Are you interested in VOMEX ES28 electric scissors? Check out my review, along with the price and their most important features.

The VOMEX, in my opinion, can be considered as one of the best mid-range models. It is indeed a couple of cordless electric pruning shears with built-in battery on the body of the device, therefore much more manageable and agile than models with separate module electronics, although they are heavier. The advantages of these scissors, which I have had the opportunity to personally test, are numerous: the SK5 steel blade cuts like a razor, even when it comes to pruning small twigs, and you have the possibility to choose between two different blade settings, to what concerns the cutting excursion.

Before continuing, I would like to point out right away that this pair of shears has a regular CE mark. Consequently, it complies with all European standards in terms of safety and materials.

Data sheet

Battery voltage: 14.8 Volts
Amperage: 2 Ah
Batteries included: 2
Battery life: 3-4 hours (4,000 cuts)
Maximum cutting opening: 28 mm
Secondary opening: 18 mm
Progressive cut: absent
Weight: About 1 kilo (with battery)
Accessories: case, blade kit, spare blade, oil bottle
Instructions: in Italian
Certifications: CE mark

Characteristics of VOMEX electric scissors

I start immediately by specifying that we are not dealing with a pair of professional electric shears, and this can be understood by analyzing some technical characteristics. I’m talking about the absence of the progressive cut, and the battery integrated on the handle and not with separate electronics. Not bad, because I assure you that compared to the medium-low range models the VOMEX are much more performing, and in fact cost more (about 210 euros against the classic 100 euros of low cost products).

Important: if you decide to buy them, you can use mine discount code SW36F4IN, so as to be able to obtain a reduction of 30 euros on the price of the VOMEX.

Although the cut progression system with trigger equipped with a potentiometer is not present, the VOMEX are still able to offer you 2 distinct cutting modes. What changes? Simply the width of the blade opening, and consequently the maximum cutting diameter of the branches. At maximum aperture, the excursion reaches up to 28 millimeters, while the minimum excursion is equal to 18 millimeters. In summary, you can reduce the travel of the blades if you need to tuck the scissors into tight spaces, and this also helps you to save a little on battery power (as well as being more comfortable).

The range of accessories is very interesting: the VOMEX electric scissors, in fact, include in the pack a rigid plastic carrying case, a set of keys to assemble and disassemble the blade, a spare blade and 2 x 14.8 batteries. Volt and 2 Ah (amp hour). There is also a small plastic bottle with a measuring pin to oil the blades, which is very useful. Finally, and it is a real rarity, you will find the instructions in Italian. I close by emphasizing the comfort of the handle, with an ergonomic rubber coating, almost always absent in economic and mid-range products.

And the safety factor? There is a system that automatically puts the scissors in stand-by after exactly 3 minutes, while after 8 minutes of inactivity the shear switches off by itself. Also, if you touch the trigger without pressing all the way down the blade does not close completely, and this in my opinion can reduce the risk of unpleasant finger accidents.

VOMEX ES28 electric scissors

1. Power supply and batteries

As I have already mentioned, the VOMEX scissors work with a battery to be inserted into the bottom of the handle. The batteries have a voltage of 14.8 V and an amperage of 2 Ah. Compared to economic models, the values ​​are higher and this presupposes two advantages: first of all, the cut is sharper, due to a greater power of the motor, and secondly, the duration of the batteries is longer. The autonomy for each battery is in fact about 3-4 hours, but having two available you can work without breaks up to 7-8 hours, and it is really a lot. Full recharging, on the other hand, takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Note: how is the duration of a battery in an electric scissors quantified? Based on the number of cuts it is able to make before unloading. In our case we arrive at a total of approximately 4,000 cuts per battery.

Advantages and disadvantages? The duration is exceptional and personally I have not yet been able to download them in a single work session, pruning the olive trees. Sure, the built-in battery in the handle increases the weight, but that’s not a real problem since about 1 kilo of power tool can be handled without jumping through hoops. As for the limits, be aware that there is a battery charge indicator on the handle. Unfortunately, it only shows you the remaining charge when you turn it on, because only one green bar remains during work. In summary, to check how much autonomy remains you will have to turn it off and on again.

2. Cutting diameter and excursion

The VOMEX ES28 electric shears provide you with 2 distinct cutting modes, so you can adapt them to the branches you want to prune and their thickness. The full diameter is equal to 28 millimeters, while the second mode (i.e. the minimum) has an excursion of the blades equal to 18 millimeters. Not having a display, you won’t be able to switch from the first to the second mode with the simple click of a button. Furthermore, since it does not have a progressive cut, you will not be able to adjust the width of the blade by pressing the trigger, and then locking it in the desired position.

Important: consider that the cutting diameter is indicative. 28 millimeters are valid for fresh and soft twigs, and not for dry and hard wood. If you try to cut a branch that is too strong, the blade will not be able to complete the excursion and therefore will not cut the wood, stopping roughly in the middle.

How do you choose between the two modes, then? The starting one is the maximum excursion of 28 mm. To select it, simply press the power button next to the battery, and then quickly press the trigger twice. To choose the mode with the minimum cutting width of 18 mm, however, you will have to hold the trigger, press the power button, release the trigger and press it twice quickly. The scissor will thus open with a smaller excursion. I assure you that you get carried away quickly, and that it is a comfortable system, although it is less agile than high-end products (but that’s normal).

To turn it off, all you have to do is keep the trigger pressed for about 7 seconds.

3. Materials, blades and handle

The outer shell is in ABS plastic, very solid and durable, while the blades are in SK5 steel. It is one of the most used alloys in the electric shears sector, as it offers a remarkable cutting capacity. The blades are very sharp and this is good, since the cutting of the branches will always be clean and clean, so as to avoid hurting the plant, then causing problems at the time of healing. Also consider that there is a coating on the blades that allows them to resist the aggression of resins, which could corrode the metal. This layer makes them non-stick and also makes it easier to clean the scissors.

The grip is one of the features I liked the most. Usually products of this type do not have an ergonomic coating, which forces you to grip them on the bare plastic. The coating of the VOMEX scissors, in rubber and with ergonomic grooves, improves the grip of the tool, prevents dangerous slipping due to sweat and also avoids the annoying problem of calluses. Congratulations to VOMEX for this choice which, although it may seem obvious at first, in reality it is not at all. In fact, almost no shears have an ergonomic handle, if not the 1,000 euro ones.

4. Accessories supplied

In summary, the package includes a hard plastic carrying case, a set that will allow you to disassemble and replace the blade, a spare blade and 2 batteries (which even arrive charged). You will also find a bottle to oil the blades with a pin for dispensing, and of course the charger with European plug, therefore – compared to other Chinese products – you won’t have to use an adapter. I remind you that the instruction manual is in Italian, and this makes things much easier, especially if you have never used a battery shear before.

Performance and field tests

If it is not already there, know that soon I will also upload a video where I will show you the VOMEX electric scissors in action. Their performances are really excellent, the cut is clean and does not leave marks on the bark of the branches. I remind you that all non-professional scissors are designed to cut branches that are not too hard, and that a resistant, dry wood with a diameter of 28 mm cannot be sawed with this model. Returning to performance, the cut is super clean even on very small twigs: unlike low cost scissors, in fact, the blade does not bend the twig but cuts it clean.


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