it is characterized by a series of features that make it suitable also for hobby use, considering that it is one of the least expensive of the Makita line. First of all I want to underline that its cutting diameter is especially suitable for pruning branches with a medium-small circumference, as it is a compact electric saw. Moreover, its lightness makes it ideal for everyone, even for those who have never used one.

Technical features

As I mentioned above, the Makita DUC254Z has some very interesting features. This is obviously not the most powerful in the field of Makita battery chainsaws, but it is undoubtedly one of the most convenient. In fact, it has a competitive price and is very compact, but it does not sacrifice technical data, however of an excellent level.

I am telling you, for example, about the length of the 25 cm blade, and a cutting speed of the chain that reaches up to 22.5 meters per second. In addition, this electric saw is equipped with a safety blade brake, ideal for protecting the user in case of problems. Here is a summary of the most important technical data of this chainsaw.

Diet: 18V lithium battery
Battery life: About 90 minutes
Handle: two-handed
Noise produced: 103 decibels
Blade length: 25 centimeters
Bar length: Approx. 29 centimeters
Cutting speed: 22.5 meters per second
Chain step: 3/8 “mini
Weight: Approx.3.3 kilograms
Safety brake: here I’m
Chain tensioner: present (not fast)
Oil level indicator: here I’m

The DUC254Z has a lithium-ion battery with a good autonomy, which is around 90 minutes. Speaking of battery: know that the Makita Z line does not normally include it, so you will have to buy it separately along with the charger, if you don’t already have one. On the other hand, a bundle is available on Agrieuro that also contains battery and charger. Below I leave you the link of both versions (of course the one with the supplied battery costs more).

1. Version without battery and charger (Amazon)

2. Version with battery and charger (Agrieuro)

Makita DUC254Z electric chainsaw

1. Power and performance

The electric chainsaw in question is a small marvel, with a direct drive brushless motor (without brushes) that pushes the chain up to a speed of over 22 meters per second. While not the fastest in the Makita chainsaw sector, the DUC254Z is very fast when compared to models in the same price range. The cut is always detailed and clean, to the point of being one of the best in terms of precision. Furthermore, the absence of brushes in the motor also prolongs the life of the battery.

I use it regularly for limbing and for pruning medium or small trees, and I must say that the performance in the field is very effective, in terms of cutting yield. Of course, since it is not a professional device, it is not suitable for intensive use, because you risk overheating the engine. The combination of these elements guarantees you in any case a quality and power comparable (almost) to one petrol chainsaw.

2. Cutting and chain capacity

If you’ve read the model’s data sheet, you already know that it has a 25cm long blade. Consequently, it can cut branches with a diameter of 25 cm, although it is always necessary to remove a few centimeters from the maximum diameter. Up to 20 centimeters is truly exceptional, while if you exceed this quota you will get excellent results, but slightly less precise. Keep in mind that it is not a professional chainsaw, so it is suitable for small branches, but it is still fantastic for olive and fruit trees.

The chain is without a doubt one of the best qualities of this battery-powered electric chainsaw. It is in fact an Oregon, one of the most reliable in the sector, and it is also thanks to him that the cut on medium or small logs is always precise to the millimeter. As for the chain, then, remember that it has a 3/8 pitch (width and distance of the pins). However, nothing prevents you from fitting a carving bar and using a 1/4 chain. Finally, there is a convenient quick disassembly system of the chain.

3. Power supply and starting

Being battery powered, the DUC254Z has a push button electric start system. Of course, the advantages are those typical of models of this type: they consume less than petrol ones, they do not produce exhaust fumes that are harmful to the environment and are much easier to use. The battery, on the other hand, has a minimum autonomy of 90 minutes, but it can also go up to 120 minutes, depending on the use you will make of it.

Finally, it is clear that the absence of the wire makes your life much easier, and does not force you to have an electrical outlet nearby. This is a very important feature, especially in the field of chainsaws for pruning.

4. Turbo mode for intensive cuts

Be aware that there is also a turbo mode, which is activated by pressing and holding the start button for 3 seconds (until it turns yellow). Once activated, the chain will produce intensive acceleration for up to 30 seconds, giving you the ability to attack the hardest and large diameter branches. In summary, if you need to prune branches and trunks at full bar, then this option will make your life a lot easier.

Even in this case, however, I advise you to sip the use of turbo mode so as not to weigh too much on the engine and battery.

5. Chain tensioner and oil pump

Naturally, the Makita DUC254Z also includes an external lateral chain tensioner system, which allows you to tension it using the special key. Not being a professional chainsaw, the classic Makita quick chain tensioner is missing, but this is not a significant limitation. As for the oil pump to lubricate the chain, this is automatic, and also the tank allows you to always check the oil level, due to the transparent section on the plastic.

Then there is also the knob to adjust the oil supply for chain lubrication.

6. Structure and handle

Being a chainsaw with a 25 centimeter bar, you understand that it is a really compact and therefore portable device. However, I would like to underline the great quality of the plastics, which are very robust and durable, and of the mechanical components, which are always reliable. Among other things, it is quite light, considering that it does not exceed 3.3 kilos in weight, and also the Makita DUC254Z electric saw is very comfortable to hold, thanks to a Soft Grip handle with ergonomic and non-slip coating.

As I have already mentioned above, the handle is double. It means that there is also a front handle, in addition to the side one: in summary, you have the possibility to make both vertical and horizontal cuts without any kind of problem. It is an option that makes it very versatile, and being super manageable will allow you to prune or limb in any position.

7. Accessories supplied

First, look at the drums. I remind you that all Makita devices belonging to the Z line do not include it, and the same goes for the battery charger. On the other hand, if you want to find an “all inclusive” version, then you can check the Agrieuro offer, which includes several extras in the package. Specifically, you will find the battery, charger, ear muffs, 1 bottle of oil, a bandana, a pair of goggles and 1 sharpening set.

In the version on Amazon, however, there is no battery or charger, but there is the standard equipment of accessories. This includes the blade cover, the key for mounting and adjusting the chain, and finally the bag for transporting the chainsaw. Consider that these accessories are standard, so you can find them in each of the two versions of the DUC254Z (including that of Agrieuro).

Assembly of the Makita DUC254Z [VIDEO]


The Makita DUC254Z chainsaw is a small jewel designed for both hobby and semi-professional use. Even though it’s compact, you don’t have to be fooled by appearances: it has above average power, and is capable of cutting medium or small branches as if they were made of butter. However, remember that you cannot exceed a diameter of 25 centimeters, and that it is not advisable to use it intensively, because it is not professional and the engine could overheat.

That said, if you are looking for a nice electric saw to prune fruit trees, olive trees or other, then this model is for you.


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